The journey of a beautiful lady called "OMOSHALEWA,"

a decent and morally upright girl... 
She never never knew the world out there is filled with wickedness and deceits. Of course she fell in love but was it with the right person? Was her innocence and trust able to see her through?
She later learnt her lesson when she met herself in a tight situation, faced with a decision that will determine her happiness for the rest of her life... How was she able to survive the hurdles that life threw at her? Find out in this interesting novel . A must read for everyone.

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    • Omoshalewa - Episode 1

    • Hello wonderful people!!! It seems like ages. I hope you all are good. It's nice being here again! I dedicate this novel to GOD, the origin of LOVE and to every singl...
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      • Comments (44)
    • Omoshalewa - Episode 2

    • "Mum, please it's not about food or clothing, neither is it about the money I will make while working but mum, I have been so lonely all these while. It's not easy to ...
      • Views (13,177)
      • Comments (31)
    • Omoshalewa - Episode 3

    • I got to work at exactly 8:50am the following day. My boss was already there. She greeted me with a warm smile. I just liked her warm personality. "Come over here Sh...
      • Views (12,045)
      • Comments (21)
    • Omoshalewa - Episode 4

    • A year later, I gained admission into one of the Universities in the South West to study Guidance and Counseling. I was exactly 20 years old at the time. The day I found ...
      • Views (11,235)
      • Comments (21)
    • Omoshalewa - Episode 5

    • Emash and Godiya, oya ooo, come and check the result of your guesses... ******************* "Won't you at least ask me to sit?" Tope asked smiling...
      • Views (11,599)
      • Comments (26)
    • Omoshalewa - Episode 6

    • I am so sorry this episode came in late. Please, forgive me  So, you guessed right @ Dorcas Oluwanisakin, Shalewa indeed met her friend... Take a round of ap...
      • Views (11,067)
      • Comments (23)
    • Omoshalewa - Episode 7

    • True to his words, Desmond was at the fellowship, he even arrived before me. He was seated about four or five chairs away from mine and we exchanged glances from time to time durin...
      • Views (10,494)
      • Comments (30)
    • Omoshalewa - Episode 8

    • "Oh! Shalewa. How are you?" The voice at the other end responded. "I am good and you?" "I'm fine too." "Please,...
      • Views (10,557)
      • Comments (23)
    • Omoshalewa - Episode 9

    • After I had cried to my satisfaction, I personally made up my mind never to cry because of any man again in my life. I also decided within me to get through with my first degree be...
      • Views (10,173)
      • Comments (14)
    • Omoshalewa - Episode 10

    • Stephen kept sending me messages upon messages since I had stopped picking his calls. I am sure he would have come to see me at school if not for the examination he was writing. Hi...
      • Views (11,006)
      • Comments (58)
    • Omoshalewa - Episode 11

    • I really want to appreciate all those who had been following this story, most especially those who took time out to comment on each episode. Thanks so much for the motivation. I ap...
      • Views (10,563)
      • Comments (29)
    • Omoshalewa - Episode 12

    • We entered the hospital. In about 5minutes, we were in the doctor's office. Aunty Mope explained to the doctor, what brought us to him. He was so friendly and kind. He gave me ...
      • Views (10,405)
      • Comments (18)
    • Omoshalewa - Episode 13

    • SIX YEARS LATER I checked my wristwatch again, it's 12:30pm. I need to hurry up so as not to be late for the programme which is to start by 2:00pm. The venue is at Vi...
      • Views (10,815)
      • Comments (33)
    • Omoshalewa - Episode 14

    • It is Stephen! Stephen Martins!! My first love!!! "Am I dreaming? Stephen is that you?" I whispered like someone too scared about what she's about to discov...
      • Views (11,220)
      • Comments (21)
    • Omoshalewa - Episode 15

    • I looked at his pleading eyes. My heart was so heavy that very moment. "God, why?" I probed in my thoughts. "Just when I thought I had recovered the relati...
      • Views (10,936)
      • Comments (33)
    • Omoshalewa - Episode 16

    • We both sat quietly apart after the deed was done. It was Stephen's first time. As for me, It came as a surprise that I still bled that night despite the fact that it...
      • Views (11,123)
      • Comments (21)
    • Omoshalewa - Episode 17

    • Life as a single mother was a bit stressful for me but the joy I derived from looking into the eyes of my son superseded it all. Money wasn't my problem though. I still had som...
      • Views (10,779)
      • Comments (30)
    • Omoshalewa - Episode 18

    • "What?!" Did you just say you had a baby for me? I mean, wait! Shalewa, you mean to tell me that you bore my baby in your womb, gave birth to him and nurtured him alone w...
      • Views (11,228)
      • Comments (33)
    • Omoshalewa - Episode 19

    • Dedicated to all my wonderful readers, both those who have been silent and  those who took their time to comment and those who guessed right about where Stephen took Omoshalew...
      • Views (13,610)
      • Comments (80)
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