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The cold outside the house had Jessie wrapping her arms around herself,

she did not even have an idea on where she was going but all she knows is that she is not going back to the Angels house without her sister 

Thinking about the Angels house made her mind drift back to Michael, 

I wonder how he will react when he finds out I'm gone, 

Will he be concerned? 

Michael is a big distraction to me, I need to focus my attention on where I'm going and I'm likely not going back if I find my sister,

we will just go back to the life we had before the demons took her away, before the Angels showed up in my life she added 

I was always on my own and I will do just fine, she said trying to convince herself

Even though the word "lonely" sounds really foreign to her after living in a houseful for weeks, her mind was screaming at her to return back to the house but she chose to ignore it and trying hard to block any thought about the Angels house from her mind 

She sighed softly as she pushed her tried feet further, 

I think I should go this way, she said to herself,

my instinct is always right, she added as she followed through the path her instinct was pointing to

If I catch anyone demon I will make sure I break that demon's bone


She was about to take another step but stopped when she saw someone taunting a child 

She got very angry but before she could take any action the person looked up and she recongise the person 

"A demon" 

He was the one that vanished with his sister 
Without even giving it a second thought she lunged for the demon who scream in pain when Jessie pushed him down 

Jessie turned to look at the little girl who was sitting on the floor looking terrified and tears following down her check 

Jessie quickly picked up the child but before she could console her the demon she pushed to the ground lunged for her and attack her 

Jessie turned her face to the little girl who has pressed her back to the wall 

Run! Jessie yelled 

The child did not waste anytime as she run as fast has her little legs could carry her 


Jessie turned her attention back to the demon who punched her face, Jessie winced in pain and pushed the demon off her 

She stood up and return the favour by punching the demon very hard 

You stupid human, the demon snarled 

Where is my sister? Jessie asked with a stern face

The demon laughed hard 

Like I will tell you, he said 

You don't have a choice, Jessie snarled at the demon 

I love your strength and your courage and I think you will be useful to my master, the demon said observing Jessie 

To hell with your master, I want my sister back and you will take me to her, Jessie yelled pointing at the demon 

You see,  the demon said smiling, you will definitely be useful to the master 

Seize her! the demon said 

Jessie eyes widen in surprise, she did not even notice any other demon 

"Stupid" she muttered to herself 

She started backing away from the demon coming close to her 

Don't struggle human, the demon said 

Hell I will, she muttered 

She took her stance to fight when she heard a crying child, she turned to see the little girl struggling in the hands of the demon carrying her 

I'm sorry the girl said crying hard

I tried to run but I was not fast enough, he caught me, I'm sorry she said crying and repeating the word sorry to Jessie 

Its okay honey, I understand, we will get out of here, Jessie said please stay calm she added reassuring to the little girl 


Let's make a deal, Jessie said 

Let the little girl go and I will come with you, Jessie said 

You don't have any right to make any deal here human, the demon said 

I will take you and and this little girl with me, you don't have a choice, the demon said

Then I will take my chance and fight you all, Jessie said looking at the faces of the demon 

"Goodluck" with  that, the demon said 



Michael still had his head rested on Raguels shoulder when he suddenly tensed which Raguel noticed 

Are you alright? Raguel asked 

Not sure, Michael replied sitting up straight 

I feel someone needs help right now, he said

Michael usually feel when someone is in trouble, he was assigned to be a guardian Angel to humans who were in the trouble 

I think someone is in trouble, Michael murmured

"Okay" Raguel replied 

Just concentrate and find out who so you could go help the person, Raguel said 

Michael nodded his head and linked his fingers together trying hard to concentrate so he could see the person but Jessie face keeps showing up 

He opened his eyes with a frown 

What is it? Michael asked 

I keep seeing Jessie's face, Michael said softly 

Raguel sighed softly shaking his head 

Just concentrate Michael, someone needs your help right now, Raguel said 

I'm trying, Michael muttered but he keeps seeing Jessie's face 

He snapped his eyed open and looked at Raguel 

But what if she........

He did not even complete his statement before he stood up from the couch and ran upstairs 

He knocked on her door and waited for a reply but he did not get anyone,

he knocked again this time harder, when he did not get any reply he let himself into the room 

He scanned the room and did not see any sign of Jessie he went straight for the bathroom and he also find it empty 

He glanced towards the window and found it opened his heart literally stopped 

What have you done? He whispered 

He rushed out of the room screaming Raguel's name 

What is it? Raguel asked

She is the one in trouble, Michael said quickly 

What! Raguel said suddenly alert 

She is not in her room, she left through her window 

Raguel cursed softly 

We need to get to her now, Michael said 

Elena rushed to the living room hearing their voices 

What is it? She asked 

Jessie is gone and she is now in trouble, Michael quickly explained 

Without wasting any other time Michael hurried out of the house with Raguel closely on his heels 

Hold on Jessie, Michael whispered

Both Raguel and Michael flashed their wings and soared high in the sky 



Jessie was on the ground with a demon on her, 

she immediately pushed the demon off her and punched the demon hard 

She backed away from the demons looking at them carefully 

Enough of this!  one of the demon shouted 
Now you human will come with us or we will kill this child right now, the demon snarled 

Jessie frozed, she glance at the little girl who was still crying,

she turned her attention back to the demons but before she could answer she saw a bright light and instantly felt relief

"He came" she whispered 

"Angels" the demon's said in unison 

Michael glared at the demons 

You! He pointed at the demon holding onto the little girl 

"Let her go" he demanded 

Don't tell me what to do the demon spat

I'm warning you, Michael snarled 

Without wasting anymore time he lunged for the demon holding the little girl

The other demons wasted no time in attacking Raguel and Jessie 

The Angels were having the upper hand as usual,

Michael has succeeded in knocking out the demon 


Stay here, he said to the little girl who nodded her head 

Michael turned back to the rest demons and started fighting them 

The demon's knew they were losing they started backing away from them 

This is not over, one of the demon said 

And you, the demon said pointing at Jessie, 

You will be hearing from us soon 

With that the demons disappear 


Are you alright? Raguel asked Jessie 

Jessie really wanted those words to come from Michael's mouth but for some reason Michael was not even looking at her  direction

his attention was focused on the little girl that was crying 

"And that really hurt" 

Do you know where you live? Michael asked the little girl 

She nodded her

Raguel turned to Michael

Michael take Jessie home while I take the kid back to her parents

Michael shook his head, I will take the kid home, you take Jessie home, Michael said without glancing at Jessie direction


He is definitely angry at me, Jessie whispered 

Raguel did not argue he just nodded his head 

Michael flashed his wings and attempting to pick her up but the little girl flinched a little 

It's fine baby, Michael said softly 

Are you an Angel, she whispered 

Yes I am 

She nodded her head and allow Michael to pick her up

She glanced at Jessie 

"Bye" she whispered  as Michael soared high

Are you ready to go home? Raguel asked 

Jessie nodded her head and wrapped her hands around him and they both soared high as they make their way home

. .

Read " Banished Angel " by the same author ( Igwe Aruoriwo loveth )


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