The Dancing Bride And Her Spirit Warrior - Episode 46

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Vuyanzi woke up to stare at the vengeful face of Kweyu Kisiki. He was sneering at her. With a startled look she sat up but fell back on the hard surface she had been lying on. Her hands were tied behind her back. The cemented floor was dusty and cold.

‘’Vuyanzi, you stupid chokora (street urchin), I have finally caught you,’’ his words carried a lot of contempt for her.

‘’Kweyu,’’ Vuyanzi hated how her voice came out, scared and afraid. She didn’t want him to know that he scared her witless and she was on the verge of panicking . She clearly remembered everything that had happened earlier. Juma. Koni and the attack by gunmen. Was Juma behind the attack? Or was there something worse? The amanani probably, Vuyanzi shuddered at the thought.

Kweyu grabbed her by her hair and pulled her close to his face, Vuyanzi tried not to wince and faced him head on. She would not show him that he was hurting her. She tried to twist her head to escape his bruising grip and his repulsive breath. She could see that his eyes were glazed, he had a wild look about him that Vuyanzi didn’t like.

‘’You thought you were smart Vuyanzi but instead you are just an orphan with nothing. I warned you not to cross my line but you didn’t listen

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. Now look where that has gotten you,’’ he pushed her away. Vuyanzi glared at him.

‘’Why are you doing this Kweyu? What did I ever do to you for you to hate me this much?’’

They were in a room. A very small empty room with a cupboard on one side of the wall. The room had a door and lacked a window. It had a small bulb lighting the space. Vuyanzi couldn’t tell if it was dark or night. The room was totally covered.

Kweyu back slapped her hard that her head turned. She could taste the tangy sweetness of blood and her sight was blurred for a while. Vuyanzi nearly passed out again.

‘’don’t you ever talk back to me like that again, you crazy girl. I am not that pompous Juma or Koni Jasiri. I will not be swayed away by your so innocent looks like you did them,’’ on the mention of Koni’s name Vuyanzi felt her eyes swelling with tears. She might not see him ever again. If she had stayed in the house or allow Jaffar to escort her to see Juma, maybe things would have been different and she wouldn’t have ended up on Kweyu’s mercy.

‘’If only you knew how much I have sacrificed to get you here Vuyanzi,’’ Kweyu continued his self-rant and Vuyanzi half-heartedly listened to it. She was lost at her own thoughts.

Maybe she deserved what was happening to her. If only she had not been stubborn all this would have been a bad dream. Vuyanzi cursed her hard headed ness.

But it was too late now. Koni wouldn’t want anything to do with her. He already hated her guts. She could still see the fury on his eyes when he saw her with Juma. He would never forgive her. She had messed up big time.

Vuyanzi regretted not to tell Koni how she felt. How giddy she was when he wanted to take her to his father and introduce her officially as his fiancée.

‘’Are you crying? You are pathetic,’’ Kweyu mocked with a boisterous laugh. Vuyanzi felt her ire rising. She wouldn’t let Kweyu get to her.

‘’You are the one who is pathetic,’’ she blurted out. He was kneeling beside her and he could clearly hear her. He raised his hand to administer another blow but the rattling of the door stopped him.

Both of them turned to see a man dressed in a long rain coat and a huge hat on his head enter. He was dripping water and his military boot squelched as he walked. Vuyanzi could not see his face clearly and the man did not make any attempt to come closer. He stood by the door and Vuyanzi could see that it was drizzling outside. It was dark and there was no light behind the man. It was cold, and the only sound coming in was nocturnal. No vehicles moving, no people walking by.

It was as if they were lost in a jungle.


Were they in a forest?

‘’Who are you and what do you want with me?’’ she sat up straight ignoring the pain on her head. Kweyu had hit her good. She could feel her cheek swelling.

‘’Leave us,’’ the man’s dead tone commanded and somehow Vuyanzi knew that Kweyu must be working with him.

‘’But,’’ Kweyu started arguing but the man sent him a scathing gaze and he swallowed hard. With a bowed head he left and the man stepped aside to let him pass. The door was locked behind him. The latch fastened.

The man’s gaze did not leave Vuyanzi. With complete ease, he removed his large hat and revealed glowing eyes. Just like Koni’s. He was Koni’s age too with short cropped hair.

A spirit warrior. Vuyanzi was expecting anything but a spirit warrior.

