Palm lines - Episode 15

Palm lines

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Sharon's POV
Miss Erika stood up to take pictures of the mountains, suddenly Dad stood up to meet her. I assumed he was going to apologized to her. 
They spoke for a very long time and with the way Dad laughed and smile around him, I started to have my suspicion. 
I felt like Dad liked Miss Erika, wouldn't that be wrong? Judging from the fact he's married to Cynthia.
"Is it just me or Daddy likes Miss Erika?" I asked out loud and Dorcas glared at me then she looked at them one more time. 
"Your father is a welcoming person. It's in his nature, he can't help being open"
"The way he smiles, reminds me of when Mom was around . He looks that way with Miss Erika."
"You're wrong Sharon" Uncle Lawrence disagreed, "You're still young, you view things from Korean love stories, your father likes Cynthia. Should I remind you he's married too? He asked and I sighed half convinced. 
I felt the need to ask Dad personally so I met him later in the evening. 
 "Hey dear" he said to me and I smiled.
"It's windy, it's like it's going to rain for real, it's been drizzling all month" 
"It's been raining here in Benue oh" he answered and I smiled again.
"I hope you had fun" 
"I did actually, thanks Dad, you made my day"
"My satisfaction is your satisfaction. I'm glad I made your day" he answered and I chuckled

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. "Unfortunately you didn't spend the whole day with me, you spent it staring at Miss Erika, she looked pretty right?" I asked and Dad gave me this look. Like he had no idea where I was going with the discussion.
He looked confused.
"We actually talked about this, this just feels as though we're repeating the same thing" he answered. "I ... I... know, I just.." I stammered. 
"Okay spill it, what's going on?"
"Okay" he answered then gazed at me suspiciously. 
"There has to be something, a toad doesn't run at night unless there's something chasing after it. Sharon Savage, spill, now!"
"Do you like Miss Erika?" I asked cringing my face, I wasn't sure of his reaction or if I've overstepped my bounds.
He was quiet for a while. "What gave you that idea?"
"The way you look at her" "Because she's pretty" 
"The way you two quarrel like love birds that are yet to discover their love"
"Now I see the problem" Dad paused then sat on the bed. He suddenly sighed and I wondered what he wanted to say. 
"Sharon..." He paused, "You watch too much African magic" he snapped and I scoffed. 
"Too much tricks, i don't watch African magic" I disagreed.
"Zee world" he guessed again, "I don't watch it, too much slow motion, it hurts my eyes"
"Korean movies then" he answered and I kept quiet. 
I've always been a sucker for Korean movies and series. "Final answer, Korean movies." he answered and I laughed sitting with him.
"When two people fight a lot and in novels when two people hate each other" "I don't hate Miss Erika"
"She hates you" i confessed and he laughed. "Seriously?" He asked, "What's there not to love about me?" He asked and i quietly looked at him. 
"I know we've been on wrong foots for two years but, Sharon what's not lovable about me?" He asked and I rolled my eyes.
"You're doing it again! It makes you look like you like her. You can't stand her and she can't stand you either."
"I don't like her" Dad answered, "She's just a teacher I respect for trying to induct and give you the proper orientation. I just admired her."
"So you don't like her at all" I asked a bit disappointed. 
"Not even tintinli (small)" he answered. "I'm a married man and I'm faithful to the core"
I faked a laughter.
"Now I can think we'll. Good night Dad" I added leaving the room in disappointment. I didn't know why I was disappointed, what would I have gained if he liked Miss Erika?

David's POV
After we went back home from a long journey to Benue Hill, we had dinner then I decided to retire to the room.
Lawrence came in, "Dr. David Abraham Savage" he called my full name and I creased my brow, I knew there was fire on the mountain. 
"Has Mama automatically married you to the girl?"
"No" he answered.
"Why did you call my full name then?" I asked and he chuckled. "I want to talk to you about something important" he leaned on the wardrobe and I started making guesses in mind. 
Could it be business?
"You and Erika... Let's talk about it"
"About what?"
"What you two have going on" 
"What do we have going on?" 
, "I know you're smarter than this David, you know what I'm talking about. You like her" he blurted out and I scoffed continuously
"That's ridiculous, how did that ridiculous idea get into your head?" I asked and his steady gaze remained on me.
"It's not what it is"
"I've seen all this happen before, you and Juliet, may her soul rest in peace. The way you two talk, 'Call me chef David'" he paused and I rolled my eyes.
"That was lame and you know it, there's only one person that has ever made you that stupid; Juliet and now you're slowly falling for Erika" He confessed and I laughed faintly.
"I admire her"
"The way you guys pick at yourself, the way you look at her. It obvious, you're falling for her"
"I'm married"
"To a lady you barely love. The only woman you've ever loved is Juliet. Just because Erika had similar character with her, you're using her as a rebound"
"What's your point"
"It's becoming obvious, oozing right out of you. The emotions and it's only a matter of time before Cynthia notice"
"She noticed" I confessed, "Before she left, we argued about ..." I stalled.  "Even your daughter noticed, I just had to get her thoughts off it" he added.
"I didn't mean for all this to happen, I don't think I like her that much. It's just admiration"
"Let it stop there, you don't want that poor woman suffering in the hands of your crazy wife" he snapped and I laughed. 
"David i know you have a soft heart and you said it yourself, she's dating, don't hurt yourself further" he advised and I nodded. 
"Whatever you have with her, let it end"
Sharon came in shortly after he did. She was on the same issue of me liking Miss Erika. I didn't realize how true the situation was until I said.
"I don't like her. She's just a teacher I respect for trying to induct and give you a proper orientation. I just admired her."
"So you don't like her at all" she asked again.
"Not even tintinli (small)" i answered and my heart felt like it was squeezed right out of my chest. "I'm a married man and I'm faithful to the core" I added to ascertain my earlier claim. 


