Tears Of Summayah - Episode 66

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Summayah was rushed to the hospital and was taken into the theatre with immediate effect. Usman couldn't resist standing there while Summayah was walking on the lane of life and death. All he could wish for right here at this instant wasn't anything more than his eyes to take a glimpse of a peacefully smiling Summayah. He prays she would be well. 

He walked towards the door with the intention of intruding into the room when Dr . Maryam stopped him with an apologetic smile. 

"I'm sorry, Uthman, but you can't enter please." There was a tone of professionalism and a tone of familiarity laced on her voice.  Looking at Uthman's distressed face makes her pity him. 

"Why can't I be there? Dr. Maryam please let me enter and see her. There's absolutely nothing I can do while standing here not knowing what she's going through. I beg you." He couldn't resist the urge to fold his hands together into a begging manner. His eyes narrowed at her so if he was lucky enough she could see the plea and panic within him. But she sees none. 

"I'm sorry Uthman, you're a Doctor yourself, but you cannot be in here if you want her to be fine. I'll try my best and make sure she delivers safely

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. Take heart please." She assured, flashing him a fleeting smile, hoping he would relent and wait for them by the door. 

"Don't try your best, just make sure she comes out of this damn room safely and sound, please!" His shoulders slumped in defeat and he found a seat among the waiting benches and slumped into one. His head was spinning into two, all he could see was Summayah's painful eyes as she dashed out before she was taken to the hospital. Oh how he wished he could take away her pain and infuse it into himself. 

Hadiza walked towards her son with trudging steps, she couldn't remember the last time she saw him like this, all heartbroken that she could vividly see the lines on his forehead. She bet if he could understand what she's going to say, but nonetheless, she isn't going to just stare as his world is slowly slipping away from his hold. Again. 

"Uthman, you need to calm down. Being solicitous over this issue won't help ease the pain Summayah is going through. We're all feeling this pain, we all feel like she doesn't deserve all this, but who are we to object what the almighty had already ordained in her life? A zero behind a decimal point! All we have to do for her is to pray for her health. Please, say a prayer for her." She was drawing soothing circles on his back, at the same time the motherly tone she used while addressing him was peacefully gliding through the curves of his soul. She knew he would take it lightly on himself. 

He rested his head on her shoulder and Hadiza kept patting his head before she received a call from Azizah, and she picked the call with shaky hands placing it on her left ear. 

"Aunt, my mind is so jumbled that I actually don't even know what to do. The police are here, paparazzi's, and even civilians that wants nothing but statement, informations, and pictures to snap so they could quench their desire of letting the world know of the situation at hand. I cannot answer any of them, it's just frustrating!" She kept facing to and fro as she listed the kind of mind depressing situation she was currently in, and having being not able to do a single thing about it. 

Hadiza heaved a sigh and looked at the door, were the Doctors are still operating Summayah. "Look Azizah, this isn't the right time for all these. I'll send you the address of the hospital now, you need to come here please; Summayah isn't in the good kind of condition." She ended the call and immediate send the address of the hospital to Azizah before she put back her phone into her bag. 

Minutes passed by, minutes Uthman felt as if they were years he had to spent without neither water nor food. He kept following every nurse that comes out of the room with only one question coming out of his mouth "How is she?" Some could flash him a look, while others don't. 

Dr. Shu'aib walked out of the theatre room and stood in the hallways, looking around the people that were patiently waiting for the kind of role destiny would play in their relative's lives. "Who's the mother of Summayah here?" He asked. 

Hadiza rushed and walked towards him, Uthman following every steps of hers until they were before Dr. Shu'aib and he has his eyes fixed on them. "We've been trying our best on your daughter, but..."

Before he could finish his sentence, Uthman had caught him ; uneasiness evident in his voice. "But what? Shu'aib please don't tell me something terrible had happened to Summayah in there. I beg you, please." One more word, and they were all sure tears would roll down his cheeks, he seems to be at his most vulnerable state right now. 

Dr. Shu'aib shook his head and smiled laboriously at him. "Nothing really happened. But it might happen as well, lets all pray for her though. We have to save one among the two; the mother or the child?" His question was like a bombshell dropped in the middle of an already crowded market and it shook the entire universe before it exploded. 

"Save Summayah." Uthman wasn't sure if this was his voice or it was a clone of his that decided to act as him in the time he needs it the most. 

Hadiza looked at him, terrified. "Do you know what you're talking about, Uthman? How would you say he should save Summayah and she loses her child? Do you think the painful life she lived would be something worthy of her patience if she doesn't get to see this child she had been enduring all the hardship for? What if she wakes up and asks us about her child? Who among us is going to have the courage of telling her that we told the doctors to save her and leave her child? Think again Uthman." She yawed her gaze away from them and cleared a strand of tear that had the victory of rolling down her cheeks, she had been trying to be strong for Uthman, but she doesn't think she could be that strong anymore. Summayah is in pain, and she doesn't know what to do to ease her pain, even if she does, it wouldn't be granted unless Allah wills. 

