Meant To Be - Episode 13

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    The saying goes thus that, 'The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step' and that is how we can describe Ayo's turnaround. She had finally made it to her finals and in some months, she would be a graduate ready to serve her Father's land. 

Kore has been nothing but kind and nice to her all through and others couldn't say otherwise. She still had her show with Lara every Saturday and she was some of the selected people that will be working at the TV Station they were working to bring to life . In short words, Life has been good. 

They were already in test week in school and a matter of time before they write their exams and finish off the second semester. Tosin and Tade came to visit Kore in his office one Saturday afternoon. He was not surprised to see them as they made their way into his office,

"My guy, how you dey na?" Tosin asked as they made themselves comfortable.

"Wetin una dey find for here?" Kore asked, 

"We come watch match." Tade said, 

"Una no fit watch match for una office abi?" Kore asked, 

"Wetin dey do you this afternoon?" Tosin asked, 

"Na s*xual frustration." Tade said laughing and Tosin joined in. 

"Ha ha. Very funny." Kore said. 


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. How's your baby mama?" Tade asked, 

"How many times have I told you to stop calling her that? She is not my baby mama." Kore answered exasperated. 

"Okay, Tade, let's put it this way for him, how's your live-in girlfriend?" Tosin amended. 

"What the fuck is wrong with you two? Una don high?" Kore asked, irritated. 

"Nope, Tade are you?" Tosin asked with a serious face. 

"Definitely not." Tade said, shaking his head, a ghost of smile in his lips. 

"Seriously, how's AY?" Tosin asked.

"She is fine. Why are you so concerned about how she is doing?" Kore asked, 

Tosin answered, "Well, I am not. I am concerned about you because you are going to die alone."

Tade said, "I second that. Cause of death will be unrequited love." 

"You guys are sick." Kore said. 

"No, we are not. Guy, how many times do you want us to tell you to shoot your shot?" Tade asked, 

"It's easy for you to say." Kore said. 

"I know it's not easy. You've been with this girl for how many years now? Going to three years and you never insinuated anything. I think that should give you a kind of leverage now that you are crazy for her." Tade said

"I didn't say I was crazy for her." Kore countered. 

"You said you liked her." Tosin said. 

"Yes, I do." Kore confirmed. 

"Wait, why are we talking about her now? I thought you guys came for the match." Kore asked, 

"Yes, we did but we also came to talk to you about your life because we don't want you to die alone. Ask her out and if she says no, move on. Do you know how many ladies are dying to be with you? Even in this your office?" Tosin asked. 

"I don't know. I am just scared. I don't want her to think that's why I have been doing all I have been doing for her." Kore confessed. 

"I don't think she will think that way and if she does, make sure to clarify that. Now where is that red wine I kept here last week?" Tade asked. 

"In the fridge I guess." Kore said as he put on the flat screen in his office. Tade stood up to get the wine when something caught his eyes from the window. He called, 


"Kore you need to see this. Come fast." He said and Kore came to join him by the window with Tosin on his heels. Ayo was downstairs waiting. 

Then a black Benz drove in and she walked to it. The guy in the car got down. He was wearing sunglasses and was dressed casually. They met halfway and he grabbed her by the waist and they kissed. Kore's fist clenched. She pulled back and hit him on his back playfully and he laughed, opening the car door for her.

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. She got in and he closed the door, went around the car, got in and drove away.

Tosin said seeing Kore's face, 

"Guy, just calm down. It could be nothing."

"You are telling me it's nothing when they just clearly kissed there. Ayo does not go around kissing anybody." Kore said, distraught.

"Just take it easy." Tade advised, 

Kore lamented, "I can't believe I lost her even before I had a chance." 

"Anything can happen." Tade said, 

"I can't believe she didn't tell me." Kore said, 

"Nah, that's where you shouldn't go. Are you her father? That's a grown woman for chrissake. She doesn't have to tell you all of her business all the time." Tosin asked defended. 

Kore asked, "What do I do now?" 

"Just keep watching, if they don't break up soon, then you should move on. Get yourself another girl. You deserve to have the best relationship. You are a good man." Tosin adviced. 

"Tosin, are you sure you are not gay? Maybe you are a shim." Tade said. 

"Must you make jokes out of everything?" Tosin asked 

"I was just trying to lighten up the whole mood. We came here to watch a match; not watch you moon over a girl." Tade said. 

"Shut the fuck up, man." Kore snapped. 

Tade mimicked zipping his mouth and they turned their attention to the flat screen TV. Kore stood up minutes later to get the red wine and cups and served them all then settled to watch the match fully. He couldn't force what is not meant to be. 

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