An Arranged Marriage - Episode 34

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"Kane.." I whisper into the room.

"Give...."He whispers, his mouth at my ear, his hands working me to the edge.

" Kane.. "I whisper again, out of breath, trying, trying hard to get away from his fingers.

He holds me still.

" Give Ani "He says again, asking, I don't know what for. 

" I can't "I say brokenly.

"Give me your pleasure babe" He says again, his lips nipping my ear, I shiver.

"Caspian.." I whine.

"Babe, Come" He whispers in my ear and whatever was holding breaks and I whimper, my face merging into his chest, his hands stroke my hair, my back, everywhere.

"Good girl" He says, trailing kisses down my face to my neck. "My good girl" He says again.

I pant softly, unable to form words, that. . That was.. I'm shattered, I can't think, I can't move.

He brings his face to mine.

"Another" He says.

"Kane" I whine "... I can't, I. Really Can't.."

"Yes, you can, you are my good girl aren't you?"

I stretch, as his face trails those shiver inducing kisses down my belly, past my boobs, down, down down...

"Beautiful.."He murmurs.

" Almost ran mad Ani, thinking about you, thinking about this, been holding myself babe, sight of you now, in front of me, this beautiful? I'm gonna devour you babe, devour you whole "He says before his face dips and I bite my lip at the onslaught of sensations as his tongue takes a swipe at me, there.

My hand sinks into his hair as he begins to devour me, whole.

Maybe it's been a minute, maybe an hour but It feels like days when I finally piece myself together after shattering for the the third time.

I slowly open my eyes to see him grinning in front of me.

I blink.

He's beautiful.

"Hey Mrs King" He whispers and I smile.

"Hey Mr King" I whisper back.

"I'm gonna have my way with you now" He says, his hands drawing lazy circles on my boob.

"Okay" I say and in a small voice and he grins a pure feline grin that was equal parts male and equal parts smug.

"I'm a lucky man"


When I wake up, maybe three days later.. Or maybe the next morning, I'm buried underneath my husband, half of his body is atop mine, our legs entangled and his hands wrapped around my hair

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. It should have been smothering but it feels like anything but that. 

My mind drifts to the events of last night and my body heats, I begin to stoke a hand down his bicep as I smile.

Even after the incident with my father nothing about the dinner was amiss.

There was laughter and food and drinks, even Anaya made a joke.

A muffled groan sounds and I feel him kiss my shoulder, the one where he has his head, my boobs are crushed to his chest, he doesn't lift his body just whispers to me.

"I think you broke me last night" He says.


"I'm so tired, how many times did we go at it? Eight? ? Eleven?"

I splutter.

The nerve of this man.

"You were the one waking me, rolling over, doing things to me" I say with disbelief.

He chuckles, raising his body to look down at me.

"You were impossible to resist babe, and I didn't hear you saying no, you were a willing participant in last night's activities" He says, bending his head to give me a slow kiss.

"Why are we talking about this?" I ask when he breaks the kiss.

"I think this is my way of asking you if you are okay? Any discomfort? Are you sore? Was I too rough?"

I blush at his concern before hitting his chest.


"Don't go shy on me babe, I know I was your first, you've got..."

"Oh, Jesus, stop" I whisper.

"My baby is shy"

"Your baby does not like to talk about sex like its the weather"

"My baby has to get used to it then" He counters, his head bending down to kiss the top of my breast.

"Are you tired?" He whispers, still kissing that part of my body.

"No why?" I ask with a murmur, my eyes already falling close when his tongue swirls around a hard nub.

"Good, I don't think one week will be enough time with you" He says before sweeping the sheets away and getting down to business.


My stomach growls.

His own does too, it's a call and response.

A glance at the clock shows that it's past 2 in the afternoon and we've been at it, without breakfast.

"My baby needs food" He says, I'm wrapped around him this time, my head on his chest, half of my body on his, the last time was intense, I didn't have enough strength to roll to my side of the bed.

He doesn't seem to mind.

"Your baby needs to bath, I stink" I say.

"You smell like sex darling, it's a good smell on you" He counters.

"Eww"i say, finally rolling away and seating up on the bed.

I finally get to take his room in, my whole house will fit into this room, he must love monochromatic colors because it's all in shades of black and grey.

Even his big bed, the heavy curtains are grey and so are the walls, he has a rug in the middle of room, and I can see a desk at one side. A sofa.

There are two doors, one must be the bathroom and the other must be the walk in closet.


I love.

"You can change things if you want" He says, his body pressing into mine as he kisses the back of my neck.

"I don't want to change anything, it's lovely" I say.

"Hmm, good" He murmurs and I have come to know that tune of voice and what it means.

"Kane... I need to bath and I need sustenance" I say as he sweeps my hair to one side to suck on the space between my neck, my eyes fall close again.

"You need help in the bathroom, it would be unfortunate if you couldn't wash your back on your own" He says.

Never mind the fact that I've been doing so by myself for the better part of Twenty years.

I don't say a word.

"Yes, unfortunate" He says before sweeping me off the bed and towards the bathroom.

"Kane, we are not doing anything" I say as he sets me down in the middle of the jacuzzi.

"Have I told you I love the way you call me Caspian when I make you come?" He whispers and my brain short circuits.

We did things from there on out.

And it took a while before we found sustenance.



My face is burning so hot right now.

I thought maybe an honeymoon scene would be appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

Please leave comments. 

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