Uthman let the words of his mother digest into his heart, and he knew all she said was nothing but the sheer truth and there is nothing in life that would be sweet to Summayah if she lost this child of hers, he himself is an enough evidence of how much she loves her child. 

"Mom is right, her hope on life depends on this child. Dr. Shu'aib, do all your best to save both the mother and child. Please." He patted Dr. Shu'aib's shoulder and flashed him a tight lipped smile in the most painful way he had ever seen. 

"Don't worry Uthman, we will try our best. Just keep praying for her. Insha Allah she would be fine." And he went back into the operation room, along with Uthman's heart that was never going to be at ease unless he landed his eyes on a smiling Summayah, be it a feign smile; it would repair alot of damages in his heart. 

It had been two hours now, two whole hours without hearing anything from the nurses nor the doctors themselves. Uthman had been fed up with asking them whenever they come out to get a tool and they would briskly brush pass him and come back without flashing him a look. It has gotten to the point that he could now hear the rapid beating of his heart, beating wildly as if it had gotten the worst news of its life. 

Unable to wait anymore, he walked up to the operation room and was about to push the door open when his mother stopped him. "Calm down, Uthman, don't break the rule yourself. Compose your self and sit down. I want you to know that there's absolutely nothing the whole mankind can do to Summayah unless that which the almighty had already written for her. Pray Uthman, pray."

He could see there are tears rolling down his mothers eyes, but he bet if she's feeling half the pain and torture he's feeling in his heart because of this. Yawing his gaze to the other side, his eyes fell on Azizah, Maryam and little Fadila asking around for the direction of the theatre room. 

Fadila spotted him and she ran towards him, wrapping her little and frail fingers around his legs. He looked down to her figure and felt his heart broke into more pieces, he scoot down and scooped her into his hands, having her head laying on his shoulder and he could feel the painful drop of her tears. 

"Shhhh baby girl, she would be fine. I promise." He patted her back and kept rocking them to and fro, he too himself needs this kind of consoling. 

Maryam and Azizah sat at the either sides of Hadiza, asking her of the current condition of Summayah, and she broke into more tears. "Summayah is in pain, extreme type of pain." How their eyes bulged out made her elaborated more. "What kind of pain beats the one a doctor himself would ask to save the mother or the child? I'm afraid, but I'm failing again as a mother. Ya Allah! Consider our situation." She was shaking her head sideways and tears were freely flowing down her cheeks. 

Maryam placed her hand on Hadiza's shoulder and squeezed it a little. "It's okay, stop crying please. And even the first time, you didn't failed mum. That's what had been ordained and no creation of Allah could change that. Please don't stress yourself too much about this."

Azizah was unable to utter a word, all she knew is that Summayah has never deserved the kind of hardship she's experiencing in her life. How she wished it was someone else that did this to her, hating him wouldn't have been this intense in her heart. But knowing it was Jami'u, and him being an ignorant about this was what pains her more. If she had the chance, she would've spilt Jami'u's heart into two and forcefully squeeze the truth of the situation into his heart. 

Tears were now cascading down her cheeks, she feels like she has failed Summayah as a friend. "She doesn't deserve him. He did nothing but physically, emotionally and mentally tortured and abused her life. He was never good to her entire life. She's paying for the crime he did, and why is she to be blamed? All she did wrong was her being a woman. Jami'u deserves nothing from her, and if I'm alive, he would never get the chance of coming close to her. I'll take her away from everyone, she'll have to taste what a better life means. A life void of pains and hardship, a life with only smiles and laughters!"

Maryam quickly got a hold of her hand, "Stop it Azizah, it's a hospital please. You might divert people's attention on you. Shut up please."

"That's what Summayah did for all the years of her life, she shut up! All she had been through were sealed depths beneath her soul, and what did she gained in return? Nothing but a sheer pain that would forever scorch even an ounce of happiness she might get!" She wasn't able to complete her whole sentence when they heard a shrill of a new born baby as he or she were welcomed by the air of this world, where nothing rings through its crevices and corners other than pain.

They all rose to their feets, long forgetting the tantrum Azizah had been throwing and rushed towards the door, knowing so well this shrill came from no one but Summayah’s baby. Uthman pinned Fadila tightly around his body and practically ran to Dr. Maryam that came out holding a baby in her hand, she briskly looked at him and was about to move forward when he stopped her. 

“You’re out with a baby, looking tensed and panicking. Won’t you tell us what’s happening? And from the looks, she gave birth to twins right?” Despite the situation at hand, he couldn’t help smiling at the babies of Summayah. Dr. Maryam was holding one and a nurse was holding the other. 

He carefully placed down Fadila and stretched his hands towards Dr. Maryam to scoop the baby in his arms but she didn’t handed him the baby. “I’m sorry Uthman, but these babies are suffering from inability of breathing, we need to take them to the SCBU (special care baby unit) as soon as possible.” He didn’t know his mother, Azizah and Maryam were together with him until they broke into tears while Dr. Maryam maneuvered beside them and rushed to the SCBU. 

