Meant To Be - Episode 17

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     Three days after, Ayo could not still get the kiss she shared with Kore off her mind. She had thought about it a few times before but until it happened, she didn't know she was going to feel that way. The truth was that, she wanted him to kiss her again. She wanted to feel his lips on hers which was strange because she was not always free with guys like that. Even with Seun, she didn't really look forward to their making out sessions . The annoying part of all these is that Kore traveled that day leaving her with her own thoughts. He called always to check up on them being his usual caring and jovial self without pursuing the other matter and so she let it be. 

     It's been a week since Kore traveled. He was supposed to return the day before but he didn't due to what he called unforeseen circumstances. Truth be told, she missed him so much already. Ayo was free for the day and so she had gone to the market earlier. She had just finished cooking melon with vegetable stew and was about making eba with the boiled water. She bent down to take out the garri when she felt a shadow by the kitchen doorway. She turned slowly wondering how a stranger could have gotten access into her apartment, only to be faced by the subject of her thoughts all week. 

"Is this supposed to be funny?" She asked frowning, placing her hands on her hips. 

Kore chuckled, folding his arms, "I can't believe you are going to go all angry bird on me. You've not seen me in one week!"

"Is that why you made breaking and entering your first choice?"

"It's not breaking and entering if I have the keys." Kore said, shoving his hand into his pocket to bring out the keys and dangling it by her face. 

"Whatever! I'm busy."

"So, you are really not going to give me a good welcome back home talk or hug?" He asked and she remained silent

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. Kore was amused but Ayo on the other hand was a nerve wreck. She didn't know what to do or how to act around him. It's like he changed over the week to her. Happy to see him? She was excited but she was also worried and scared and so she needed a front to hide which was the anger and the lackadaisical attitude. 

Seeing she was not going to budge, he moved into the kitchen and while she was making the eba, he opened the pot of stew and dipped his hand in it, taking out a meat. He knew this would make her fussier. He was right.

"Why did you do that? Don't you know its melon? And it's even rude and wrong to dip your hand into the pot of stew." She carried the pot of stew from where it was and placed it on the kitchen table. 

"No exploring my pot." She said, waving the turning stick at him. He smiled. He missed her like crazy and couldn't get the kiss off his mind. He washed his hand by the sink which was close to where she was wrapping each person's portion of eba in a nylon and placing it in the cooler. He nudged her side as he dried his hands asking, 

"Are you still mad?"

"Very." She said. 

"You didn't miss me."


"You are such a terrible liar. It's written all over your face. You are having mixed feelings but glad I'm back."

"Keep making yourself feel important. Do you want your food now or not?"

"I want a different food."

"Different food? Which is?" She asked glancing at him.


"Stop saying things like that."

"I am f*cking serious, AY."


"I know you've been thinking about me all week."

"Mister important."

"I've been thinking about you too." He said and that got her attention. She dropped the pot in the sink, filled it with water and turned to look at him fully for the first time. 

"Stop playing with me. Okay?"

"I'm not. I can't get you outta my head." He said. He closed the distance between them in one stride and seized her lips with his. He started slow and teasing and she reciprocated.

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. With time, the intensity grew. She was wearing a gown with spaghetti sleeve, he pushed it down a little to show the top of her br*asts and his mouth moved there. He was going crazy thinking about ways of having her. He suddenly carried her to her bedroom, she looked at him and asked quietly, voice full of need and fear. 

"What are you doing?"

"Trust me." He said and that was all she needed to relax because he kissed her again and again moving downwards to feast on her br*ast. She couldn't define how she was feeling because she never felt like this with anyone. It was new, warm and sweet. She wanted it. She wanted him. And she let him have his way with her. The best part was when he entered her. It felt heavenly.

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