The Retelling Story of Igodo - Episode 8

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*Secret of the Old*

Uzodinma mother. Adaku, was a very powerful seer in her hay days, though her daughter, Uzodinma,  knew. It was a gift pass down from their generations.

Aduku came from the lineage of the goddess, Ala who got married to another god Amadiohia. Aduku was a direct descendant of Ala and Amadioha.

In the past Ala and Amadiohia were lovers, their love was so great that other gods became jealous of them. Then they all planned and used Amadioha's weakness against him, his lust for women.

They bribed a beautiful goddess, Idemmili, to seduce Amadiohia and the god who lust after women fell for her charms. Their plans to drift the lovers went successfully. Ala and Amadiohia went their separate place, but what Amadiohia didn't not know was that his seed had been planted into Ala.

Ala hid it away from him and later on gave birth to a beautiful little goddess and named her Anyanwu, eyes of the light.

Ala came up with a idea to send her daughter down to earth to dwell among the mortals for her revenge to Amadiohia. She did and her daughter came down and dwell with the mortals. No one knows that Ala had a daughter so she thought. Anyanwu fall in love with a mortal man and got married to him, from then henceforth, Anyanwu tells the story of how Amadiohia cheated her mother, hence their hatred for Amadiohia grew. Anyanwu after making sure her seed was among the mortals left to join her mother, Ala.

Generations had passed but the children of Ala hasn't forgotten what Amadiohia did to their mother, Ala and all vowed to take revenge on him when it is time. Ala, herself vowed within her to take her revenge on Amadiohia, her love for her lover had suddenly turn to hate. She was going to wipe out Amadiohia in a way he will be forgotten forever in history.

Adaku and Uzodinma came from Ala lineage.

When Uzodinma was about to begin her journey to Umu-Igodo, Adaku reminded her the reason she was going.

"Remember all that I have told you. You will have to journey with the children of Amadioha and when you see the knife of Amadiohia, you know what to do.  When it is time, you will reveal your true self. But for now, you are just an ordinary seer".

"Yes mama".

"Ala, goddess of all goddess will be happy. You must not fail me or Ala. It is time, go my daughter and  bring  the knife of Amadiohia".

But one who had been the  cause, watches all in guilt and promised to reveal the truth when it is time.



As the ground started shaking and cracking, Agu, ikemefuna's chi told them to grab their staff and lift it up in the air, once they did as they were told. Surprisingly their staffs began to lift them up in the air and started moving forward and after a few minutes drop them in a more safer place, and they continued their journey.

MEANWHILE in the spirit world

The spirit with the fiery eyes, Amadiohia's sword, had a change of heart and told them.

"Do not send  the warriors spirit of ancient to them again. Let us let the forest of the living dead deal with them".

"Okay, your lordship, but what if they all escape from the traps the forest would set for them?"

"Let them come then, I am waiting for them".


Uzodinma, Ikenga, Ikenna, Odum, Ojadike, Emeka and Ikemefuna arrived at pit, the pit was so deep that they couldn't see its depth. And there was no other way to pass expect to cross the pit.

"What are we going to do now?" Ojadike asked.

"Beat me if I know the answer to that", Emeka responded.

"I think I have a idea", Ikenga suddenly announced.

"And what is it?" Ikemefuna eagerly asked.

"My brother, Ikenna is good with arrows and they follow his direction. I suggest we tie something or rope that will hold us and let him shoot his arrow on that tree so that we can be able to cross to the other side of the pit". Ikenga responded.

"Great idea, let us see if we can see any thing that is strong to carry us across", Uzodinma said and they proceeded in search for a rope. Soon Ikemefuna found a old rope pile under a tree, and announce to the others he had seen a rope. They quickly secure the one end of the rope to Ikenna's arrow and Odum took hold on the other end.

Ikenna immediately shot his arrow, as it swiftly made its way towards the tree his  brother had pointed out and struck into the tree deeply.

Ikenna was the first to climb the rope to the other side, before the others followed suite.

As Odum, the last one remaining to cross over, he was halfway through the rope..... when something happened.


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