Erika's POV
Mrs. Savage gave me food stuffs while I made preparation to leave Benue. I didn't intend carrying loads but I didn't want to reject her gift either. 
She showered me with prayers, "God bless you for coming out, as you have supported your friend,  God will raise support for you"
"Amen Ma" i answered.
Mr. Savage tried giving me cash for the journey back but I rejected it. "I came on my own will, no one forced me to" I answered and he hissed. 
"Don't come and regret after you've entered the bus oh" he joked and I chuckled. "Thank you for a wonderful weekend" I answered and he smiled. 
"You're welcome" he answered.
By past six, I was out of the Savage's family compound. Dorcas, Sharon and her dad had followed me to the park where I booked a ticket to Lagos. 
"Here comes another 12 hours journey" I muttered and Sharon widened her eyes in surprise. "12 hours?"
"We barely used 2" she answered and I laughed. "That's cause you guys used plane, me, I can't afford it for now. I'm kind of cutting my coat according to my size"
"You could have said something" Mr. Savage answered and I scoffed. 
"I'm okay with the road transport, I am not complaining" I concluded, "Weren't you the one complaining a while ago?"  He argued then I placed my palm over Sharon's cheeks. 
 "See you in school tomorrow Ma" she said and I faked a chuckle. My tommorow was already booked.
"Okay Ma" she answered and I turned over to Mr. Savage. "See you when I see you" I said to him and he face a half- nod  at me.
I entered into the car, stucked an earpiece in my ears then I played some gospel songs. Sister Faith had dropped some songs via WhatsApp. 
The song talked about speaking life into our life, I listened to the song and I thought of my abortion procedure the next day. 
Tears poured down my cheeks, I didn't know night I wanted the baby or not. I wasn't too sure.
I started to weigh my options once again, I just started a relationship with a guy I'm starting to fall in love with, the church might ostracize me or suspend me if they find out I'm pregnant, my mom- Mom would kill me, she will completely disgrace me!
Worst of it all was that the baby has no father! How in the world am I going to explain this to people without looking like a prostitute. 
I shook my head, I'm so doing this!

I arrived home late because of the traffic, it was raining. Kechi opened the door for me. She gaze at me with this pitiful look her face then she got the bags from me.
"He called me, said you have the procedure tomorrow morning" she dropped it close to the couch.
"Shouldn't this be confidential?"
"I'm sorry dear, I called him. Won't the school complain about your incessant excuses?" She asked and I roll my eyes.
"That's the least on my mind"
"How was Benue? I was shocked when you said you were going to stay a day more"
"It was fine" I replied with a smile. "This one that you're smiling like this..."
"Benue was worth It, it was a good distraction too"
Dorcas walked into the sitting room in her singlet and bum short. "When did she get here?" 
"Six hours ago, I was sleeping" Dorcas answered.
"Look at people that have used flight" I commented and she laughed. "Did Dorcas tell you what happened at Benue"
"The babe go sleep as she take enter, please gist abeg"
"You won't believe who Sharon's dad is to Dorcas"
"Sharon for street?" She asked, "Sharon for church" I teased and Dorcas laughed.
"Oh.. that Sharon that came with her hot dad?" She asked and I nodded. "He's Dorcas' uncle" i answered and Kechi opened her mouth in surprise.
"It's a lie! Tell me something"

