An Arranged Marriage - Episode 33

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I should have known things will not go as planned, it was too good to be true.

The moment we stepped out of my house and towards the awaiting limo we get bombarded by papz from all corners.

Kane had grabbed my hand, turning to Cash and hissing at him to deal with this, he had tried my make me walk  gently even though he was hurried.

Seeing as I was wearing a kickass silver sandals with pearls around it, it wasn't that hard to comply, the sandals was low.

It was Chanelle .

And it was kickass.

Kickass times two.


He turns to me as soon as we are in the vehicle. 

"Are you alright? How's your foot" He querys.

"I'm fine, just stunned, I thought this was supposed to be a secret? How did they find out?" 

"This I would like to know" He says, his eyes murderous, he entwines our hand and brings it to his lips.


"I'm sorry you had to go through that, If I had known.." He starts, looking oddly worried. 

"Hey, Hey, I just became Mrs King, I believe this kind of situations will be norm now" I say and he nods, his face breaking into a grin. 

"I'm sorry I can't give you an honeymoon" He says and I frown. 

Oh, there's supposed to be an honeymoon after a wedding. 

Silly me, I forgot. 

"We didn't talk about that" I counter. 

"Indeed, I should have thought about it, as soon as we settle I promise to spirit you away to an exotic location" He says and my stomach gets a thrill. 

"Let's go to the Hawaii" I say, wow look at me, I've been rich for thirty minutes and I'm already making demands. 

"Whatever you want babe" He says and I nod. 

I wonder vaguely if the other limo is right now carting my siblings and his towards the house on the hill. 

We are having a dinner party, just the family this evening, I haven't asked if he has any other family or even if his father is still alive, jesus, what kind of wife am I? 

OK, I admit that I was nervous, seeing as today is the day I will be going to my husband's house for the first time, my mind was in that, and other things, I'm sure I don't have to explain to you what other things my mind were on. 

"Kane?" I call, he turns to me. 

"Your dad.. Is he going to be at the house?" He stiffens. 

I get that this is a touchy subject immediately. 

"My dad is on an extended vacation, we hardly hear from him" He says and I nod, dropping it, that is a subject for another day. 

"Is there something on your mind?" He asks. 


"You are squeezing the life out of my hand babe" 

"I'm just nervous" 

"Why?" He asks and I throw him a look that says that's a ridiculous question. 


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. I've never been to your house" 


"It's your house.." 

He looks confused. 

"I'm not following babe" 

"I don't know what I will do.. Your house, I've been just once and you turned me away" 

I say and his eyes clear, understanding shining through. 

"Babe, you co own that house now, the staff and everybody in it, they will accept you, they don't have a choice, if they don't they answer to me." 

"Kane you are not going to bully the staff because of me" I say. 

"Babe" He says simply  I open my mouth to reply but I shut it as i see us driving up a gravelled path towards the house. 

The last time I saw this house it had been dark and I had had things on my mind so I didn't take in the magnificence. 

Now, in the light of day I see that it is big, very big, as big as the castle in beauty and the beast. 

As beautiful too. 

Some part of it had been modernized but it still retained some of its old world beauty and I'm getting that this house is older than me. 

I make a joke. 

"How do you heat this thing?" I expect him to chuckle but he's tense besides me so I turn to look at him as the car comes to a stop, I follow his gaze to see.. My father. 

Oh no. 

I knew it was too good to be true.

This peace and quiet was too good to be true. 

He turns to me. 

" I need you to stay in the car while I deal with this" He says. 

"You don't understand..

Read " Protected " by the same author ( Bebe Ernest )

. That's my father" I say. 

"I know who he is" He says and he's out the car. 

I frown. 

How does he know papa? And then I remember who sold my land to him. 

Oh shit. 

I'm out the car too. 

Another car comes to a halt behind us and my siblings pour out. 

"My girls are leaving the life and they've forgotten all about their papa" He says, his eyes not even taking me in. 

His eyes on my sisters. 

"You do not talk to them" Kane growls and I see Cash come to stand beside him, my eyes are on my father. 

"What are you doing here papa?" 

"Am I still your papa girl? Seeing as you conducted a wedding by yourself without my blessing" 

"I didn't need your blessing" I spit and finally he turns to me. 

"Do you know what you have married?" He asks, pointing to Kane. 

"A man? A man who has more integrity in his little finger than you would ever have in your pitiful existence" I say but the strangest thing happens. 

He busrts out laughing. 

"interesting..." He laughs out before stopping abruptly. 

"integrity? Don't speak of it to me girl if you are so blind to not see what is right in front of you" 

Kane growls. 

"Be gone old man" Cash says all deadly like. 

"I have come to wish you a happy marriage" He says before turning to Kane. 

"And to let you know that we have unfinished business" He says to my new husband. 

Kane makes to grab at him but cash is there, pulling my father by the sleeve and out of sight towards the gates. 

Kane turns to me. 

"I. Told. You. To. Stay. In. The. Car" He says anger evident in his voice. 

"And I'm sure I told you once not to fight my battles for me." I retort. 

"If this is going to work, you have to start listening to what I say" He says.

I feel my sisters gather behind me in a silent show of support but they needn't have bothered. 

I don't need their support. 

Caspian is not going to talk to me any how, I'm not going to take it. 

"Did you say if?, we just go married and you said if?" I ask, my anger at an alarming point, his eyes shut down. 

"Caspian, let me make things clear, there will come times where you will dish out orders and expect me to take them, I will not, I understand that you are built to take care, but so am I, this situation concerned me, I wasn't going to seat back and watch you take the reins, the sooner you understand that the better it will be for both of us. "

" Fire.. "He says. 

" What? "I ask confused, my anger simmering down. 

" Fire, wasted, learn to choose your battles Anadia, everything I do will be to protect you, everything, I do not like when your fire is directed at me, keep that fire, use that fire but never at me, are we clear?" He says. 



"No, we aren't clear, you want to protect me, that's fine, I want to protect you too, so we both have to suck it up and come to terms with the fact that we are protectors, I promise to try not to direct my fire, as you call it, at you, i will fight any battle, just as long as you promise not to give any preposterous commands "I say, my hand on my hip. 

His lips twitch. 

" Preposterous? "He asks. 

" I know big words "I counter. 

He laughs this time, bending down to peck my lip and sweep me off my feet. Literally. 

" Let's fight another time Mrs King, I've got to show you your new home "He says before carrying me through the threshold. 

I believe I just went head to head with Kane king and came out unscathed. 

All in a day's job. 

As he sets me down at the dinning table, my mind wanders to my papa and what business he has with Kane. 



Thank you for reading. 

I'm glad that you are enjoying this book. 

Let me know what you think in the comments section. 

Have a wonderful day! 

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