The fugitive - Episode 9

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Theresa could feel anger coming out of her in waves as she stare at her father who was devouring on his nice green salad ,, with plenty of vegetables ,, warm tortillas , rice and chicken ...she turn around in circle , flopping her arms at her side in an attempt to burn off some of the agitation twisting inside of her

" dad I need an explanation ,, how the hell did I got to your mansion,,,"she gestured feeling disgusted with her hand up

"what I remember last was seeing you at the airport this morning,, fact was I tried to understand what really happened I just don't cause its night already.... ,,,just don't tell me you drugged me ,, cause its impossible for you to ,you can't just cause I see no reason why you would "

After a minute of pacing she found a spot and lean against the wall ,, arms crossed once again , her chin was raised up to the angle of challenge ,,eyes flashing as she scorched her father with a baleful glare ,,

"And why did you think I didn't,," her father responded ..

Christ , her life was turning into one night mare just now,, something sprang up inside of her spurting through what ever calm was left in her

"Dad are you crazy"

Sheriff Scott jaw clenched as he looked up at his daughter ,,

"No am not "

"Then why the hell did you drug me"

she scream and tried to steady herself against the onslaught of ugly memories but they only pounded in on her with the faces of Atlanta upper crust ..

"I only thought its high time we talk like father and daughter ,, you live far away from me I barely even know my daughter anymore Theresa ,please come take a seat and join me "

Sheriff Scot stare up at her daughter ,,, she was definitely looking at him with disdain ,gosh she must have hated him ..but she just doesn't understand a thing ...nothing

"Was that why you drugged me huh ,, because you wanted to talk to me ,, ".

" have been trying all possible best to build up a conversation between us ,,for the past two month .
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. but you wouldn't talk to me  Theresa I know you must be thinking am such a bad father cause of the divorce ....listen I gave your mum everything I had ,, everything I was and all I ever asked for was that she love me do you understand

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. but she doesn't ,, I really wanted to be with her I love your mum so much but she just doesn't love me back ,, ...she was so eager to divorce me ,,but what about my heart that's been wrecking apart like this "

"Lie dad ,,that's such a lie ,,mum loves you ,, she only wanted to know the source of your sudden wealth ,, where you get the money to buy this mansion,,huh,, is that too hard ,can't you just tell her the truth ,, cause I've been wondering where you got so much money from too ,, your wealth is just too sudden dad ,,too sudden,so what's the essence of a marriage built with lies and deceit  huh "

Sherrif Scot stood up and moved towards his daughter ,, he lifted a hand to touch her but she moved a step away , just out of reach ..

"Theresa ,, I was awarded the best after twenty five years in service ,,so this came out of it "

Therapy faked a laugh and stare up at her dad

" even a fool wouldn't believe that ,, huh ,, " she shake her body as though dancing as she gestured ...

"Giant mansion, jelly globes, expensive sofa ,, marble floors ,,stair case made of glass ,,  expensive cars ,,thousands of maid in which you are responsible for ...God dad this is too much.,, no amount of promotion would award you with so much wealth huh"

Sheriff scot roll his eyes and rein in his temper ,, he did all this for them and now they dare turn their back on him ...huh first it was his wife 'Ann' who demand for a divorce and now his daughter ' theresa' whose face was screaming she doesn't wanna see him .

"Theresa listen to me darling "

"Dad how did you know I was at the airport ,,"

As though searching her memory.  She gasped out

"John,, where is john dad"

She hurried to the phone she saw at a corner and tried calling him ,, but it wasn't going through...

"Dad you caused this  huh ,, John must have been worried to the throat am going to his apartment right away" she said as she clung her jacket to her body

"No you dare not Theresa"

The rage that she never seem to know what to do with, reared up inside of her again as she stare up at her dad...

"I dare not or what did I just hear you say ,, should I remind you am not some sort of sixteen years old you can order around ,,telling what to do and what not"

Almost immediately she made a dash to the door

"Theresa" he called back to her but never would she acknowledge him ,, she was worried about John and john it is ...

Sheriff scot shook his head and brought out his cigarette,,flip it face down and lited it at the same time ..Gosh he was going out of his mind ,, his wife left him ,, and he wasn't gonna stand by watching his daughter leave too..that would be over his dead body

"Closed "

He said gently ,, almost immediately the door closed by itself ...

"Dad are you crazy " Theresa screamed struggling with the door at the same time ...

"Let me out ,, let me out "she cried

Ignoring her scot walked back to his meal and smile softly ,,he took a deep breath and sat back letting the frustration in him out in a carefully measured breath

" aren't you gonna join me here darling ,, dinner is running cold huh,, Theresa come here darling ,don't be stubborn"

Theresa rolled her bulging eyes at her dad on the brick of tears ,, she tried to stem the tide of panic rolling through her ,, the pressure of it building inside her until she thought she might explode ...

