Made - Episode 19

The Twist

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Eden park was quite. I sat by the fountain listening to the splash sound it made. I was waiting for David. He had hinted that he usually jogged around this place in the evenings. I did not have his cell number. Come to think of it i have never seen him recieve any call in my presence. I sat on the same place i had bumped on him the other time i saw Kim. It was 5:00 pm and i was willing to wait till 7:00 pm before going back home for a warm bath, leftovers then tuck myself in my covers . I looked at the fountain spraying water in all directions. It reminded me of how Kim had stabbed my already wounded heart and left it sputtering pain in all directions.


On that fateful day he had delivered the news to me.

 I love you so much babe.

That was the text i had sent. I had not heard from him in a span of two days. Initially my pride had stayed intact not wanting to be the one that breaks the silence.  After two days had passed i was biting my nails and pulling my hair wondering why he hadn't tried to contact me, his girlfriend. 

About that......i do not love you. Not as much as you do. I wanted to have a good time on my side. I thought the feeling was mutual

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. Now its over Danny. Came the response.

What was he saying? Just wanted to have a good time? I mean dude it has been two years. Its not like we had a one night stand, woke up in the morning and now had to go our seperate ways.

I stood up from my bed and went for a cold shower. I was shocked. My body went limp. I leaned on my bathroom wall to support my body which now felt ten tonnes heavier. The water sprayed on my feet and it sounded like hail pellets hitting on a tilled floor.

This is not happening. This cannot be happening

I had checked his phone numerous times. No sign of a lady friend. Kim had always been a loner. He hardly talked to his coursemates in campus. Did he just get tired of me? This was the same guy who had adored me and treated me like a queen. He had constantly told me i was beautiful. I had fallen for him and now out of the blues he was dumping me? I hit me like a heart attack but there was no heart left inside. I turned off the water, got outside and headed for my bed. I picked up the phone. The message folder was still open. I looked at the last bit Now its over. 

I wailed, i screamed, i cried while sitting down, i knelt, i paced around. The more i tried to assuage the pain in my heart the more it grew. Screaming wasn't enough, tears were not enough. I just wanted Kim, My Kim. The Kim i had grown to love. The one i had dated for over two years.

He had broken my heart.

He pushed into broken glasses. He had made me walk on top of spikes with shoeless feet. He bruised every corner of my heart. Kim made me feel like a fool in my own cormfort. He had killed me with a double edged sword. Piercing both my body and sword. He laughed at the love i had given him. Why all this pain? Had i wronged someone to deserve all this pain? Was i doing something wrong? Why me? Havent i been heartbroken enough?

From that day on i had sleepwalked through life. I did things for the sake of doing them. Work was such a burden. It was a miracle that Mercy was there all the time to save my sorry self. Tears could not sum the pain i had felt. Neither could written words.

Three months down the line i woke up at midnight only to see him update a status of a girl.  Woman crash Wenesday.  She was all over his facebook, instagram and whatsapp. Despite all this i could not let go. I texted him, i called him and not even once did he reply. When he finally warmed up to it, it was a train of insults of how not  good i was. I now had to divert his calls to Mercy's cell. I had really provoked a reaction from him.

The remembrance of this brought tears to my eyes.

"Hey you_ am liking the everything okay?"

"Yea." I replied looking the other way in an attempt to hide my face.

It was David. He perched beside me.

"Life can be unfair sometimes." I said with a sigh.

"Isn't it always." He smiled

I could not help but smile back.

"It's a good thing you came_ i have been waiting for you."

"Am here now. "

"I just needed a listening ear and you are someone who can help me after listening."

I looked at him. He did not smile this time, instead he put his hand in his jumper then stood. He turned to walk towards the scanty man-made forest and i followed. We walked for about five minutes without saying anything.

"When i was around fourteen years old. I discovered something. Something i got addicted to for almost ten years. When i finally got out, it was by the power and blood of Jesus. Sometimes i look back and wonder how in just an instance such a burden has been lifted off my shoulders_ and even now am disgusted by the thought that at a certain time i was hooked in ponography and the activities around it."

I clasped my fingers together barely breathing. How could he know what i was about to tell him? How could he have known with just one statement  i wanted to talk to you about something. I wanted to tell him about something that had terrorised my life for long. Obsession compulsive disorder  (OCD).

So many times i had checked and rechecked if my door was locked when leaving my house for work. It was sad because i was too paranoid to leave it open in the first place. The feel of water or mud on my feet during the rainy season or just seeing mud on another person gumboots was enough to set a disturbing feeling in my stomach and throat. I barely touched other peoples things afraid of germs they might actually carry. I had a huge fear in me imagining what it would be like if those close to me died. The fear of loosing them was uncontrollable that i could spend weeks obsessing over it.

It started small when i was young but now had graduated into much haunting fears like homos-xual obssesive compulsive disorder  (HOCD). In my office everything was in order. I could not bear the sight of disorganised things. It would leave me feeling like someone was pricking on my brain. This episodes occured and reoccured leaving me helpless with each passing days. Heartbreaks were just triggers to much worse episodes. 

