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In the dark cave where the Malarias stays, Mary was laid on the ground, the three blind sisters, Malarias, stood before her corpse. One of them then stretch forth her hand and placed it on Mary's forehead. Her wound which was afflicted on her closed and stopped bleeding. Mary gasped and sat up, she looked around her not knowing where she was, her face changed, not of fear it feels like she had know them, as she saw the three ladies hovering around her. 

"Where am I?" She asked as she was in a unknown place.

"At the cave of death". Said a voice in her mind. 

"Who are you?" She asked.

"We are the Melarias Princess . We did as were asked to have you brought you back. You have the Sidhe blood running through you".

"I don't understand you and who asked you to bring me back to life?"

"The Dark Goddess, she was the one who had asked us to bring you back for the role that you will partake. The Dark Goddess still has work for you". The Malarias told her.

"Okay, I am ready to do anything she ask of me. She brought me back to life and I will gladly serve her. Thank you"

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. She said looking down at her wound. The wound had healed leaving a small red scar.

"You know everything comes with a price. You must do something for us in return".

"What do you want?"

"You must promise us that you will do all in your power to kill Grace and those who stood behind her. You have a Sidhe blood in you, your powers will soon surface. You are the great witch of old. Your Destiny is to kill Selena's Daughter and make the Dark Goddess rule the kingdoms of the old Region it has been written long before you were formed in your mother womb. Your Destiny is to kill her and we will help you". The Malarias said.

Mary eyes flicks a golden spark at the mention of Grace. She had hatred for Grace since she met Grace when she was captured and brought to her kingdom, she was the one who had influence the servants to talk ill about her so that she could kill herself but no matter how hard she had try to get rid of Grace the stupid girl always survived it. "You have my promise. Now all my family are gone, there is nothing left for me in this world than to serve THE Dark Goddess. I will do as you have said".

"There is more". One of the Malarias broight out a Jewel box that was sealed. A dark smoke was in it trying to break free from its cage. "This is the prison of the great Raven. He was imprisoned by the White Goddess herself and placed in tomb of the Raven but our Dark Goddess herself took the jewel box and kept it here for the right time, your work is to get a body that the Raven soul will go into".

"I still don't get what you are saying. Who is this White Goddess and how am I even going to get someone that the Raven would take?"

"You will understand everything and know who you are. You will be shown what to do but you must promise us that you will go.through with it. That is the price for your life. The Dark Goddess will show you how to release the Raven's soul from it's  cage".

After saying that they started making some incantations on Mary's body and immediately Mary fell down, asleep. A white She Dargon, Aithusa; although small and nothing to be compare with the Dragon of the Drakin, appeared. The Dragon came forward and took hold of Mary still form. The Malarias communicate with the Dragon in their language and soon the she-Dragon nodded her head.

"The witch had been told what to do. She is now your mistress. Take her to where we had told you help will come there and everything would work as planned".


Ralf sat by the base of a tree, his leg was bleeding again. He had managed to hid when he saw to riders but he was not fast, they saw him and one of them  had shot him with a arrow before he quickly hid and they passed him. He had removed the bolt but the wound was deep and he feared it was infected. Even if he survived the wound Lot would kill him if he returned to the fortress. He heard horses approach and sat still hoping they would pass him by. As they drew closer he recognised Lot's daughter, Lily and the physician's apprentice Armin. They might help him, Armin would know how to stop the infection. If Lily was in a bad mood then he would die but he was going to die anyway if the wound wasn't treated. He called out as they passed and they slowed their horses. They both dismounted and Lily drew his sword as she handed his reins to Armin.

"Who's there?"  She asked.

"Over here My Lady," he said and they looked towards the tree where he was hiding. As Armin tethered the horses Lily walked towards the wounded man, she did not sheath her sword.

"Who are you?" She asked looking down at the injured man but making no move to help him. Armin knew better than to offer his assistance unless it was asked for.

"My name is Ralf, My Lady, loyal soldier to your father," he replied.