Whereas Koni’s eyes burned with warmth, this man’s eyes burned with rage. She could see it and she could also sense it. It was unnerving. He also removed the rain dripping coat and dropped it on the floor, close to her feet. Vuyanzi pulled her legs tightly to her body but a few drops of rain fell on her. The cool water on her cool skin.

‘’Who are you?” she asked again and the man crouched next to her. Saying nothing, he gripped her jaws in a gentle but firm grasp, he turned her head side to side as if checking for something. Vuyanzi winced.

‘’Tsk tsk, such a pretty face damaged,’’ he observed, his voice coming out quiet. Suddenly he turned her head to the left and leaned in closer. Looking at her neck, ‘’Jasiri is yet to mark you, what an idiot,’’ he pronounced the name Jasiri like some sort of disease.

He released her face and stood up,’’ Well I might as well introduce myself. My name is Kaunda from the Ukiri clan. I am Koni’s cousin technically,’’

‘’ what do you want with me?’’ Vuyanzi wanted to know what Kaunda from Ukiri had in store for her.

‘’You? This is not about you Vuyanzi Amani. This is about my revenge to the Jasiri’s. I will complete what my father started.’’ Kaunda didn’t explain further and Vuyanzi raised her eyebrows in question.

Kaunda shook his head as if he was talking to a stubborn child, ‘’Jasiri didn’t tell you did he? That family is responsible for everything.’’ All this time Vuyanzi was struggling against the knots on her hands. In the back of her mind she knew she had to get away from this madman. Anyone who was in cohort with Juma was a madman in her book.

‘’Why don’t you let me go and talk to him?’’ she mocked knowing clearly whoever Kaunda was, he was not going to let her go. No one went to the pains of kidnapping and possibly killing other people with the mind of letting a hostage go. This was some type of a well-organized plan.

Kaunda chuckled, ‘’why should I let you go when he is coming here?’’

That made Vuyanzi pause, Koni was coming for her? Impossible not after everything she had done.

‘’You clearly don’t know how important you are Vuyanzi, do you?’’ he crouched back at her level, ’Let me tell you, the oracle played a sadistic game with warriors. Dancing brides are like water in a desert, scarce. Not all warriors end up getting dancing brides.’’

Vuyanzi was still trying to come in terms with the idea of Koni coming after to listen to whatever Kaunda was bubbling about.

‘’ What do you mean by completing what your father started?’’ she decided to ask him question to push time as she thought of something to do.

‘’My father killed Jasiri’s mother and Chief Dakarai Jasiri killed my father. I will have to complete this cycle by killing you Vuyanzi and Koni. I have no choice,’’ Vuyanzi swallowed. What type of person talked about death with such ease? ‘’You have to understand, Koni will kill me if he ever finds me,’’

‘’But you are a spirit warrior, you can’t kill. It’s against the rules.’’ Vuyanzi tried to remember everything she knew about spirit warriors and came up with very little information. All she had was what Koni had told her and that was not much, unfortunately.

‘’Rules? Rules made by one family, if for a moment you believe in those rules you are stupid as you look,’’ he sneered at her, ‘’those rules were made by the likes of the Jasiri’s, and yes, rules are meant to be broken,’’

‘’But, but,’’

‘’The Jasiri’s are fully responsible for my family’s misfortune. The then Chief Jasiri ordered my whole family to be cast out of Baraza La Wazee because we dared to defy him,’’

‘’You killed humans, it is not right to do that. You are supposed to protect them,’’ Vuyanzi knew of the Tsavo incident. She overhead Koni and Manute talking about it.

Kaunda shook his head vehemently, ’we were protecting our lands, foreigners were destroying it. We were capable of taking the land back if only the council would back us up. But what did they do? They cast us out and send eliminators after us. My family barely escaped. The eliminators are ruthless when they come after you. They will not rest until they have finished us all. Tell me Vuyanzi do you know how it feels to be hunted down by your own people? Your own brothers?’’

Vuyanzi could imagine what it felt like to be abandoned by family and being on your own. To some point she understood his thirst for revenge but there had to be a better way of settling the issue apart from all the bloodshed.

‘’If you go after Koni and his father, this vicious cycle would not stop. You have to rethink all of this.’’  Vuyanzi wanted to try to reason with him. Maybe she could get out of this and warn Koni of a crazed man who was out for his blood.