"I need it to stop David _ it has terrorised my life for long."

"What is it?"

"Am suffering from OCD." I replied tears now streaming uncontrollably from my eyes.

"Hey....hey....hey stop with the water works." He said pulling me into a hug.

He did something none of my friends had ever done for me. He prayed. I felt relief the instant we said Amen. I knew things were going to be different from now on. I pulled myself from the hug grudgingly.

"Thanks David _ you are a friend indeed."

"Aaawn _ a friend _ well it's not everyday that i get people to actually read my pamphlet.... let alone hold discussions like we had the other day. I should be thanking you."

I looked at my watch. It was 6:12 pm. The hacker guy had not contacted me yet. I decided to go check up on him the following day. I offered David a ride home which he humbly declined. We walked till we reached where his apartment was situated.

"Are you sure you won't come inside?" I made the last attempt to invite him in.

"No thanks..i have already broken the proximity rule. Its really not wise for us to stay together alone in a tight space." He said smiling 

"Atleast let me give you a ride home."

"I will be fine. Its just twenty minutes walk from here."

"Okay then. See you soon."

We parted ways. I climbed the stairs in a tortoise pace playing around as i made my way up.

Shoot! I did not remember to ask for his cell number. I ran up to the balcony to look if he was still in view. He was but was following the opposite direction of where i had first left him.

Don't do it Danny _ Crazy Danny is back. Just follow him. Where is he going anyway? I dismounted the stairs and take my car. I follow the route i had seen him follow from the balcony and soon enough he was on view. It was hard not to be noticed but i managed to keep a low profile. What he said would take twenty minutes took one hour. Why on earth would he come for walks in Eden park considering how far this place was. He branced into a farmiliar alley. I had been there before. Yesterday when i went to meet the hacker guy. I parked my car a few meters from the place he made the final branch. What a coincidence! He headed for the exact place i was yesterday only that he did not enter into the exact house. He headed for the slumy part. I waited until he had dissapeared into a house at the corner then went and knocked into the Hacker's door.


The door opened a few inches and i could see his eyes craning to see who i was.

"It's me Robert _ open the door."

"You who?"

"Daniella _ you were to contact me with the results today remember... would you open the door for Christsake."

He pushed the door open. I could sense fear in him. What was he afraid of  He shut the door and secured it.

"Did anyone follow you?"

"Me? a matter of fact i was following someone and endedd up here. I have decided to kill two birds with one stone."

"Okay." He responded as if weighing wether to believe me or not.

"What's wrong?"

"You know of a Kimmie guy?"

"Yes i know Kim _ He is my ex boyfriend."

He sizes me up a look of fear clearly written all over his demenour.

"Would you please tell me what you found out _ is it that bad?"

"How much do you know about your ex-boyfriend?"

I threw my hands up in the air and let the fall on my lap as i sat down.

"I met him in campus and we dated for almost three years until he broke it off."

"Broke it off how."

I glanced over to where he was sitting. why all this questions? 

"I sent him a lovey dovey text only for him to respond that he just wanted to have a good time and that it was time for us to move on."

"Just like that?"

"Just like that."

"Must have been hard."

I smiled painfully. 

"Be that as it may... it clearly shades a light on the kind of soul that can do the mess i saw inside there."

"What did you see?"

"Your guy is a cleaner."

I slightly flinched at him calling Kim my guy.


"You know  _ the kind that you contact when you want a body to dissappear."

I gasped. It made a lot of sense when i connected it with the skeleton dream i had heard much earlier in our relationship.It was however still hard to believe.

"You are lucky he left you when he did. Who knows what could have happened? Maybe your body would have dissappeared too."

I shuddered at the statement. Kim a cleaner? He had done so well in keeping that a secret. I could have never suspected him. I remembered the gun incident.

Read " Grand. " by the same author ( DORSILA ANYANGO )

. He was surely going to kill me and no one woukd have ever discover. He must be damn good at his job.

"Chei! _ God you are Lord." I said holding my head

"Indeed He is. You have escaped the den of the devil and his mother in law. Most people are not that lucky."

"How did you come about that?"

"While going through his stuff i discovered dvds of the same  _ i think he uses them as leverage."

Whoever thought crime in this country was primitive needed to think again.

"Did you find anh other thing though?"

"Kim hacked your accounts alright."

I sensed a but coming.

"But he was doing it for his cousin i think. It must have been a bonus for him to discover he was hacking his ex. That is the reason for the RAT."

"Who was the guy he was doing the work for?"

"Not a he a she?"

"A she_ who _ what she?"

"A Maggie." He responded fumbling through his pockets.


"You know her?"

"Yes i work with her... she is Kim's cousin?"


Hey y'all. Hope the new year is treating you fine. Am sorry for the delays. Gracious don't kidnap me ohh ****smiles****. I hope this episode was worth the wait.

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