MY CAMPUS LIFE 2 - Episode 10

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  After that day, Philip and I started hanging out more often. He and I would go to the park on Sundays, stroll the couples' lane; as it was called - a place where coconut trees were all lined up. And sometimes, would have movie nights together, and even study (even though we weren't a couple yet). But, all that didn't mean my sexcapade with James didn't continue . I made time for him, so he wouldn't grow suspicious or anything, and even spent the night at his place whenever he wanted, just so he would be satisfied.


  There was something about us that I couldn't understand. I wanted him, but I just couldn't feel the love between us. It was mostly about s*x - more and more of that, and I was starting to get really tired of it, even though I didn't show it. 


  The semester went by so fast, and then came another. It seemed like the previous, only things were a whole lot different. I could feel it as my friendship with Philip was getting stronger with each passing day, and mine with Chelsea wasn't left out either. They were the friends I've always longed to have. But the secret I was keeping, was something I feared would wreak havoc if it ever came out. I just didn't know how I'd handle the situation if things ever went wrong.




  I was starting to understand her and I liked this feeling

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. She made me feel so complete; so happy, and it seemed every day without her made things unusual.


  I thought about her strawberry blunt eyes and her gorgeous glowing smile - and the way she talked and laughed. She was just perfect. Wait. I'm doing that again, aren't I? I sat upright and slammed my fist on my left palm. "Phil, get your head in one piece!"


  "Huh?" My roommate, Xander, gave me a strikingly odd look. 


  "Nothing! Nothing!" 


  "Man, you ain't thinking about that girl, are you?" He asked, sitting up.


  "Can't get my mind off her, dude."I ran my fingers in my hair.


  "You're in love, I tell you," He joked, making funny sounds with  his chewing gum.


  "Isn't that obvious?" I uttered with a sigh, looking up at the ceiling.


  "Pfft! You're so dramatic." He scoffed, throwing a pillow at me.


  "Hey! What's that for?"


  He laughed and got up. "That's for you to stop thinking about that girl. You stand no chance with her, I tell you!" He spoke in a discouraging tone.


  "Oh, don't be such a party spoiler, you! I'm not asking her out yet." I said to him, as his pupils dilated.


  "You can't be serious!"


  "Oh, I am," came my certain reply as he burst out laughing.


  "Dude, why do you always have to act like a saint? You love her, she loves you, voila! S*x!" He gestured with his fingers.


  "Come on, Xander. That's way too early, don't you think?"


  "Not in any way," He shook his head and I gave a slight thought about it; a tap coming almost immediately.


  "Oof! I wonder who that could be!" He said with a grin and started toward the door.


  I got up, hearing Tricia's voice on the other side, as I urged Xander to open it. 


  He wasted no time doing so, as an angelic figure clad in a blue jean and a sleeveless top, came into sight.


  "Trish,"I gulped as she walked towards me.


  "Um, Ken," Xander called to me. "I'm gonna be heading out for basketball practice. Catch you two later." He snapped his fingers at me, and, with a wink at Trish, stepped out.


  Or maybe that's just my imagination playing tricks on me, I shoved the thoughts off, having no positive answer to why he had done that.


  We sat down and got talking; her smile driving me crazy, almost making me lose focus.


  "So... how's grams doing? Is she getting better?" She asked, crossing her legs as her heel stuck out from where it laid.


  I could see the lining of her thighs and its smoothness from where I sat, as she ran her neatly cut fingers on the upper side.


  I was so lost and was entirely carried away, until her voice came jolting me back to reality.


  "Philip, are you okay?" 


  "Mm-hmm," I gave a slight nod and got up. "Um, you want something? I think I've got tuna salad in the fridge," I motioned to the medium-sized electronic and got up.


  "Oh, please. You don't have to," She said shyly.


  I insisted and she had no other choice than to accept the offer.


  I made to the fridge quickly, taking out a plate of tuna salad, with a bottle of cold soda, as I walked back to her. "Here you go,"


  "Oh, thank you. You're really sweet," She utterly with gratitude; the words echoing sweetly in my ears.

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. "Well, aren't you going to eat anything yourself?" She asked and raised the plate to my face, "You can have some, you know,"


  I smiled and urged her to eat to her fill, while I watched as she did. It was so magnificent doing so, and I could say everything about her was really exquisite - perfect, if I should say. 




  Oh, gosh. He's staring. He's actually staring, I thought inwardly, stealing a glance at him.


  I imagined us kissing at that point, and I craved for nothing more than to have him all to myself at that very minute. Oh, this is going to be fun, I got up to my feet. "Where is the bathroom, please?" I pretended not to know.


  "Oh, it's right there," He motioned to the far side. "Yeah, that place."


  I smirked and walked stylishly towards it, making sure my booty moved in the rhythm I wanted. 


  I grabbed the handle, bending slightly like I wanted to touch my knees, and came up again, turning to face him.


  I could see the glow in his eyes, and I knew I was putting on quite a marvelous show as I grinned at a job well done.


  "You're so beautiful," I heard him say, and I threw my head sideways, running my fingers slowly on my right shoulder, as I moved them down, feeling the smoothness of my skin.


  I repeated the same on my other shoulder and I could tell from the looks of things that I was driving him crazy; the sensation birthed by my one-woman show surrounding the air.


  I made towards him again, lifting my legs up to his bed, with my finger tips c*ressing the upper side of my thighs as I peered directly into his eyes.


  He couldn't keep his off of me, and I was starting to enjoy the way they danced and glistened with excitement. I wasn't ready to give up. At least, not until I know he's mine!







  Aww, poor Philly's gonna fall into Tricia's trap. Guys, what do you think will happen next? Will Philip be able to stop himself from falling into temptation, or will let her take the lead instead?

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