"What happened?" Lily asked as she looked down at the man's leg.

"I was attacked by some two unknown horse rider," he replied, his leg was bleeding badly and he struggled to stay conscious.

"And you didn't make out their faces or who they were or where they were heading too?"

"I ... I was injured My Lady  I  was trying to save my life and I didn't  make out their faces. I..."

"Enough of your excuses," She  said sheathing her sword as she walked back to her horse. "We will continue to the cave, if we can find the treasure it will please my father. We won't stay long then we must return to the castle. I suppose I will have to tell him about this idiot," Lily said, her father would blame her for this fools mistake. He was fond of killing the messenger. Ralf sighed, then realised that they were going to leave him there.

"My wound is infected perhaps Armin could..."

"You want my physician to heal your wound?" Lily asked as she turned back to look at him.

"Please My Lady," he said.

"Your news may get me killed and you want your wound treated?" She asked.

"I cannot walk, I ..."

"There's no point my father would have you killed, you're a dead man Ralf you just don't know it," Lily said. She walked towards him, drawing her sword and stabbed him in the stomach.

"My Lady?" Ralf said just before he died. Lily walked back to her horse sheathing her sword. Armin said nothing after all Lily had been much kinder to the man than her father would have been.

Lily wasn't who she said she was. She was the only daughter of the ruthless King that has set his eyes on ruling the Kingdoms of the Region. She went into Eleanor in a disguise as a servant girl. She had know about the prophecy and befriended Grace to kill her when she least expected. The day that Mary had granted Grace to leave the castle that was the day one of her father's soldier came to inform her about the attack that will be carried out that night and told her to return. Of course she did. Lily father wasn't just a mere mortal he was a god king, a king that all kingdoms are afraid of a king who loves money more than his own kingdom. Lily hated the ground her father walks on- No she loathed his very existence. If she had a means to kill him she could have done so a long time ago. But as fate would have it her father isn't someone that can be killed, something always protect him.

She was going to get help from the Witch Mary, she had know who Mary was and her role in this. Her father wouldn't see what hit him.


Lucas and Erica, The two horse rider were going fast, they had followed the lost woods  in their haste of not meeting with Lydia and came out of a road that leads to Lot Kingdom. They had met with a man who was trying to hid from them, Erica had shot him with her arrow and when they drew their horse closer to where the man had lay they didn't see him. When they had scanned the whole place and couldn't find him they left there going to the Magical world of the Drakin.


The She-Dragon gently laid Mary on the grass at the entrance to the cave. She stood over her mistress waiting for help to arrive. She doesn't have to wait for long before she hears horses approaching, she watched as two people a man and a woman on horseback appeared through the trees.
Their horses reared up when they saw the dragon. They managed to get them under control and then dismounted. Aithusa watched them closely if they meant to harm her mistress she would kill them.
They were both dressed in black armour, one of them had white hair cut short he drew his sword and stepped back, the other had long dark hair and a short beard.

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. She walked towards her and she recognised her immediately. She was Lot's daughter she would help her mistress. The malarias had told her so.

Lily immediately recognize the figure laying at the feet of the Dragon. 
"It's the witch my lady do not go near her. The Dragon will kill you". Armin said 

"The Dragon won't kill us, my father would be happy should I bring the witch he had so much heard in story tales. Think of it my good Armin".

"How are you so sure that it might be a trick?". Armin asked, had been told of the great witch by his father, after all he was the son of a sorcerer.

"No, my father is not stupid, he has ways of dealing with the kinds of her. If she try anything funny she will be killed. Pack up and lets return to the castle with the witch it should please my father".

Armin took Mary and placed her on his horse while Lily climbed hers. She turned to face the white Dragon who had been quite all along. 
"Thank you Aithusa".

And they rode off with Mary.

Aithusa watches a while and leapt at the air following them closely so that they would know she was following them.

The plans of the Malarias and the Dark Goddess are playing out well. Aithusa hopes that her Mistress plays her card well and put the Raven soul into the body of Lily.

At least I kept unto my promise friends

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