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Uthman dropped his phone on the table after ending his call with Summayah. He continued to scrutinize the files he had with him. He stood up to check on his patients. After going round the wards for about an hour, he was about to rest for few minutes when he heard a knock on his office door and he told the person to come in. When he saw two women, he quickly recognized her as the patient who was discharged yesterday after she complained about headache and stomachache . He smiled and told them to sit but he got the shook of his life.

Woman:We are not here to sit doctor. 

Uthman:What is the problem. Is your daughter not feeling better. (He looked at the lady behind the old woman) Why is she crying? 

Woman:You are not ashamed of yourself, doctor. 

Uthman:Why should I? 

Woman:My daughter is crying because you assaulted her. 

Uthman:Subhanallah. Me? 

Woman:Yes you. You this rich people always think you can get away with things. Just the way you did with that little girl that was shown few months ago. 

Uthman:What are you talking about?

Woman:You will know now. (She took out her phone from the tattered purse and dialled a number) You can come in, I found the opportunist doctor. 

Uthman:What in the world is all this. (He looked at the lady) Did i touch you yesterday? When did I assault you? Just tell me when

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. (He shouted causing a lot of nurses to peep from his door) 

Woman:All this shout will not stop my daughter from getting the justice she deserves. Don't scare her with this voice of yours, we might not have much but I will make sure I deal with you. This hospital will be shut down. 


Uthman:Will you sh... 

(Two police officers entered and he wasn't given the chance to talk. The nurses whispered amongst themselves.)

Uthman:You don't have the right to arrest me without proves. 

Officer 1:Anything you say will be used against you at the court of law. It is better you cooperate with us. 

(Uthman couldn't believe he was just disgraced in his workplace. As he was told to move, all eyes pry on him. They asked him to sit in their vehicle and the policemen drove out of the premises leaving the ladies to join them at the station. 

Getting to the station, they took him in for investigation and the women sat at the entrance waiting for them to get the justice they deserve.)

Officer 2:Can you tell us what you did to that lady yesterday.

Uthman:She was ill and i treated her. That's all i did. Coming to my office today and accusing me of assaulting her is a lie. 

Officer 1:You won't say the truth abi.

Uthman:What truth do you want from me again? Do you want me to admit that i did what i didn't even do? Besides, you just came to arrest me without any evidence, is this how you work here? 

Officer 2:If you don't want to land in more trouble, it will be better to remain quiet. You are not the one to teach how to do our job.

Uthman:You...(His phone rang, he checked the caller and it was Summayah. He was about to pick it when it was snatched away from him.) 

Officer 1:You think this is your office or house to pick calls when you are a suspect. (His phone rang repeatedly and he knew it must be very urgent.)

Uthman:That call is so urgent. There is a pregnant lady in my house, she must be in need of something. I need to pick her calls, please. (He remembered his late wife, how he couldn't pick her calls when she was in a lot of pain.He needed to leave immediately no matter what happens.) 

Officer 1:A pregnant lady? Or the lady you raped? Was it not the one that went viral? 

Uthman:That is my personal matter. 

Officer 2:The one you did to the girl crying outside.

Uthman:I didn't do anything to the lady. I will give her anything, i need to leave, please. 

Officer 1:You have admitted you did it. You won't be leaving here until the girl agrees to let you go or you compensate her with anything. Right now, you will be locked up because we need to go for our break. When we come back, we come back and negotiate. 

Uthman:Is this some kind of buying and selling? This is not a market that we negotiate goods. Just call the lady in, i need to go. (They were beginning to get on his nerves, he was so angry.) 

Officer 2:You never know anything. It is after two hours break that you will know what your fate is in here. Continue to do strong head. (He turned to the second officer)Lock him up. By the time he uses two to three days here, you will know if this is a market or not. 

(Uthman was dragged by the officer, he felt restless. All he wanted was to rush home as soon as he could. Today has been such a bad day for him.) 

Summayah lay helplessly looking at the guy in front of her whose body reeked of alcohol. As he moved closer, she couldn't stop the tears from flowing and all she could think of was Jamiu, how he had beaten and raped her. The pain she is feeling right now is nothing compared to the one she had ever experienced all her life. Knowing Jamiu is the father of her unborn child and also her rapist gave her joy but she also felt immerse betrayal and dissapointed. She loved him genuinely but he gave her nothing but pain. 

Jennifer entered the room, she was infuriated that the guys are still looking at her without any progress. 

Jennifer:What are you guys doing, am i paying you just to look at her? Remember, there are two guys remaining in the other room that are guarding the ladies. She has a lot of work to do, don't disappoint me. Besides the money i will be paying, you are also going to be enjoying a free bae. 

Summayah:I am not some kind of food to be enjoyed. 

