The Homecoming - Episode 4

Sweet Revenge

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I drive into the compound as if Cerberus was after me but guessing from the tears streaming from my eyes they might as well have captured me.

I get down from the car and see Justin walk towards me smiling.

"Hello sister kin, how was the intervi..."

He stops his teasing when he gets a look at my face .

"Jules, what happened ?"

I do not respond but make my way to the study were I am sure justice should be, I was so angry I could cook corn from the Steam coming from my ears .

"Hey Jules, Justice has a visitor"

That was Justin trying to stop me but I do not bloody care.

I March to the door and fling it open with a loud bang and justice looks up in irritation which only deepened when he saw it was me .


He says warmly.., still sitting at his throne-desk-

"To what do I owe this pleasure....."

But he doesn't get to finish because I slap him with all the anger in me , i go for another but he holds my hand.

"Julliet what the f....?"

I don't let him finish because I commence yelling,

"How can you be so despicable justice, you knew what I was going into and you still sent me in there"

 I say with tears streaming down my face, he blinks, but I was on a role so I countinued,

"He was a pervert justice, he almost raped me, see how my cloth is torn?, he did this"

He briefly glances down and I see confusion clouds his eyes .

I forged on 

"Do you really hate me so much?, All I wanted was a job, to escape justy"

I use my nickname for him and his face melts .

"I missed you when I was gone and now am back and yet you still toment me, how do I have to prove myself ? how ..."

My voice breaks and  I break down crying, and in an instant I get wrapped in a farmiliar arms ,I know it's not justice or Justin and I just at that moment did not care, I countinued crying.

"It's alright  little bird, it's all fine".

I slow my cry and look up into his face ,his soothing voice going a long way to calm me down.

I step back a little but his arms around me does not give .

"You are okay now little bird?"

I nod my head affirmatively and he let's go and I instantly moan the kiss of his arms .

I glance at justice to see him watching us with no little amount of speculation, I know he is scheming again, the little brat.

A tug on my arm brings my attention back to Sage,.

"You looking for a job?"

I nod slowly, he smiles and hold out his palm to me, i blink in confusion.


He says and am too much in a daze to do anything but what he commands,I give him my phone and he does something with it .

"I programmed in my number and I took yours, am going to call you later to stay up a meeting."

I nod, not really comprehending what he is saying .

"Okay, little bird, say the words".


I say in a small voice, who is this person?

Am disgusted at my self, a handsome face has rendered me mute.

I step away from him some more and turn to Justice, I see the argument on his face, he doesn't want me taking a job from his friend .

I smirk at him and turn to leave.

He can just shove his argument into a place where the sun doesn't shine .

I exit the room and close the door quietly this time.

Oh, Sweet Revenge .



If there is anything I don't like is seeing a woman cry, but what i absolutely do not like is seeing my woman cry.

Yes, I have decided that I would make julliet Maxwell my woman.

I watch her exit the room and turn to my best friend, finally letting my anger show .

"I need a name man".

He sighs and says something about handling it and I let the anger seep into my voice.

"If I understand correctly you initiated this shitfest, now I need a bloody name".

He frowns.

"I did not set her up to be raped sage, I have to confirm what that meant".

I take a good look at him and see the anger he is trying to hold back, but I don't give a good damn.


"Benson oloyenla"

Effing eff, the man was a weasle, I have heard some of his expliots,and not good ones at that .

I smile menacingly, Benson oloyenla won't know what hit him, I glance at justice, one look at him and I know oloyenla was toast.

I know the story between justice and julliet, I just haven't confirmed, I didn't care but now, it's my first priority.

I turn to Justice after shooting a quick text to my P.I telling him to get all the dirt on the oloyenla.

"I think you should hear julliet's version of the story first man, and I think,wait,I know you should apologize."

He nods his understanding and I glance at my phone as it beeps.

"On it"

That was my P.I, I smile, this would be good.



At 3, I stand at the school bus station with my heart in my mouth, the doors open and I wait for Alec to get down and start crying about not going back tomorrow.

He gets down takes 2 steps and turn to wave at the bus, I look in the direction and see 2 kids, a boy and girl waving back at him. The bus moves away and he turna to me .

I open my arms and he shoots in for an embrace.

I smile.

"I take it you like you school?"

He smiles and says 

"Momma, school was cool"

I smile widely, everything is going to be fine.

Even though today started as a shitfest it's still going to be okay.

I ruffle his hair and we walk down the street together.

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