"You wicked son of .....a......nut"

She picked up a mobbing stick she saw right beside the door ...she raced back ,aiming for him,,, gosh she was ready to Kill alright and of course the cross hair were drawn right between her eyes

Sheriff Scott laughed as Theresa raced towards him all fully raged ...
He picked up his fork and shook his head...

"Mobbing stick really "he mused to himself laughing out more

"Guards "he called out

Almost immediately six guards all in black suit came rushing towards Theresa ...

"Let me go " she screamed as two of them grabbed hold of her tiny arm ...

"Let me gooooo"


John gasped for air swallowing a mouth full of water at the heavy pour that drenched his whole ,,

"Uh lord" he gasped struggling from the force of the water

His hands was tied tightly to the back of a chair...all in all he realised as he opened his eyes that he wasn't much in bad shape ,,no gun shot wound ,  just a little Pierce at the back of his head , he must have passed out earlier ..and how many hours was that he glanced around realizing it was dark ,, he couldn't just watch some men in black suit taking His mum away ,,even if he hated her, he needed an explanation from her,, he couldn't just stand their doing nothing ,, so he had raced after them knocking one of them down with his gun ...
He fought so hard ,,but guess there were too many of them,
And that had abruptly brought him to this mess...
Where was Theresa he wondered ,, did they take her too ?...
He couldn't see much of the face of his abductors but he definitely knew they were men...
But why were they after his mum ,, what has she done wrong  ?...

A sick almost eerie smile lit up on the face of the man standing in front of him ,, he was being given respect which indicates he might probably be their boss ,,the room was thick red  John couldn't see his face just the sound of his voice and the smell of his perfume he was so sure must have cost a fortune

"So he is Debra's  second son ,, Gosh I can't believe he could be right under our nose without us realising it ,,huh"

He heard him speaking those words in  French ,, probably they never knew he understands ,,
So it must be true ,,Debra the supposed mother of Dane garret was also his mother ,, he just couldn't understand how this people knew ..
Gosh so many question were wailing in his mind right now ,, he just needed to see his mother so he could find answers to it ...

How did he end up being with her and not his real mother?

How did Dane garret and him got separated ?

Was his father the late garret fossen ?

Why were they after his mother?

"Patron" meaning "boss"

Another man in suit moved towards the one standing in front of him  reaching out his phone

"Its the sheriff" he said again in french

He nodded and collected it ,,

"Scott comment ça se passe en géorgie "


"Scott how is things going on in Georgia"

"Yea they arrived two hours back " he said again in French ,,

Gosh it shouldn't be what he was thinking ,, what if they weren't in Georgia anymore ...john eyes went suddenly huge at the thought...
He mentioned Scott ,, was it sheriff scot

"esprit danois des nouvelles " "and Dane any news"

"Bon sang ,bon sang " meaning " damn it " john watched him pacing left and right as he cursed more ...he was trying to get the image of that face ,, he just couldn't

Why were they communicating in French ,, so he won't hear or what ,, but pity he heard every damn aspect of their conversation ...
So sheriff Scott has a hand in this
He thought inside himself ,, he should have known that crazy sherriff wasn't someone trust worthy ,, he should have took up the fake prove he noticed him presenting about Dane garret case five years ago ,, but his hatred for dane made him going along with him.
Now he got what he deserved ..this ...
What was really their reasons behind this ...
He shuddered at his thought when  He heard the patron's thick voice said hurriedly through the phone ,

"si j'avais connu cela était va se passer shérif qu'est-ce qu'il faut pour le tuer
J'aurais tant d'années auparavant vous avez une fortune dans ce Sherriff Je veux Dane trouvé le plus tôt possible..


" if I had known this was gonna happen  sheriff ,, what does it takes to kill him ,, I would have so many years ago got a fortune in this sherriff ,, I want Dane found as soon as possible"

no more than that he saw him cut the phone and reached it back to one of his men ,,his back was now facing him ,, which gave him opportunity to study him thoroughly ,,he saw something flashing in his fingers and wrist ,, he gasped out when he realised it was a gold watch and a diamond ring ,,,,
Damn it ,,he must be filthy rich ...

"Get me my hem " he said this time in English to one of his men , and slowly he turn to meet with his eyes ...

John couldn't see his face still but all in all what he was able to see so far was really captivating ...he must be a don

"John moncrieff" his thick voice crooned this time he bent towards him and blew the smoke of his hem to his face ,,which got John shifting his face to the side

He angrily grab hold of johns jaw and shifted his stare to his ,, he bent towards him and smile

" perhaps you and your mother could lead Dane garret to me ,, here you are gonna do everything I say ,, or else you die ..."

John battered his eyes as if the image in front of him wasn't real...of course he was able to see him clearly this time ...his eyes went huge as he tries to catch his breath ...