Guy 1: Shut up, you can't talk to our boss like that. (He kissed her on the cheek, Summayah spat on his face. He was so angry that he slapped her) If you ever try that with me, i will kill you. 

Summayah:Then do it. Don't you ever touch me with your filthy hands ever again. 

Guy 1:I will destroy you that you will not be able to speak ever again. Do you think we are here to play hide and seek with you.

Summayah:(She started coughing when the guy pinning her hands to the bed started smoking and he was releasing the smoke on her face) Take it away. The smell makes me want to throw up. 

Guy 1:(As he tried kissing her lips, Summayah threw up immediately. He was so irritated that he had to slap her.) Are you mad? 

Summayah:I warned you already.

Jennifer:Summayah,it is better you behave yourself. I still have Fadilah here and it will not take me a minute to change my decision. 

Summayah:This is not my fault. 

Guy 1:(He quickly took off his cloth and he drank more alcohol. His eyes was filled with lust, he moved closer to her,cleaned her mouth with his sweaty clothes and kissed her with full force. Summayah tried to wriggle her hands from the second guy but couldn't)Don't you dare think this will stop me from going wild. (He turned to Jennifer)I will like to change this room, someone might hear us from here. It is better we use any room available upstairs. 

Jennifer:You are right. Just check if there is any upstairs.

Guy 1:Okay.

(The two of them carried her upstairs and they entered Uthman's room. Summayah knew instantly just because of the scent. She recognized his perfume and she only wished he was here. She wouldnt have allowed him to go to the hospital today, she was worried he might be hurt by the police. The guy loosened his belt, Summayah knew where all this was leading to. All hope was lost as the guy climbed on top of her, he was with a scissors and his bottle of alcohol)

Summayah:What...are...you...trying...to...do...to...me. I... (He didn't allow her finish her sentence when he forcefully pushed the bottle of alcohol into her mouth. Making sure she has gulped half of the bottle, he threw the bottle away which broke after making contact with the wall. He proceeded by taking the scissors, he tore her blouse allowing her chest to be visible. Summayah was already weak and there was no more strength.) 

Guy 1:Didn't i warn you that you can not overpower me with your antics? You are free to talk now. I. Said. You. Should.Open.Your.Mouth. (He laughed when he couldn't hear any sound.)That's the power of a guy. 

Jennifer with the third guy entered the room Azeezah, Hadizah and Maryam was kept. They were tied up, worried about Summayah and Fadilah. Azeezah was fuming in anger when she saw Jennifer, she remembered the last time she had set her eyes on her. She was doing the same thing to them this time again and there was no other way out for them. Jennifer moved closer to her and removed the tape that was used to prevent them from talking. 

Jennifer:Do you have anything to say? 

Azeezah:Where is Summayah? Where did you take her to? What about Fadilah?

Jennifer:As you see, she must be enjoying herself right now. They are both safe, it is just that Summayah is going to be serving all your punishment. Right now, she is going through Fadilah's. 

Azeezah:You are a coward, if you are not scared then try to loosen the rope. I will hit you that you will be crippled for the rest of your life. You only know how to deal with weak people. 

Jennifer:I know what you are trying to do. By tempting me to free you? It won't work. 

Azeezah:(She couldn't hear Summayah's voice anymore. Her faint screams have disappeared finally)Just tell me what you are doing to Summayah. If anything happens to her, consider yourself a dead meat. 

Jennifer:This is the first phase, i will make sure you see the second and third phase of her punishment. Even if she gives up, i will still make her die so many times. Summayah just die with her unborn child. (She said with a lot of determination) 

Azeezah:You will pay for all this. 

Jennifer:Worry about yourself and not me, okay? Fadilah will join you soon. 

Azeezah:Let Summayah go, free my friend. 

Jennifer:We made a deal already. She doesn't want any of you to be hurt. I agreed. 

Azeezah:Just hurt me instead. I am ready to bear it. Summayah is pregnant, it is very dangerous for her to go through any stress. You are a female too, just free my friend. 

Jennifer:No. No. I won't. She has to go through that agony. I want her in that pain, that is my joy. 

Azeezah:(She shouted) No, you are can't do this. 

Jennifer:I can't do what i have already done? 

(She ordered the guy to tape her mouth once again and he did. She smiled at the other two women in the room while she left the room. She went straight to Fadilah, the two guys carried her with the wheelchair to her father's room.Jennifer was so happy looking at the girl that layed on the bed.)

Guy 1:Oga, this girl don go weak. She is not opening her eyes. 

Jennifer:Check if she is still breathing. How can she be weak when there are two guys left. 

Guy 1:Yes,she is. 

Jennifer:Good. Get a bowl of water for me in the bathroom. 

