When Bad Meets Evil - Episode 8

Betrayed... Written for Clinton

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    "Sister Ede I'm not going through it. It's plain childish"
   "I don't care Caroline. You can't marry Michael. I will not allow it"
   "Unless you are going to give me a valid reason why then stay off my business"
     "your business?"
     The sister's voices revibrated beyond the room and filtered through to where Sarah stood holding the door nob. She wasn't too surprised for she had a premonition it would happen like this . Her biggest problem was that she trusted people too much. And each time people always ended up screwing her. She was sure betrayal would be the end of her.
  She wondered why Caroline couldn't just listen to her sister. No problem, even dead men don't hear the horning of the trailer until it hits them. Caroline was a fool, blinded by her silly love for a person she knew nothing about. Sarah listened further.

     "Sister Ene I don't care about Kayode"
    "but he is so much better for you. Perfect even"
   "I'm already committed to Michael. Kayode kept his feelings to himself, now it's too late

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. I can't hurt Michael"
     "but that's exactly what you agreed to do"
    "I changed my mind"
   "you can't just change your mind what about Sarah. She's given us so much"
     "somehow she would understand"
   Tears rolled down Sarah's check. somehow she would understand. That's what she's good for. Understanding. She had been betrayed. Again. She considered these 2 sisters family.

What had she not done for them? She would have given them her life if there asked for it afterall she didn't live for too much nowadays.   

  Why can't Caroline do just this 1 thing for her. why do people keep stabbing me at the back? Why won't Caroline give her this one happiness her soul craved for? Besides she wasn't asking for something wrong. Michael is a very bad and evil man. Caroline would only be doing herself a bigger favour. Ingrates! jerks!
Sarah had heard enough. She felt deflated like an eagle without a wing. she didn't turn the door nob, she turned to leave. She would show them, all of them. She would show them what betrayal feels like.
    In the midst of their quarrel, the sisters heard the retrieving footsteps, and the car engine starting. There saw from the window as Sarah's Bentley pulled out of the house with top speed and there knew immediately she overhead their conversations.

    "well she would have known any other day"
    "Something bad is definitely going to happen now"
   "what do you mean by that"
      "She doesn't heal well Caroline. you should never have done this to her"
     "I didn't mean to...."
    "just shut up. you don't know who you have double crossed"


"I see you really love this one" Celestine came in unannounced just as Michael picked up his Car Keys preparing to leave.
     "What now... brother"
   "you have lost the right to call me that. Why haven't you slept with her? It's over six months and you still haven't slept with her. You just played with us. Whats that about. hun? Answer me. What's that about!"
     "To prevent her from Jerks like you that's what. And let this be the last time you go near my girl again"
    "Are you threaten me?"
  "No Celestine. I'm only warning you" he strolled pass him
   "fair enough" Celestine called after him "you can protect her all you want from being hypnotized by making yourself Celebate for all I care. How would you do when she finally gets to know the truth about you. hun? you think she would still be in love with you then?"
     Celestine was right this was all a waste of time. He could protect her from being victimized by the rest of the gang as long as He didn't make love to her. But that was as good as it got. He couldn't protect her from knowing the truth.
    "How much do you want Celestine? name your price"

    "I want the happiness you stole from me. An eye for an eye. I want Rose back"
   "I'm sorry I can't give you that"
  "Then you better tell your girl to put on a brave face the next time I visit because I hate to see women cry"
   "do what you must, if she truly loves me,she won't judge me by my past"

  From the rear view mirror, Collins could see her eyes, red like the sunset. Shades of 10years ago started flooding his mind. He was driving her billionaire father then but he remembered everything clearly. She was in love with a guy called Michael. He knew then that the love would never last. She was 3years his senior but still loved him like crazy. Micheal reciprocated her love only for the money and nothing else. He remembered clearly how she would have died if not for him. She had swallowed 30mg of flunitrazepam that day. He monitored her closely on those days after the heart break because She reminded him of his younger sister who died from PPH, fragile and over trusting. He knew then she was depressed. Enough to have suicidal thoughts.
   Thank God he met her few moments after she swallowed the drugs. She lied saying it was Malaria pills but Collins would have none of it, not after he saw 3 sachets of the drug opened about. She was hospitalized for a month and he agreed to keep the secret from her dad. He was sure she wouldnt be able to deal with his repraisal. He had warned her earlier.   

   Sarah met his gaze and quickly looked away. She wore her glasses.
   Collins knew he would need to keep a close eye on her henceforth. He couldn't let her harm herself again. He would need to help her this time around. He could guess why she cried but what he couldn't understand was why she always ended up being victimized. For crying out loud, she wasn't a bad person. He would help her first and then he would avenge who ever it is that was making his best friend shed tears from 10 years ago.


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