Meant To Be - Episode 14

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     A month after, on one night, Kore was watching television around past 7 when Ayo came in through the back door, looking all steamy and hot. 

"Where are we going tonight looking all yummy and steamy?"

"We? Did I invite you?"

"Oooh. We are excluded from the party . It's all good."

"Kore, be serious jo. I am going out and I don't know if Itunu can stay with you till I get back."

"Okay, he can. We will have a boy's night. Then he can come over tomorrow morning. All these are under one condition."

"Which is?"

"Where are you going? You didn't even tell me you were seeing anyone. I thought I was your friend."

"Of course, you are, I was just trying to not count my eggs before they hatch. He is my course mate. His name is Seun and we are having dinner tonight."

"Okay. Cool. You deserve it. Enjoy yourself."

"Thank you." She said smiling then turned to Itunu whose eyes were glued to the television, 

"Hey Boy, make sure you behave okay?"

"Okay Mummy." Itunu said turning briefly and Ayo went out the door. 

It was painful. Very painful but there is nothing he can do, he just had to move on, Kore thought before giving Itunu his full attention. 


     Ayo finished her examinations, defended her project, graduated and was waiting for her call up letter to serve.

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. She knew she was going to serve in Lagos at the Station. She had told Kore some nights ago. She can remember he started by asking, 

"Madam, where do you want to serve?"

She said, "Here, at the station. I was thinking I was going to work it."

"All by yourself?" He asked, raising his eyebrows. 

She replied, "Yes. You have done a lot and I can't thank you enough so I was thinking I would handle this myself." 

He said, looking offended, "Wow. Way to say my help is not needed."

She said, getting irritated, "Come on, man! Are you trying to make me feel bad now? Because I don't want you spending more money?"

"Hmm. Maybe." He said. 

She rolled her eyes and said, "Who gets angry because someone is saving him from spending money?"

"Who?" He asked, feigning ignorance, 

"You of course." She said and he laughed and said, 

"Okay, that's settled then. Will talk to a friend of mine and keep you updated."

She grumbled, "You are so impossible." 

He said smiling, "Thank you. I know you like it when I am insistent."

"No, I don't like it." She said and they started arguing, 

"You do."





"No! And that's enough! You act like a kid sometimes."

"That's why you are our mummy."

"You and who? I have only one son."

"You have two."

"You have two children, Mum?" Itunu asked, coming in from the kitchen, 

She replied but not before glaring at Kore, "Of course not, baby. You are my only child." 

He said smiling, "Okay, thank you for the disowning. Who wants lunch?"

Itunu answered enthusiastically, "I do."

She said smiling, "My treat."

Kore opened his mouth to protest but she beat him to it, "I insist."

"Fine! Let me get the other car key upstairs." He said and they went out. 

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