(The guy went in to the bathroom and within seconds, he was back with the water.Jennifer instructed him to pull her with her hair for her to sit upright. She poured the water on her and Summayah didn't flinch.She tapped her face but Summayah was not responding.) 

Jennifer:Get. Me. More. Water. This girl has to wake up. If she dies like this, i will still make her go through other punishments. I just need her to be conscious for her to feel those pains! (A bucket of water was brought into the room, Jennifer poured everything on her but she stayed unconscious. They decided to dip her head into the cold iced water in the table freezer. Summayah felt drowsy after trying hard to open her eyes.Jennifer held her jaw, forcing her to be conscious.)

Guy 1:Oga, i think this girl is bleeding o. 

Jennifer:Let her bleed.

Guy 1:This guy can't continue from where we stopped ooo. They might be infected. 

Jennifer:True. (She turned to Summayah)If i decide to stab you, the pain will only be felt once and you are will die. 
If i decide to throw you out of here through the window, you won't feel a lot of pain. That is why i decided to give you the toughest, the one you will scream when you have lost your voice. So you are done with the stage of Fadilah's punishment. The next one is ready right now. (She dragged her by her hair, down the corridor. She stopped at the beginning of the staircase.)Jamil, go and get her family to watch this beautiful scenery that is about to happen.

(The first guy whose name was Jamil went to the rooms, dragged them out to the center of the room, where the staircase was situated. Their blindfolds were removed and they all gasped at the state Summayah was in.) 

Jennifer:Welcome you all to watch this scene with me. Where the heroine is about to die for her beautiful family. You all know how Summayah is so nice. 

(Azeezah and Hadizah struggled with the rope they were tied with. Jamil removed the tapes from their mouth but they couldn't set themselves free.) 

Hadizah:What...are...you...trying to do to my daughter. 

Jennifer:Just watch. 

Hadizah:Do not do anything stupid. 

Jennifer:Are you talking about what i have already done? This is she in your place, you are supposed to be here right now but she volunteered. What do you want me to do? 

Hadizah:Just take me then... Take. Me. 

Jennifer:That's too late. (She dragged her closer to the stairs)

Hadizah:Just stop all this. I am here pleading as a mother to you, please. I know she might have hurt you deeply, just find it in your heart to forgive her. 

Jennifer:Hey,don't try to manipulate me. I know what you are saying are nothing but lies just to free yourself. Why am i even wasting my time. (She pushed her off the stairs, her head hit the tiles, her body lay in front of Hadizah.) 

Hadizah:(She screamed) Untie me right now, i swear you will pay dearly for this. I won't spare you. (She felt Summayah's hand of her thigh) Summayah,you...will be fine. I couldn't protect you, i failed to keep to my promises. I can't even hold you with my hands, i have failed as a mother. 

Summayah:Ma...ma...ma...ma. I...am...a...coward and...a...failure. 

Hadizah:No,no.you are not. She is the failure. (She placed her head on Summayah's chest) 

Summayah:(She struggled with her breathing, everything was beginning to get blank. She wanted to cry harder but even tears couldn't find the strength to flow out of her eyes. She looked at her friend who couldn't stop crying and she smiled at her.She said her last words before Jennifer stepped down.)Be...Happy. I...am...okay. 

Jennifer:This is what you know how to do, to be stupidly emotional. Time for your last and final punishment. My guys are preparing it for you. (She dragged her while Summayah was partially conscious and a smile spread on her face.) 

(Hadizah, Maryam and Azeezah hated themselves for not helping Summayah. They were the real cowards, seeing your loved one in pain and not being able to help is one of the greatest torture. Azeezah screamed louder but there was nothing left to do. They have lost their dearest friend right in front of them.They didn't know what Jennifer planned to do to her this time around. Their eyes trailed on the blood of their own sister.)

Jennifer dragged her into the kitchen, closed all the windows and there was no ventilation. Her boys had prepared an hot oil on the gas cooker, she switched it off and placed it near Summayah who was on the floor. 

Jennifer:You remember the day i had to pour that stupid hot oil on my hands just because of your stupid self. Now, it is your turn to feel my pain. I promise this is your last punishment before your death. I...Promise. 

(Summayah's hands was dipped into the oil, she let out a loud cry. Her hands stayed longer before she removed it.)

Jennifer:Hey...Talk. I. Said. Talk. This is not the way i expected you to cry. Is it not painful ehnn. 

Jamil:This girl is almost dead. Just leave her.

Jennifer:You don't tell me what to do. (She looked at Summayah and she wished she could inflict more pain to her.) Jamil, place the frying pan filled with oil, on the fire and close it. She has to suffocate to death, i am sure that if she mistakenly comes back into this world, she would never try to cross paths with my Jamiu. (She touched Summayah's stomach and kissed it) I'm sorry you had to suffer with your mother, sorry for not being born into this world. I had to kill you because of your mother, she caused it you know. Bye. 

