The Puzzle

Roseline, a married woman is having an affair with Michael, they both never knew it could lead them to the discovery of a great secret that will turn their lives around forever.

Find out this secret and solve the puzzle. On your mark, get ready... Let's go!

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    • The Puzzle - Episode 1

    • THE EVANS It's 7:00am on a cold Saturday morning. It just rained, the weather is so cool that one may not want to get out of bed easily. The environment is quiet and ...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 2

    • HUBBY'S BACKGROUND "Happy birthday Mommy! Happy birthday Mommy!" Debbie screamed as she sighted her Mum entering the sitting room "Oh Angel! You...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 3

    • WIFEY'S BACKGROUND Roseline on the other hand is from a totally different background. Her parents are literates and averagely rich. Her family is the direct opposite ...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 4

    • THEIR COURTSHIP Rose met David at the wedding ceremony of a colleague of hers. It was exactly two years after she graduated from the University. David being one of the gr...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 5

    • HOW THEY MET Roseline raised her left wrist to check the time again for the umpteenth time. She was running late for work. Her husband had left the house very early in hi...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 6

    • EMERGENCY! "My car had a minor fault, I had to come to work by means of commercial transport," Rose replied. "I see, so was that the commercial mean...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 7

    • AND THEY MET AGAIN! She finally got to the ward where her mother was. She couldn't believe her eyes. Her poor mom had bandages all over her head. Blood oozed out from...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 8

    • GROWING FEELINGS Rose stood dumbfounded. Before she could find her voice again,  Michael spoke, "I hope all is well, you have a patient here?" "...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 9

    • ELIZ AND DANIELLA Somewhere in Texas, U.S, Eliz and her daughter, Daniella sat at the dinner table. It was 7:40pm in the evening. Just as they were about to start eating,...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 10

    • MY IDEAL MAN So, we discovered in episode 8 that Rose concluded in her heart to try all her best to avoid Michael. Let's see what happens next. ************...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 11

    • APPEARANCES OF EVIL Roseline laid on her bed that night but she was unable to sleep. She kept having this bad thought about her husband. For the first time ever since she...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 12

    • THE  OUTING Pastor Daniel was seated in his study in the early hours of Saturday morning observing his quiet time when David's call came in. "Hello B...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 13

    • LOVE BIRDS ***Still at the eatery*** "Let them watch, I don't care. I am here for just only one person and to me, none of those people exist okay? Wait...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 14

    • TROUBLES Rose wasn't sure she heard him clearly. "W-w-hat?" She stammered "Just a kiss, Rose. I will really appreciate it," he as...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 15

    • I WISH I NEVER DID It's Sunday morning. Roseline Evans had a sleepless night filled with nightmares. She couldn't recover from the shock yet. For the first time s...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 16

    • NURSE LOVETH *************************  Dr. Michael was seated in his office that Sunday morning attending to his patients when one of his nurses entered his ...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 17

    • FALLING APART Roseline ran to her husband as he walked to the bedroom. She knelt before him and held on to his feet, crying with so much pain.  "Pleas...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 18

    • BACK HOME Fortunately for Rose, she arrived at the church premises as soon as pastor drove in. She ran to him and explained all that happened between her and her husband....
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 19

    • THE PUZZLE Episode 19 TO SAVE ROSELINE David got home in no time. He parked  and rushed out of the car with top speed, while Debbie tagged along....
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 20

    • IT'S A DREAM!  A soft tap on David's shoulder woke him up. He opened his eyes and quickly sprang to his feet as soon as he remembered where he was. ...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 21

    • DISCOVERY "Yes Loveth, I am all ears," Dr Michael replied, his eyes glued on Loveth. She shifted uneasily in her chair. She really hoped she made a go...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 22

    • Michael left his office and headed straight to the parking lot where his car was parked. Loveth followed him closely still wondering what Dr Michael was up to. "Hop ...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 23

    • Loveth was the first to arrive at Dr Michael's house. Yes, nurse Loveth. Dr Michael invited her too. She was the principal witness in this matter. She arrived at exactly 06:40p...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 24

    • The Real Home The silence in the room prevailed for about three more minutes. Nobody said a word. Michael was still glued to his seat in shame. Loveth led the twins to Da...
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    • The Puzzle - Episode 25

    • The End It was a tough job keeping Daniella calm for the night. She kept crying for her mum. Rose tried to console her from time to time, but her efforts failed. The only...
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  • Bissy picture
    Exactly what happens in most home today. Welldone ma. Looking forward to the next episode.
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