"This can't be possible ,, this can't be possible "

"This can't be possible " he shouted with different kind of fright on his face

And there different kinds of laughter ranted in the room ...
The patron stood and laughed ,, licking his hem at the same time

"Of course john,,it can be possible "


" its okay " a male voice said

"You'll be alright Sarah"

It must be some one who knew her then ,, my blurry vision made me realise he knelt beside me ,, he scooped me up as his gaze darted around ,, he was watching for something ,  not something but some one

After all the person that had set my kitchen on fire could return to kill us both ..,, I didn't have time to react to that terrifying realization ,, I cough so hard as my teeth began to chatter ,, my body shook ,, I was cold and wet and my head throb in pain ,, as well as the rest of my body ,, but at least I was alive ,, because of this man I was ,, too bad I didn't have enough breath to thank him ..

"You saved my life huh " I manage to say slowly and then every thing went black out


" oH God my body ache"

I mo*n softly , opening my eyes at the same time ,, the realisation that I was alive alone got me releasing a deep breath ,,i was trying to lift my hand only to realise a  fuse of drip was been passed to it..
Gosh its morning
bitting my lips to hold back the ache floating inside of me ... I realised I couldn't even lift my kneel ,,after several clumsy attempts.....
I manage to sit up ...I glanced around of course I was in my room which meant some one has saved me ...and a doctor had attended to me ,,the bandage wrapped around my kneel attested to that...

Gosh I wished what had happened yesterday was a dream.   But it wasn't ,, someone had broke into my apartment ,, set my kitchen on fire ,, and I had arrived right on time ,, to get consumed by the smoke,guess I really got hurt in the process of quenching the fire ,,

I hissed and rubbed my hand on my kneel
then all of a sudden the door open and I froze at the sight of a man ,,not just a man a very handsome one ..
He was tall, over six feet and muscular ,, his big biceps strained against the cotton T-shirt he wore ,, he had black long hairs that was no doubt neatly combed ,,

gosh I can't believe I flushed just now...

Was I been kidnapped?

What if he was the one that tried to kill me or was he the one who saved me

"Hey Sarah you are awoke " his smile made something jolt in my chest ,,no I haven't felt like this in many years and am not ready to,

He walked towards me with an almost graceful ease then did I realise his eyes was grey ,, he really looked familiar ,,
His gaze swept over me with a minimal amount of effort ,, however I had no doubt that he had given me the once over  ..

I cleared my tone and manage to look at him

"You saved my life right "

Something I couldn't distinguish rifled through his eyes as he nodded

"But who are you? and how did you know I met with an accident here in my apartment"

He smile and stare straight into my eyes ...

"I can't believe you can't recognise the face in front of you "

"No I can't " I said without meeting with those devilish killing face of his ...

"Its Dane garret"

As if not believing my ears,, i stare back at him and frown ...sweet heaven ,,I opened my mouth ,, but nothing came out ,, absolutely nothing ,, only then did I realise I wasn't able to recognise him because he shaved ,, my goodness ,,
I stare back at him and shifted my stare almost immediately,,
He was extremely good looking ,  no doubt his beard hid more than half of his face ...

For a minute longer he stayed quite ,, staring at me ,, while mine lingered on the drip instead...

Heaven what is he staring at ?

I didn't understand why am suddenly feeling this way ,, ....after the end of my five years relationship with Adam ,, the only man i was devoted to throughout my year in the law school ,,

...I decided no man would ever get to me the way he did ,
The bastard has been married with a kid far back in high school ...and I never realised

Well the heart break didn't stop me from making male friends...
have had male friends in the past two years and none of them had ever gotten to me this way not even Tate ,, it frightened me that Dane garret should ,, he was a total stranger ,,a prison breaker,, but power full ,,so powerful ...cause beneath his gaze I felt naked ,, what is he really staring at ...I stare at myself ,, I gasped out when i realised i wasn't in the same cloth I wore yesterday ...

"And how are you feeling now ?" He finally asked

"Fine " I said shyly tucking my hair behind my ear ,,

"You hungry "

At the sound of that my stomach lurched,, 

"Yea" this time I was able to stare at him ,, and fact was I nearly go out of breath when i realised what he did ...
he winked at me and stood up...

" I'll make break fast ,what would like to eat"

I wasn't replying...I only sat there  staring up at him like a zombie ,,
Did he just wink at me?? our eyes lock with each other as my heart continue to pound.   he didn't try to look away and neither did I ...

"I order for some bread earlier ,,would you like it with tea before I prepare breakfast"

I nodded lustfully ,, he smile and turn ...
And he left me with nothing but to admire his straight strong self ...

"Woo he is so hot " I thought inside and shook my head ,,biting my lips at the same time

He opened the door and paused ,..
He glanced back at me with a raised right eye brow

"I wasn't the one who got you out of your dress ,,you might probably be wondering... it was the nurse okay... "

"Okay "
I nodded lustfully as he closed the door behind him

Romance finally ...

Stay tunned guys ...
Dane and Sarah romance story is gonna be hot ...


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Thanks lots of love


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