Sister's Love - Episode 9

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I woke up and I realised I was in the hospital.  Why am I here I asked as my eyes landed on the head teacher . Oh my daughter you're awake she exclaimed. What is happening to my sister.  I asked with a lot of impatience rising up from the bed. 

Calm down first and derive a way on how to rescue that young soul if only she's still alive. So now tell me do you have any brothers?   I shook my head in the manner that says no . Ok do you have any male friend you can trust?  At that point the only name that came to my mind was Sam but we are not close enough to ask for his help and besides am sure Lucy hates him. There's this guy Sam but we are not so close I said. 

Ok let's try him out for you never know who God sends to rescue HIS people.  But for now give me his contact and the address and for now stay at my house . My wife will be here to take you home soon.

I wanted to disagree but I even didn't have the energy to. He dialled Sam's number and asked if they could meet. At first I think he declined but then I heard him mention my name . All this while he was outside the room. Later a woman walked inside the room. She looked like she's in her mid forties and she wore a beautiful smile. How are you feeling my child she said caressing my cheek with the back of her Palm. 

Am not sure why but I found myself crying

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.  She hugged me saying everything will be alright.  I think its because I missed mom . Maybe she could have protected us if she was still alive.

We later went home. It was a beautiful flat with flowers hanging in beautiful pots. The inside was well furnished and there were paintings and family portraits on the wall. I sat in the sofa praying so hard that my sister comes home alive and healthy. 

Sam's pov

As I was preparing to go and pick Maggie from school, I had a call from unknown number thanks to the app "true caller " which can identify the name and place of the caller. It showed it was the head teacher of my sister's school where Maggie also attended. At first I ignored it but he called again and I decided to pick up. When he asked to see me I thought it was about my sister and then his next words made me to change my mind.

Do you any girl by the names Margaret Jacobs he said . Before I answered he continued if you really care about her meet me in my office at the school grounds and then he hung up.

What ...helooo. . Oh God is this man crazy ? What's wrong with my Maggie . I quickly picked my car key and without anything I was at the school parking lot. I jumped out of the car and rushed to the HM's office.

Good evening sir I said trying to look calm. He greeted me back and offered me a seat. I waited for him to break the silence however I was growing so impatient in my head.

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. He later started. Do you know  Maggie's sister Lucy by any chance?  The look he gave me sent shivers all over my body and I couldn't read his facial expressions.  What's going? Did Maggie tell him what happened?  Oh God how am I going to prove to him that I was just dragged into that.  Young man what's wrong . He asked and his voice snapped me out of my minds. Oh well sir I know her but..... That's good then he Saud cutting through.  

I have called you because Maggie says you're the only person who she trusts out there. I immediately pulled myself together and paid full attention to what he was saying. The words trust made me smile and at the same time relieved from all my negative thoughts. 

He told me everything that was happening and ex plained to me how evil the man and his father are . We decided to get Lucy out so we came up with a plan .


So who will go with us to rescue Lucy from those morons
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