(Jamil did as he was told and they left the kitchen with the doors closed.) 

(Uthman didn't know what to do, they already seized his phone and locked him up in the cell for nearly two hours. A senior officer passed by and he recognized him as the doctor who helped him treat his daughter a long time ago. He asked him what he was doing in there and he explained everything to him. He ordered the policemen who were handling the case to release him immediately because he has known him to be a well reserved man. They quickly set him free and gave back his possessions to him. 

Officer 1:Oga sir, what about the lady. 

Senior Officer:Tell her to see me in my office. Some of this girl just put respected names in the mud to get money. 

Officer 1:Okay sir. 

Uthman:Thank you so much sir. 

Senior Officer:There is no need to say thank you. 

Uthman:My day has been ruined but i can still catch up all thanks to you. (He dialled his mother's number but she wasn't picking which is so unusual. He dialled Summayah's number and he heard his daughter's voice.) 

Fadilah:Papa.(She cried) 

Uthman:Fadilah, what happened? Why are you with Summayah's phone. I warned you so many times not to touch anyone's phone. 

Fadilah:She gave it to me. An aunty came into our house, she has hurt my mother a lot. Mother's blood is on your bed. 

Uthman:Bl...ood? Who is she? Where are you? 

Fadilah:I am at home, one of the uncles that tied me up just untied me. He told me to hide in the bathroom or else they will hurt me. I have been calling you since morning, i hid the phone under my hijab. Just come home papa... 

Uthman:I...I am coming. (He turned to the man that helped him) Please, i need policemen. My family are in danger. 

Senior officer:Just relax, i will get them ready. (He ordered one of them to get his team ready. Uthman ran out of the station and he quickly called an ambulance from his hospital to get to his house immediately. He gave directions to the men as they drove to his house.) 

(Their neighbor, Hammed and Fatima just came back from an outing since it was a Saturday afternoon. They drove past his house to theirs, seeing Uthman's residence gate opened baffled them. What they had first noticed was the absence of the security guards on the extrance of the estate. Their gateman opened the door for them and they parked in. They asked if he had notice any thing or noice. He told them he had been asleep since they left, having no knowledge about anything. They nodded, Fatima noticed a smoke then she heard a loud scream.) 

Fatima:Did you hear that? 


Fatima:Let us go there, please. 

Hameed:I will get my gun right away. 

(He came out of his house, the two of them went to Uthman's house including the gateman. They had seen Jennifer laughing and the tied ladies on the floor.) 

Hameed:Who are you? 

Jennifer:I am the uninvited guest that scares the owner of the house. 

Hadizah:Just save my daughter. She has been locked up in the kitchen. It is filled with flames. 

(As he was about to pass through,Jennifer stopped him) 

Jennifer:Hey, not until she dies will i allow you get to that door. 

Hameed:(He pointed his gun at her) You better be careful and cooperate. 

(As he was about to move in, Uthman rushed into the house.) 

Uthman:Where is Summayah?

Fatima:In the kitchen. 

(Uthman pushed Jennifer away while she was held on gunpoint. He turned on the knob of the door and it was locked.) 

Uthman:Who is with the keys? Someone get me the keys. (He shouted) 

(Hameed search through Jennifer and threw the keys to him. He opened the door with shaky hands and he couldn't see through the flames, his legs hit a body and he knew who it was immediately.)

Uthman:Ma...yah. Mayah. Where is the ambulance. Where are they? (He carried her out while Fatimah set the girls free. Her body was turning cold, her breathing and everything was gone.) No... No. You can't do this. Don't just stand there, get me some water and a cloth. Mayah,open your eyes. You are strong. 

(They brought in the stretcher and a wrapper was used in covering her. Nasal cannula was placed in her nose immediately and all Uthman did was getting images of his dead wife who had passed away due to his own carelessness. He was devastated once again, Jennifer tried to run but was shot in the leg by one of the policemen, all the guys were apprehended.) 

Uthman:(He slumped on the floor with tears in his eyes.His mother sat beside him knowing fully well that he was back in the state she never prayed for her son to be.)Mother, see my Mayah. Why did all of you watch her do this to her. Why? Summayah has to stay for me. She has to come back to me. I will not let her out of my sight this time. She doesn't deserve all this. Not at all. (He cried in her laps.) I have to go. Nobody is with her, she will be scared and she needs me. 

Hadizah:Calm down.

Uthman:You...expect me to call down? 

Hadizah:She needs us all. I won't allow you drive in this state. (She gave him the support he needed to the car and she drove off quickly while Uthman couldn't stop crying.) 

Hi, sorry for going MIA for days. 

I promise to update tomorrow. I have the chapter written already. 

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