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Clayton Abayomi has been studying at Yale for four years. He is the apple of his father's eye. The son he wished was his eldest and thus the son his brother Micheal hates with a passion. They had always been at loggerheads, where Micheal applied force, Clay applied reason and mediation.
Micheal had always hated Clayton. He saw him as an unwanted intruder . He was seven when his mother came to his room and informed him his dad was coming home. Finally, he would be able to enjoy what other kids at his school bragged about, a father that loves him.
It was more than expected. His father was beyond expectations, who he was was simply an added bonus. But then the i*ot had to get his mother pregnant again and suddenly he was forced to share everything that was once only for him. God knows he hated the b*ard and his sire with a passion. And as if to throw salt to injury, Clayton turned out to be the perfect son. The one his mother secretly doted on and his father openly compared to him. The one their grandparents preferred the company of. It made him simmer in maddening rage.
It had gladdened him when Clay got accepted to Yale. He would be out of his way for four glorious years during which time he would fully maximize to get what he believed was rightly his. Manipulating his mom to get his dad to give him Delta oil turned out to be the easiest thing ever

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. Evah Abayomi may have been a strong, intelligent woman but when it came to her sons, she was an absolute s*er. And Micheal knew just what buttons to press.
"Welcome back home my son," Evah says hugging Clay, "You've grown so skinny, haven't you been taking care of yourself over there?"
"I'm fine mom. It's good to be back."
"Woman, give the boy some space," Connor says entering the living room.
"Please, leave my son for me. I've missed him a great deal."
Connor laughs and goes to give his son a hug, "Welcome home. By the way, were is your brother, I specifically asked him to pick you up from the airport."
Clayton looks down. He knew his parents would never have let him find his way home from the airport by himself so he figured they must have sent Micheal. But knowing just how much his brother hates him, not showing up was expected.
"Uhm, I wasn't willing to wait so I hopped into a cab as soon as the plane landed. I probably would have missed you too had you come for me personally," he says trying to cover up for his brother.
Connor and Evah exchange looks knowing full well that is not exactly what happened.
Farhart Dahir
Dennis Otieno
John Njogu
Terrace Okumu
"That is the team I want on her protective detail. Got it!"
"Yes ma'am."
"Good. You're dismissed."
She'd come to learn the hard way that having a private army at your disposal has its perks. It all started two decades ago, she was eight and it had been three years since her mother's death. She'd hit the streets and gotten mixed up with a local drug and arms trafficking gang.
Omar Hussein, the gang leader was completely taken by her, she was beautiful, smart and wise for her age. She'd come in handy in the business. Three years, proving herself trustworthy just to get a roof over her head and some food to eat. Then Omar had decided to enroll her in a primary school. 'A good brain like yours should not go to waste sweetheart,' he'd told her,'just don't forget, you belong to me. Never get close to anyone and keep your mouth shut. You understand girl?'
She'd nodded and done as he'd  told her. She'd learnt to read, write, use a computer, every evening, she was taught how to fight. Omar's aim was to mould the perfect assassin. One that would make those self-righteous pigs that murdered his perfect son. The perfect double agent. He knew the method he employed would be unacceptable by the rest but they used crude means that would be picked out from miles away. Maybe with the success of this first trial, the regiment would be more open to the idea. So he'd told them she was his daughter, Haditya.The highlight of it all was when he'd taken her to Mogadishu one holiday. She was eleven then and her Arabic was as excellent as her English, Swahili, Russian, French and Spanish.
Omar had gone to meet up with Kassym. A hacker with mad skills which he used to launder money to fund the al-shabab. She'd picked up alot and learnt even more from Kassym those three months in Somalia.
He'd taught her to save and how and where to invest the money she made to generate more. One day, Omar had travelled with the insurgents to the shore to get supplies and left her with Kassym and the guards.
"Haditya, are you really Omar's daughter?"
"Yes uncle."
"You know what it is we really do, right?"
"Fight for what is right. The righteous war of Allah, Jihad."
"Good. Good, so what do we do to those that go against the law?"
"Eliminate them before they contaminate Allah's people."
"Wonderful. Now, come with me.

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. Let me show you how we do it."
He'd taken her together with a few guards and driven to a small village on the outskirts of town. They'd arrived and instructed her to remain in the car and watch how it is they deliver punishment. She'd watched in horror as they killed the men and the old women and turned the young women and girls into wives. Everyone else was either forced to join the cause or die. She'd never felt more disgusted.
That evening,
"Does my father also do this?"
"Darling, he gives the orders. It's what he's training you for. Usually we don't allow women in high ranks but in this case, not only is your father highly loved and respected, your brother Amin made a great sacrifice that unfortunately claimed his life. It's our hope that you will live up to both their legacies."
That was when she promised herself to be free of Omar as soon as possible. It wouldn't be easy but she was not ready to live the rest of her life as a terrorist. Eventually, Omar had come back and they went back to Kenya, she took a page out of Kassym's playbook and invested everything she'd saved since meeting Omar six years back, a total of ten thousand dollars. Her twelfth birthday was fast approaching and she promised herself the gift she would give herself was freedom from Omar.
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