Meant To Be - Episode 15

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"Uncle Kore. Uncle Kore."

"Yes, Tunz. What is it?"

"My mum is crying. I don't know what is wrong with her?"

"Crying? Your Mum?"


"Okay, let's go see what's up." Kore said and followed Itunu to the BQ. The door was open so they just went in, Kore saw Ayo, her face was definitely an expression of pain and hurt and the residue of the tears went unnoticed by him.

"Where did you go?"

"I..." Itunu started answering but Kore cut him off saying,

"Go to your room . Stay there till I tell you to come out, okay?"

"Okay." Itunu left and then Kore went to sit by Ayo. He took her left hand in his and asked, 

"What happened?"

She shook her head. Kore tried again, "Please, tell me what happened. Why were you crying?"

"I wasn't."

"You are such a terrible liar, AY. Talk to me. You know you can."

"Okay." She swallowed then continued, "You know the guy I was dating...?"

"He hurt you? I swear I am going to kill that motherfucker."

"Just calm down. It's not really his fault."

"Okay, I'm listening, what exactly happened?"

"We've been dating for eight months but I just broke it to him that I have a child few weeks back

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. I didn't observe any unwillingness on his part and I left it that way. Until today..."

"It's okay, dear. Just tell me, you will feel better."

"I... I went to his flat today. I was about knocking when I overheard, he and his friend talking loudly, they must have been high on alcohol..."

"Okay. What were they talking about?"

"Me! Kore, that pathetic human being said he can't marry me. That he was just stringing me along to f*ck me.  Kore, he called me 'after one' just because I have a son."

"Just calm down dear. Please."

"It's true, really. I am never going to get anyone to look at me the same, ever again. I don't even like guys, how will they like me?"

"No. Stop this Ayo! You are a beautiful woman. You are strong. You are independent. You work hard. You take care of your son. How many people start all over again and finish well and strong with great grades despite the fact that there is a son in view? I don't want you giving up on love. He was probably drunk and didn't even know what he was saying."

"Kore, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. There is always an atom of truth in every lie. I should have seen it all along but I was so stupid, feeling I was on top of the world."

"Stop blaming yourself. Nobody knows it all. I just want you to stop crying, stop all this self-abuse, nobody is certain anything will work out.

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. We just have to make a go for it. If it works, great. If it doesn't, fine. You learn your lessons and move on."

"Stop. Please. Just stop crying. Itunu is worried about you. You need to woman up and be thankful you heard all these before it went too far."

"All right."

"Good. Should I get you something to eat?"

"No. I am not hungry."

"I know you are not going to say no to pizza."

"I don't want."

"I am ordering anyway." He said and she rolled her eyes at him then he made the call.

Few minutes later, pizza arrived, Kore transferred to the business account and he took it to the sitting room. He called Itunu and Ayo who had gone to wash her face and then they all dug in, taking turn to tell jokes. 

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