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Michael was still standing frozen in one spot, he could not believe what had just happened 

"She is gone" he whispered 

They took her, he said turning to the other Angels who was still in shock 

We should go after her, Michael said flashing his wings 

No! Raguel said putting a hand on Michael's shoulder to stop him from leaving 

Why? Michael asked 

Sit down Michael you are not thinking straight, Raguel said 

I'm thinking straight Raguel, we have to go after her, he yelled 

It's fine if you guys don't want to come with me, I will go by myself, Michael muttered angrily

Sit down! Raguel ordered 

Michael huffed, clearly annoyed as he sat down 

I know you want to go after Jessie, so do all of us, Raguel said pointing at the other people standing in the room,

she is like family to us now and we will not want anything to happen to her but we need a plan before we can invade the demon zone 

I know we were deliberately on a plan downstairs before the demons invaded our home but we have to think it through and we also need the help if other Angels too, Raguel explained 

Michael just sat there listening to Raguel but his heart was screaming at him to go after Jessie and damned the conquences but in his head he knows Raguel is right 

Invading the demon zone without a solid pan will not be wise,

so nodding his head to what Raguel had said, he stood up from the bed looking at Raguel before he spoke 

"Let's get started" he said 


***** ***** ****** *** 

Jessie was shoved inside a room immediately they landed in the demon zone, 

You can't keep me here, Jessie yelled at the demon 

Yes I can, the demon said sternly, you are nothing but a stupid human, the demon snarled 

A stupid human that will kill you when she has the opportunity, Jessie muttered angrily 

The demon grin evilly, I will love to see you try, the demon said as he left the room and slam the door shut 

Jessie slowly sat down on the floor with her back pressed to the wall and her kneels brought up to her chest 

Sitting quietly, she could hear the scream of people that are being tortured,

she remember the Pained expression on the faces of the people who were being tortured before  she was thrown into the room 

Her mind was a little relaxed when she did not see her sister among those that was being tortured, she just hope that her sister is really okay 

I really need to find a way to leave this place and look for my sister she said standing up,

she looked around the room to see if she could find any item that will help her break the door and she did not see any,

she was about taking any step when the door burst opened and a demon walked inside 

She quickly step back, leaving enough space between herself and the demon 

What were you doing? The demon asked suspiciously

"Nothing" Jessie muttered 

The demon glared at Jessie without saying anything 

Jessie refused to be intimidated by the demon and she glared back at him 

Where is my sister? Jessie demanded glaring harder at the demon 

"Bossy" the demon muttered 

You have no right to ask any question, you are a prisoner here and you will soon be treated at such, the demon snarled

I'm sure you can hear the screams if those pathetic humans over there, the demon said motioning at the place where the humans screams was coming from,  soon it will be you screaming your lungs out the demon said giving Jessie a smug face


The words the demon said got her scared but she masked her expression refusing to let the demon see how scared she is whereas she shaking inside 

My Master, will be with you shortly, the demon finally said as he left the room leaving Jessie in her thoughts 

Who is this "Master", she asked herself 


****** *****

Michael and rest of the family were seriously discussing on how to rescue Jessie and her sister but Michael's mind keeps zomming off because he is constantly thinking about Jessie 

Michael are you listening? Raguel asked 

This is the third time I'm asking you this question, Raguel added 

I will pay attention now, sorry I zoomed off, Michael said 

Raguel shook his head before he spoke, 

You won't listen, your mind is occupied, he said 
Why don't you go upstairs and lie down for a while, Raguel suggested

Michael was a little  reluctant about leaving, he knows he needs to be sitting with his family and discuss the best way to invade the demon zone but he also knows he is not in the right frame of mind to listen to anything thing or even contribute to anything they were saying 

Okay, he said agreeing to Raquel's words 

I will leave now he said standing up and made his way upstairs 

They had another guest room in the house, that he normally used when he needed to rest or when he was injured and he needed to sleep for an hour before the wound will be finally healed but instead of going to that particular room he bypassed it and went straight to Jessie's room 

He shut the door the behind him as he entered room and made his way straight to Jessie's bed 

He picked up her pillow and sniff it  and squeeze it tight 

He felt tears threaten to spill from his eye's but he hold them back 

I can't lose her too, he whispered 

Please God keep her safe for me, I won't survive it if I lose her he said as he allowed the tears to fall freely from his eyes 

