The Puzzle - Episode 23

The Dinner

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Loveth was the first to arrive at Dr Michael's house. Yes, nurse Loveth. Dr Michael invited her too. She was the principal witness in this matter. She arrived at exactly 06:40pm.

Eliz received her warmly. She couldn't recognize her.
Michael introduced Loveth to her as one of his staff.

"I called on her to give you a helping hand in preparation for the dinner," Michael said after he was done with the introduction.

"Oh, that's nice. You are welcome nurse Loveth, good to have you," she greeted.

"Thanks ma'am, the pleasure is mine," Loveth replied.

At 7:30pm, the door bell rang . It was the Evans of course, they have also arrived.

"Daniella, please get the door,"  Michael called out to Daniella who was watching cartoon on the T.V in the living room. He did that intentionally so as to kick start the drama that is about to take place. 

"It is certain that there won't be any dinner tonight after all," He murmured.

"Okay dad," Daniella replied and marched to the door.

She opened the door and there was Debbie with her parents behind her. The girls gazed at each other for about 5 seconds after which they both let out a piercing scream.

Daniella shut the door again

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. Her scream drew Eliz's attention immediately and she came running to the door.

"What is it baby?" She asked Daniella, who only pointed at the door, still panting. 

Loveth who was in the kitchen and Michael already knew what was happening. They both rushed to the living room almost at the same time.

Outside, David and Rose were equally confused about the resemblance. It took them some seconds to summon courage and press the door bell again.

"I have never seen any resemblance like this in my life, David muttered," as memories of Michael's reaction when he saw Debbie at the restaurant flooded his mind..."

Michael opened the door and ushered them in. 
Daniella ran to her mum and hid behind her, peeping at Debbie from a distance. It was as if she was looking at her exact image, which she had always seen in a mirror. Debbie even had her favourite "All back," weaving hairstyle on her!

Eliz was dumbfounded. She stood transfixed like a statue.

Mr and Mrs Evans also were confused, they kept looking from Daniella to Debbie, then Debbie to Daniella. It's so mysterious, a perfect resemblance! If not that they wore different dresses, Roseline could swear that she could have never been able to tell the difference!

"Welcome, Mr and Mrs Evans. It's good to have you. Please sit and make yourself comfortable," Michael broke the silence.

Eliz was still standing where she was. She already knew what was about to happen.

"Are you surprised Eliz?" Michael called out. "Please don't be, the truth is out already..."

"Yes!" Loveth concurred 

Eliz turned sharply to where Loveth was seated and took a closer look at her. Yes, she had seen her somewhere...

The two girls were still gazing at each other continuously. It all looked like a strange drama...

"Loveth!" Michael called out, please solve this puzzle once and for all."

"Hello Mrs Ernest," Loveth said turning to Eliz. "Can't you remember this face?

Eliz was already shaking. She couldn't respond. The fear that Daniella will soon be taken away from her gripped her than the fear of the truth coming out.

David and Rose were still lost in the whole drama.

"Go ahead Loveth, make your confession," Michael ordered.

Loveth began to explain the whole scenario from the day Rose gave birth to the twins up till the day she saw Roseline at Fountain hospital and had to confess to Dr Michael only for them to later discover that the woman involved was Michael's wife...

There was a perfect silence. It was as if everyone present was trying to process the information in bits. Even the girls were quiet. Eliz was the first person to break the silence with her sobs, which soon developed into a loud wail. 

"I can't believe this!" Roseline exclaimed. She soon started crying too.

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. David was at a loss for words.

Suddenly, Eliz spoke. "You caused all these Michael, you did!" She cried.

"Me? How?" Michael asked surprised. 

"You caused it Michael! The last abortion you forced me to have before we got married damaged my womb. I told you we shouldn't abort the baby, but you insisted because of your selfish reasons. You were about to get through with your housemanship, you said you weren't ready to have a baby. 

The doctor that did the evacuation later told me that my womb got ruptured because of previous ones I had which wasn't properly done. I was too afraid to tell you because you might dump me. After we got married, I got home one day and found out you forgot your phone in the room. I went through your text messages and came across a lady's message on your phone, telling you that she was two months pregnant for you. Michael, you turned me to a barren woman but impregnated another lady right under my nose. You are wicked, Michael, you are wicked! She cried.

Both David and Rose looked at Michael in horror. Michael curled up in his chair with his head bowed, too ashamed to raise his head. Another perfect silence prevailed...


How are you today my people? I Hope you all enjoyed the dinner with the couples?

 So, who is the black sheep after all?
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  • picture
    Michael the cool bad guy
  • Saba dorcas picture
    Saba dorcas
    We dey enjoy am o.... Micheal u are bad person really really bad.... Next chapter pls
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    Single ladies in d house pls b careful with those guys so u won't fall victims, nice job
  • Patience Peter picture
    Patience Peter
    Michael is to be blame
  • shittumariam picture
    Aaah Michael have spoiled everything now oooooooo ooooooh How would I enjoy this rice now with all this matter Lolzzzzz Any how sha Michael you too bad gan
  • shittumariam picture
    Great job @sister moyor
  • Adenike picture
    Gahngahn Michael d very good bad guy weldone oo
  • Oluwadare Mojisola picture
  • Temitope Elizabeth picture
    Temitope Elizabeth
    @Eliz you made mistake of been stupid for love
  • Emash picture
    I said it that let Michael hear Eliz out, there u av it. Both of u shd js turn to God o plus surrogacy, maybe Roseline can help u out, after she has forgiven u, for taking away precious years from her daughter's life. @Tobi I hail o
  • chisom Julia picture
    chisom Julia
    Hmmm Michael so this is you
  • Moyosore Teniola picture
    Moyosore Teniola
    Thanks for all the comments, I see you all... @ Emash, it's Moyo, not Tobi, lol
  • olynelly picture
    Micheal might after all not be the bad guy
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    Gbam! Bombshell! Michael the real guy! next episode please, big hug @Moyosore u are d bomb
  • Mandy-princess picture
    Wow! I pray mike and eliz find a way around this o. Its not gonna be an easy ride for them both
  • Naapi Hauwa picture
    Naapi Hauwa
    Wow..... Interesting
  • Emash picture
    @Moyo sorry o, na d eggcitment mk me merix una name. well done @Moyo
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    Wonderful. next abeg
  • princess precious picture
    princess precious
    funke!!!!!!!!!!!! micheal....... u gan sef pls..
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    Hmmm!!!! Eleyi gidigan this one is strong...
  • Moyosore Teniola picture
    Moyosore Teniola
    Thank you all for the comments. @ Emash, am smiling in pidgin. I see you @ Adeoti, thanks
  • Aina Ayanfe Dave picture
    Aina Ayanfe Dave
    Hmmmmmm..... Michael the black sheep
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