I went into my room afterwards where I slept off. I had a dream, I couldn't really recall everything. All I remember was screaming in my dreams and seeing blood everywhere.
I knew the significance of the dream, it meant death. I woke up out of fear, breathing heavily. Maybe it was fear of having the abortion that sparked up the dream. 
 I knelt down, then I said a short prayer to God. I felt my subconscious telling me not to go through with the ab*rtion.
 "What am I supposed to do?" I asked myself,
 I search for my phone so I could check the time. 
It was past seven already! My appointment was by nine. Besides I had 20 missed calls already, I scrolled through the call list then I noticed I missed calls from Mom, Ada and Mrs. Reiner. 
I picked up my phone calling Mom. "I'm even about entering Keke to see you" she began and I greeted her. 
"I'm sorry I missed your call, I was sleeping?"
"Were you dead?" She asked, "Do you know how worried I was?" She asked and I raised my brow in shock. She sounded really worried.
"Are you okay?" She asked and I nodded.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes Ma"
"And you're not contemplating committing sucide" My heart jumped when she said 'committing'. "No mom, what's going on?"
"I had a dream there was blood everywhere and you were there" she said and I shut my eyes. "Seriously?" I pretended as though I didn't know what she was saying. 
"I was scared you've done something crazy maybe because I've been disturbing you over Ego's wedding"
"Mom I'm fine" I lied. 
"I'm not thinking of doing anything stupid" I answered. "Why don't you consider staying at home today, or better still, come home. I'll make your favorite Ofe Nsala" mom added and I opened my mouth in shock at her kind gesture.
I was tempted to take the offer though. "No I'd rather stay at home" I answered. 
"I'll talk to you later Mom" I answered then ended the call. Ada's call came in almost immediately I dropped the other call.
"Have you called Mom?" She asked, "Yes I have, Good morning Sis" I greeted yawning. "Are you ok? Your voice sounds down"
"I'm fine, I just woke up."
"Take care of yourself Erika, don't think too much" she advised and I rolled my eyes. 
If only she knew my dilemma.
"Bye Sister Ada" I concluded and she hung up.
Mrs Reiner's call came in afterwards. "Were you calling the president?" She asked, "I've been trying to call you"
"I was talking to my mom. Good morning Ma, is everything okay?" I asked, "No it's not, I have a warning for you Erika, take it or leave it. Don't abort the baby, if you do you'll die or something bad will happen"
"I know" I answered, she quiet for a while.
"You do?" She asked, "I had a dream and mom had the same dream.

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. It's a sign; It has to be" 
"So you've decided to keep it?" She asked and tears trickled down my cheeks. "Yes" I cried out. 
"You said it's going to be better, that things are going to be good and alright. Why doesn't it feel like it?" "Erika" she called out and I ended up the call. 
Then I covered my mouth on the pillow muffling my sobs, I didn't want to make Dorcas and Kechi worried. I wiped my tears then I went into the kitchen, there was a half bread,on the kitchen counter, a left over from what I bought on my way from Benue.
Dorcas walked in, she was shocked to see me. "I thought you had already left" "I didn't"
"What time is the.." she trailed off. 
"Nine" I answered.
"Erika it's past eight!" She sounded off, "I'm not doing it again" I roughly torn off the bread then I stuck it in my mouth.
"Is it my ears or you just said..."
"I'm not going through it again... I don't want to lose my life" "Now you sound naive, most people go through this even in their five months"
"Most of them are not as unlucky as I am. I had a revelation today and several warnings, if I go through it I might die and what's the point of dying when all I have in this world is hope and there's no hope when there isn't life."
Dorcas hugged me Immediately, "Thank you, thank you" she appreciated. "You seem awfully excited"
"The thought of baby smell in the house" she clapped her hands. "Don't worry after having it, I'll leave him or her with you" I joked and she laughed. 
"You'll have to register for anti-natals"
"I haven't thought about it"
"Well let me do the thinking for you. I'll be minister in charge of all pregnancy matters including cravings" she answered and I laughed again.
"I'm way ahead of you Erika." She sighed. 
"When are you going to tell Feso?" She asked and I felt tears building up. "Erika" she whined then hugged me.

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  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Good decision Erika, an advice for u 'take it or leave it, tell Feso abt the Pregnancy'. Thumbs up Eno
  • Ronke Adetula picture
    Ronke Adetula
    Erika, thanks for keeping the pregnancy. Even if Feso don't accept, someone else will. I hope her church will chastise her in love. Thanks Essien for the double episode.
  • Lydiah picture
    Wonderful decision Erika, thumbs up Eno
  • Godiya Wisdom Jerry picture
    Godiya Wisdom Jerry
    i said it, we are keeping the pregnancy
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Hmm! We comment on her decision as if it's that easy, but I'm glad she had a change of mind. Thanks Eno for this episode.
  • Essien Eno picture
    Essien Eno
    Thanks@ Confydencie
  • Essien Eno picture
    Essien Eno
  • Essien Eno picture
    Essien Eno
    Thanks@ Lydiah
  • Essien Eno picture
    Essien Eno
    Yeah we Godiya
  • Essien Eno picture
    Essien Eno
  • Michael winful picture
    Michael winful
    This is a very hard decision for Erika to make at this point of time and in her condition, but at least she made the right choice in which I'm greatful for her
  • Michael winful picture
    Michael winful
    This is a very hard decision for Erika to make at this point of time and in her condition, but at least she made the right choice in which I'm greatful for her
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