Please be safe, he whispered as he sob uncontrollably 


Few minutes later he heard a knock on the door he quickly wiped the tears from his face, he expected Raguel to enter the room but Elena entered instead 

Hey, Elena said moving closer to Michael

Hi, Michael said 

I checked the other guest room thinking you were there but you weren't and I figured you will be here, Elena said as she sat next to Michael 

Are you guys done discussing, do they need me downstairs, Michael asked 

How are you Michael? Elena asked instead of answering Michael's question 

Michael was surprised by Elena question, he never expected her to ask him that 

I'm fine, Michael responded

No you are not, Elena said 

I can still tell you were crying, Elena pointed out as she brought her hand to his face and wipe a tear from it 

What is going on Michael? Elena asked 

I have never seen you this wounded before, have not even seen you shared tears before she added 

Michael was quiet, he did not know to what to say to Elena so he just kept  his mouth sealed 

Elena sigh softly, when Michael did not say anything 

What is going on between you and jessie and you better not say nothing because I won't take that from you, Elena said sternly 

It's complicated Elena, Michael said 

Do you like her? Elena asked 

Yes I do, Michael answered honestly 

You will leave her heartbroken if you continue harboring feelings for her, you will be heartbroken too, Elena said 

I will never hurt Jessie, Michael muttered 

Intentionally, yes, you won't hurt her, Elena said but you will eventually do when you find your soulmate,

Have you sit down to think about what will happen to her when that time comes,  Elena asked 

You should stop encouraging this thing you have going on with Jessie, Elena advice's

Michael was silent as he stared at Elena he opened his mouth to say something but no words came outside so he shut it back 

I know it's hard Michael, but you have to let it go before it burn the two of you, Elena said 

She stood up from the bed and was about making her way out of the room before Michael spoke 

I will never have a "soulmate" he said 

Elena stopped in her tracks when she heard Michael's words 

What? She said turning to face Michael 

What did you say? She asked again 

I will not have a soulmate, I'm not destined to have one, he added 

Every Angel has a soulmate Michael, Elena said 

Yours has not come doesn't mean she will not come someday, Elena said 

It's not about waiting for her to come, if I know I had a soulmate somewhere, I will wait my entire life for her, Michael said 

What are you implying Michael? Elena asked 

I did something wrong and I was deprived from having a soulmate, Michael said 

Does Raguel knows about this? Elena asked 

No, and I will prefer it stays between us for now, Michael said 

I'm not going to say anything to Raguel, it's not in my place to do so and I will not also ask you what you did because I can tell it's a sad topic for you to talk about Elena said 

"Thank you" Michael whispered 

Elena walked closer to Michael and embrace him 

If you really don't have a soulmate I think Jessie will be very good for you, she said 

Really? Michael asked 

Yes really, Elena said with a smile 

I'm really happy I talked to you, Michael said as a smile form on his lips 

Me too, Elena said 

Now go get her back, Elena said 

Won't Raguel be angry I left on my own, Michael asked 

Don't worry about Raguel I will handle him 

And we will join you there soon, just go start the party, Elena said making Michael chuckled 

Okay, Michael said agreeing with Elena as he stood up from the bed, he watched Elena leave the room 

He quickly went into her bathroom and poured water on his face and used a dry towel to dry up his face 

He quietly made his way to the basement 

Hey you, Michael said to the demon who had his eye's closed 

What do yo want? the demon spat

Direction to the demon zone, Michael said 

I have already told you that before, the demon muttered 

I know, but I still want to hear it again so as not to make any mistake, Michael said 

Where are the rest people? The demon asked 

It's none of your business, Michael muttered 
Now tell me the direction, Michael demanded 

"Fine" the demon said 

He explained the directions to Michael who listened attentively

Are you satisfied now, the demon asked after he was done explaining 

"Very satisfied" Michael said as he left the basement

Hold on Jessie, I'm coming, Michael whispered as he flashed his wings and  left the house heading for the demon zone.



So I decide to come back to this this story, because of the intervention of some of my readers, which I really appreciate, it really get tiring for me to write when I don't get a feedback so please guys don't forget to drop a comment 

# Abigail Arhin

# Homoh Benita 

#Hannie aNadie 

Thanks guys 


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Read " DEMON'S FATE ( BOOK 2) " by the same author ( Igwe Aruoriwo loveth )


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