Lydia's heart - Episode 24

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“Yeah right”

“Never fear, Chris is here” Chris went on talking determinedly cheerfully, as he gave Kammy the confidence he needed. He could remember how withdrawn he became when his wife died, he had to step in and help him up with his two kids who are now all grown up.

Kammy submitted docilely to all his friend was saying, as if he had abdicated all his responsibility to his friend especially when he said “Chris is here” his chronic womanizer

He laughed

“When are you getting married man?”

He laughed softly “when God decides to send down his angel, for now Nah! I can’t bear women and their trouble topped with shakara; look at how apprehensive you are just because a lady is visiting you”

Kammy laughed out holding his stomach and pats Chris shoulder “Love man; Love can do all things”

The door bell rings

“That must be the delivery guy, I will be back”
Chris stared at him in surprise “you even ordered”

“Yea Pizza, I cooked rice too”

“You cooked; man you are in a deep sh*t; I can’t even remember the last time you cooked”

Kammy winked and left to open the door. Chris phone vibrates, a message from one OF his nurse

“Doctor, we have an emergency”

Chris stared his sad eyes at Kammy as he walked back “what”

“Man I gaht to go; duty calls”

Kammy made to protest but he cuts in “I promise to be back as soon as possible; I can’t wait to meet this pretty lady of yours” 

He hugged him briefly and left promising to be back immediately

Lydia inhaled and exhaled for the fifth time, last she pressed the door bell and Kammy half run to the door and opened it immediately  

“Sorry am late” Lydia made to apologize but Kammy smiled broadly on seeing her

“I am so happy you could make it; come in, come in” he gestured her into his sitting room and cleaned the invincible sweats on his forehead; he thought his message will make her ditch him.

Lydia steeped in and took in the sitting room at one glance; there is no much furniture but the present ones smells riches “he must be pretty rich” she thought as Kammy led her to the dinning

“Wow, you actually cooked this” Lydia compliments smiling broadly to the food set before her

Kammy nods

“Then you must be an excellent cook and I like” she compliment again

“And I must say you look so breathtaking, you seem twenty years younger” Kammy says, crossed his hand over the table and held hers

“you are so beautiful”

Lydia smiled, blushing “thank you”

“You are welcome” they continued eating in silence but not without sharing secret glances

Later when they were watching television, Lydia decides to let the cat out of the bag; she turned and faced him “I have something to tell you”
Kammy paused the video and faced her “out with it princess”

Lydia giggled at the thought of being referred to as a princess but saddened that the soon turn of events if she utters a word but she braces up; its now or never

“I have a daughter” she blurts out and exhaled that at last she has laid out the burden in her chest and awaits his reaction

Kammy’s face drained white “you are kidding right or you just want to pay me back for the message I sent right”

“What message” she made to ask but starts searching her bag immediately, she remembered when her phone vibrated but ignored it thinking it was Ritsy and her numerous warning

She froze on reading the message, “two kids and they are both boys” she couldn’t just utter a word as silence fell between

“I will get that” Kammy said and went to open the door

“Hey man; hope I am not late; is she still around” Chris ask as he breeze into the house but stood rooted as he saw Lydia.

He greeted Lydia warmly and dragged Chris out

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. Lydia was too preoccupied with her thoughts to notice what was happening.

Kammy followed Chris absent mindedly

“Man how can you bring that lady here”

“What happened to her?”

“She is that lady I sold her baby and gave you the money to start up something when your wife died”

Ghen Ghen
What just happened right now?

. .

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