“After Summayah, then her children? Ya Allah this servant of yours had  had enough, don’t test her with that which she couldn’t take Ya Allah!” Hadiza wailed and brought Fadila close to her chest, and they still don’t know the situation Summayah is in. 

Uthman walked like a zombie towards the door again, and Dr. Shu’aib walked out of it dabbing a handkerchief over his face. He looked exhausted. “Uthman, she delivered, but we can’t say anything concerning her condition until the anesthesia injection wears out, she’ll be taken to the resting room now.” He spoke with a tone of professionalism and walked off, leaving them with pounding hearts and shaking legs. 

They watched as the nurses strolled her to the resting room, and none of them was allowed to enter until the doctors come and check her condition. Several hours passed, and they heard nothing from the doctors. Before their swollen eyes, Summayah was strolled to the ICU, and they knew what the doctors told them hours ago about Summayah slipping into coma if the injection doesn't wears out and she didn’t wake up was true. 

Hadiza was asked to go see her first, she trudged inside but couldn’t help the running fountain of tears from her eyes. She sat beside Summayah’s bed and intensely looked at her now bandaged hands, bruises that designed on her body and the bandage on her head, which broke her heart again. 

“I failed once, I couldn’t save the mother of Fadila even though I knew I was incapable of doing that. But please don’t make me feel guilty of myself once again, wake up safe and healthy, Summayah.” She leaned in and kissed Summayah’s temple, and sprinted out of the room. She couldn’t resist seeing Summayah in this condition she’s in. 

Uthman entered after Hadiza was out, and he had to clasp his mouth to prevent a wail from escaping_for he could vividly see his dying wife on Summayah, all the features he saw when Fadila’s mother had died, the facial expression, the way her breath heaves and lowers down itself; it’s frightening. 

He sat down beside her and kept looking at her face, she seemed to be sleeping peacefully. She had always wished for a peaceful sleep without the intrusion of horrifying dreams, and he wished this is the kind of sleep she’s having. 

“Wake up, Summayah. Wake up and see your babies, you gave birth to twins! Both girls, Summayah! I haven’t seen them yet, but I know they’ll look exactly like you. You need to wake up and name them like you have always wished for, please Summayah...” he couldn’t end his sentences, as a chord of bitterness blocked the way through his throat, he broke into tears right that instant. He had been strong for long. 

Jami’u was walking from one end of the room to the room, he was trying to pack his mother’s clothes that would be taken to the hospital. Turning towards the wardrobe, his phone fell and he dropped down to his knees to take it. Under the bed, he couldn’t believe the sight he was having, it was his old phone he had been looking for, for only god knows long. 

He slid his hand and took the both phones. Switching on his old phone, he entered his wattsap and there, he saw some messages sent by Aisha the day he couldn’t forget for the rest of his life. He went through the messages that was conversed between God knows who, and beads of perspiration forms on his forehead. 

Is he the father of Summayah’s child? Ya Allah. 

A call from his new phone intruded his train of thoughts, it was his friend. He picked up the call and placed the phone on his left ear with shaky hand. “Man! I just read the news that Jennifer had been arrested for attempt to murder!” His friend told him. And that’s when it all sunk into him, Jennifer was the one that read the messages sent by Aisha that day. His head began spinning the room within his eyes. 

“This shouldn’t be real, man. Where did you get this news from? May be it was a mistake.” He was trying so hard to convince himself that it was never the truth, but he knew the truth shall always prevail. 

“I’m so sure. It’s all over the news, the social media with her pictures all attached.” Jami’u didn’t wait for anything from his friend, he ended the call as realization hits him so hard in the heart. He finally connected the dots, the puzzle laid before him that he couldn’t solve; all made sense to him now. 

Aisha drunk Summayah the day she came to see him, he was the one that r*ped her, and that pregnancy was his!


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  • belladiva54@gmail.com picture
    Timi pls let summy come out alive to enjoy her twins with uthman&family cuz she deserves it.kudos
  • Young Stella Maries picture
    Young Stella Maries
    Summayah must not die to see Jennifer suffer till death oo
  • Young Stella Maries picture
    Young Stella Maries
    Summayah must not die to see Jennifer suffer till death oo
  • JOY ARIBO picture
    jamiu on a long thing, he will forever regret this ever
  • Zainab Mohammed picture
    Zainab Mohammed
    I love this story but to be honest with you I hate this monthly monthly episodes,this made me to hate the story in the end.
  • Eunice Ache picture
    Eunice Ache
    Heart breaking
  • Mimi Hazan picture
    Mimi Hazan
    am I the only one that shed tears while reading the story
  • Joy Edache picture
    Joy Edache
    Very interesting story but ur making me hate it only His knows when u will upload the next episode... It's taking to long
  • Abdulsalam Aisha picture
    Abdulsalam Aisha
    Masha Allah, i just have this feeling that Sumeiyah will not die, Alhamdulilah for tye new blessing but i jamiu really fuckup i cant say i hate him
  • Gifty Agudjey picture
    Gifty Agudjey
    Summayah has suffered so much, please God help her to regain her strength again to enjoy the sweetness of her twins,to you the writer you are a genius,I just love the story, kudos to you
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