The Puzzle - Episode 22

Truth Revealed

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Michael left his office and headed straight to the parking lot where his car was parked. Loveth followed him closely still wondering what Dr Michael was up to.

"Hop in Loveth," he ordered.

"Where to sir?" She asked with a worried look on her face.

"To where the woman who bought the baby is of course." He replied entering the car and starting the engine immediately.

Out of curiosity, or rather confusion, Loveth entered the car. She wondered how Michael got to know the woman. 

"Could it be that Dr Michael knew Dr Johnson? Could it be that he was also aware of the whole scenario all along?" Loveth was really confused.

Soon, the car stopped at the entrance of a compound with a huge gate . They got down and entered the building with Michael leading the way. She soon realized that they were in Dr Michael's house. They entered the well furnished living room where Michael pointed at the portrait picture of a beautiful smiling woman.

"Is she the one?" Michael asked Loveth impatiently.

Loveth, predicting what was about to happen, started regretting that she had voiced out in the first place. 

"Could it be that Dr Michael's wife was the culprit? What a small world." She thought.

"Answer me Loveth!"

She was startled as Dr Michael's voice jolted her back to face the business she started.

Doctor, she stammered. "Yes, she was the woman."

Silence prevailed between them for over five minutes

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. Michael felt as if a death sentence had just being placed on him. To think that he had been nurturing another man's child all these years was so hard to take in. Besides, he had grown so fond of Daniella...

How can this happen at this time? At this period when he had the hope of achieving the goal of bringing his family back to Nigeria to stay. Eliz had told him just a day before that she and Daniella might likely stay back for some weeks after her mum's burial ceremony just for the sake of Daniella who longs so much for her father. He had strongly hoped that during this period, he might succeed to convince her to stay finally.

"Why God?" He cried. His bones suddenly got weakened, his legs gave way and he sank into the couch in the living room. He even forgot Loveth was still there with him.

"I am so sorry doctor, I never knew she was your wife. It's such a small world. If I had known, I would have kept it a secret forever, for your sake. But we can still keep it doctor, so that you would not lose your child. You are a nice man, you deserve to be happy. I don't want to kill your joy and destroy your home.

Michael chuckled. "My child? You don't want me to lose my child? But she isn't mine. I can't keep another man's child, not after I have found out the truth. I have a conscience too. She deserves to be with her real parents and sister.
We are keeping no secret Loveth. Though, it may be a hard decision for me to take  but the girl must return to her biological parents.

Loveth noticed the tears in his eyes. She felt so sorry for him.

"Don't worry Loveth, I will handle this issue the best way I can. Eliz, that is my wife is coming back to Nigeria soon, in about two weeks precisely, in preparation for her mother's burial that will take place in a month's time. We shall resolve this issue by then. Meanwhile, I need you to do me a favour, will you?"

"Sure sir, what is it?"

"Please keep a sealed lip till when they come around. Don't make any confession yet, the time isn't ripe. Do you understand me?"

"Very well sir," she replied. She left Michael in the house and went back to the hospital.

Michael couldn't get back to work that day. He picked his phone and called one of the medical doctors that work for him to be in charge as he would not be available for the rest of the day.

He felt really depressed. "How can love be so cruel? I love and care so much for you Eliz, is this all you have to do to repay me? You had a damaged womb, you were aware and you never told me so. You are wicked Eliz," he cried as he stared at the lifeless picture before him.



Roseline opened her eyes and saw David seated on a chair beside her bed. She thought it was a dream. 

"David had left home already, but wait, this isn't home, where exactly am I?" She wondered.

She sat up and looked around her. "This is a hospital. What happened to me? She looked at David, he was dozing on the chair beside the bed. It isn't a dream after all.  Then, she remembered how it all happened. She had slumped on the floor of the living room...

David woke up that very minute and saw his wife staring at him. "My Rose!" He gasped, rising up immediately to give her a hug.

"I am so sorry for all that happened. I promise to change for the better." He assured her.

Rose was surprised and happy that David was back again. "I am sorry too," she replied. I am so sorry about all I said about having an affair. I had no affair with anyone. Though the devil tried to lure me but God won.

They hugged each other for  what seems to be forever... 

"Where is Debbie?" Rose asked.

"She's with Evelyn. It was Evelyn that called me when she saw your nearly lifeless body on the floor..."

There was a knock on the door of the ward.

Read " The Honeymoon " by the same author ( Moyosore Teniola )

. Dr Stanley entered with one of the nurses.

"Hello madam, he greeted. Good to see that you are better. I will be discharging you right away, you are fit to go back home."

"Thanks doctor," David replied. "How about Dr Michael?"

"He isn't on seat right now, he had to attend to some urgent issues."

"Oh, I see. Thanks once again doctor, I am really grateful. I will call Doctor Michael's number to show my appreciation. God bless you all...

Roseline was soon discharged and they left the hospital.


Two weeks later,  Eliz and Daniella arrived Nigeria. It was a great reunion for father and daughter even though Michael was sad because he knew the truth about his daughter's paternity, but he concealed his feelings.

Meanwhile, he had earlier scheduled a dinner appointment with David and his family, he wanted to host them in his house. He made sure the date was fixed after the arrival of Eliz and Daniella.

He told Eliz about the couple that would be visiting them for dinner which was to be in two days time, and they both prepared  for the day of their coming. 

"That's nice Dad," Daniella replied gleefully. "I hope they will be coming with their children, I am so eager to make new friends in Nigeria." 

"Sure honey," Michael replied, then swallowed hard as if there was a painful lump stuck in his throat. The truth will soon be out and Daniella would have to return to her real parents.

"And as for Eliz she would have me to contend with..." He thought


Okay, who will come for dinner? It's going to be...  Let's go there!

All of you that nailed Eliz to the cross yesterday, well done, there is God oooo!
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