‘’Why should I bother when it is them that chased us out? We were betrayed Vuyanzi get that. The other day in Nyati town where you escaped my grasp more than enough times by the way, my brother Bor was killed. Our numbers are dwindling. This has become….’’

Vuyanzi stopped him, ‘’wait, you were the one behind the hyena attack?’’

Kaunda smiled at her sadly, ‘’unfortunately no, that was Bor, he had this brilliant idea to use amanani to use his dirty work for him. If only he could have picked you up by himself this would have gone differently.’’

Vuyanzi never felt so angry in her life. How dare he stand before her and talk about her near death experience like that. She nearly died that night, if not for Koni. Kaunda must be sick in the head.

‘’I warned him not to use the amanani, they are simple minded creatures whose leisure is to create chaos. Jasiri managed to track him down where he was hiding together with the amanani and like that my Bor lost his life. Killed by the Jasiri’s,’’ the more he talked the more Vuyanzi felt the need to smack him. She couldn’t believe she felt sorry for him a few minutes ago. Kaunda was a total nut case. 

His brother Bor was conspiring with the amanani to kidnap her and do God knows what.

‘’What about the poaching activities in the reserve was that part of Bor’s activities,’’ she asked sarcastically. Her fear for her life was now turning to anger. She hated anyone who was cruel to animals.

‘’Now you are catching up. Bor was in charge of creating chaos and diversion in the reserve. Koni was always supposed to be too busy to notice but unfortunately that didn’t go as planned. You are one lucky bride Vuyanzi. Very lucky,’’

‘’Am I supposed to be thankful for that?’’ Vuyanzi spat out before she could even think about her words, Kaunda’s eyes glowered even more.

‘’I like it that you are feisty but make no mistake. I will finish this one way or another. I have to kill the Jasiri’s. If I kill Koni and kill you, I stop the future generations of the Jasiri and my mission is complete,’’

‘’What has the future generations done that is so wrong? They are innocent of all this vendetta,’’

‘’Good question Vuyanzi, what did my generation do to deserve to being hunted down for the mistakes of my forefathers?’’ Kaunda fired the question back at her, and Vuyanzi was left to ponder over it.

‘’They said that the mistakes of the father shall be paid by the sons, that is a rule by the way formed by the council. Imagine that. Since I was born I was marked for death. What did I do wrong? Possess the blood of my forefather who was fighting for our rights and dignity as the natives of this land?’’ his voice grew louder as he went on explaining.

‘’Do you know how long I have been on the run? I can’t settle anywhere, I am a squatter in my own ancestral land. I have never had the luxury of training as a spirit warrior, my birthright snatched away from me. I wasn’t even initiated into an age group. And the worst part those who made this cruel and meaningless rules are seated somewhere claiming to do a noble job of ‘protecting humans’,’’ he air quoted, ‘’how can you protect someone when you can’t protect your own?’’

‘’Kaunda, have you tried to reach out to the council? I am sure they would change if you inform them,’’ Vuyanzi tried to reason with him again. All this bad air could be cleaned if someone somewhere took initiative.

‘’Change? The council can’t change. They are in a comfort zone.’’

‘’That means you haven’t even tried. I could help…’’ Vuyanzi let that sentence stretch between them. She knew she had to get away. The knot she was trying to loosen seemed to be getting tighter every time she moved her hands.

‘’You are already helping Vuyanzi Amani.

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. Like a fish bait, Koni will not fail to swallow it. I told you, he will come for you,’’

‘’I am talking about a different type of help. If you allow me to talk to him, I will make him listen, don’t you think? Your arguments are reasonable and am sure Koni would not hesitate to help you. He is not a bad person,’’ Vuyanzi tried not to think what Kaunda was planning. If Koni was to come, he was sure going to fall into a trap. She couldn’t let that happen.

‘’My my, you really do love Koni Jasiri don’t you?’’ she looked away at that and didn’t answer because she knew the truth. She loved Koni. She loved him and she didn’t know if she would be able to say those words to him.

Suddenly a phone vibrated and Kaunda checked the message. He smiled, the light phone reflecting his eye eeringly.

‘’Sit tight Vuyanzi, the show is about to go down,’’ he picked up his rain coat and the wide hat, he was leaving.

‘’Wait, where are we? Can you please tell me?’’

‘’Karura Forest on the outskirts of Nairobi city. Sit tight,’’ he winked at her and then left her alone with muddled thoughts and fear for Koni’s life.


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