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*Episode twenty five*

Lydia ran blindly to her car, the date started so well but ended in a bad state; she thought they will be good together from the way they chatted away happily when eating

She looked back at the house before entering her car, she sniffed and calmed herself down, he didn’t even know she has left when the first thing he could discuss with his so called friend that he has been bragging about was about one stupid baby

“Yes, she heard them mention baby but can’t the doctor wait a little for her to trash out things with her supposed date before bringing up his work. 

She brushed back the tears streaming down her face and focused on her driving; she guessed the girls will be home by now.

She can’t face her expectant daughter for the details of her stupid date; they have been strangely getting along and she really loves it. 

She changed gear towards Ritsy house, at least she will need a consolation but of course that will be after being given an earful, so funny of a mother hen.

To her relief when she got to Ritsy house, she was with Nelly; the husband went out, kids at school so they mostly spend the evening together. 

The presence of Nelly will make the shouts minimal, she thought. 

They stood up immediately surprised to see her crying, Lydia ran to their bosom and they hugged her.

“Baby girl what happened; did you found out he is married or tried rapping you” Ritsy raps up examining Lydia 

Nelly smiled “Madam calm down; which question will she answer first” 

Ritsy ignored the remark and guided Lydia to a chair. She cleaned her tears and hugged her again; Nelly continues patting her back

“he was married and with two kids”

“Divorcee” Ritsy asks 

“No, dead wife” 

“boy or girl” Nelly asks

Lydia looks at her in confusion but on understanding her question she mumbled 

  “two boys” 

Nelly adjusted on her seat “but the last time I checked baby girl you have a daughter too; I even like the man for being honest with you, he would have hidden it like most guys do and you finding out later”

“Besides was that why you ran back here crying”

Lydia slaps her thigh “Nelly are you trying to help or what

Ritsy laughed for the first time “that makes you guys sweet, its three kids and you can give birth again to make it four” Ritsy winks and rose “Let me get you water”

Lydia looked at her two friends “you people are good with him having two teenage guys”

“yes, any problem? You have a teenage daughter too” Nelly says indolently sipping her juice

“I can’t handle guys, I mean look at me and my daughter; where will I start with them” 

Ritsy hands her water and she downs it at once; she held her shoulder “Now breathe” 

Lydia breathe in and out

Ritsy sat down beside her “Now where was he when you left” 

Lydia rolled her eyes “He was discussing with his friend” 

Nelly dropped the now empty pack of juice “and” 

“the friend is a doctor and they were talking about one baby from work”

“how did you know”

“I eavesdropped when they mentioned a baby”


Lydia peered at them, they are taking this so lightly and she doesn’t like it; she was expecting them to get so mad and curse the guy but here they are asking her question 

“he never checked up on me; he totally forgot about me”

“so you ran away”

She nods

Ritsy and Nelly burst out laughing 

“you are a mother but a kiddo” Risty says amidst laughing 

Nelly brought out her phone “its Cindy, she called at the right time; she mustn’t miss this gist”

“come to Ritsy house; plenty gist dey”  she says and disconnects the call and resumes her laughter

Lydia backed them “I am so not gonna talk to you guys again”

Nelly laughed louder 

“baby girl I can’t believe you just ran away because of that; you should have stayed and trash things out with him 
Ritsy zipped her mouth in a funny way “no more comment until Cindy gets here” 

“Fine, I am going upstairs” Lydia walked away stumping hard on the stairs 

“honey don’t break the stairs” 

****** “where is that key” Cindy mumbles as she searches for the office key inside her over stuffed bag

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. She hissed and emptied the contents on the ground; its 7 already and she has to go home, her friends left already cus she worked late

The search not futile enough she picked her phone and dialed Nelly number, she couldn’t risk calling Ritsy because the last time she lost her key wasn’t funny.

She waited impatiently until Nelly picked the call but she couldn’t get to say a word as Nelly invited her because of gist. She couldn’t miss a bit of the juicy gist 

“great, she called to ask for key and now something important to rush for”

She hissed frustrated and started scattering her bag contents, the way she stuffs her bag with things made her bag look like a collection of many garbage.

She sighted a white water proof neatly placed, she picked it up and opened it 

“oh well the water proof from the vacation they went many weeks ago” 

she wanted to discard but decided against it; she will use it to put her heels

She picked up her things one by one and puts them inside the bag yet she couldn’t find the key

She picked up her bag and shoes and to her relief the long lost key fell off from her shoes

She thanked God in her heart; if she has changed the key then it would have been the third time in a month. She locked the door and puts the shoe inside the water proof, she saw a white paper inside the bag and unfolds it. Her face brightened as she saw the number written on it with the inscription of call me, there is no other person that will do that except that guy from the shawarma stand.

She puts the paper inside her inner purse, she will definitely call him later but right now she needs to get to the girls

She walked down quickly through the stairs and to her car. Soon enough she is at Ritsy house

Lol, How do you feel when your girls gather to discuss your matter?

. .

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  • Queen Okon picture
    Queen Okon
    hmmmn getting more interesting I think it's Lydia with de mom dat has de hrt thumb up dr
  • Celestina Oranye picture
    Celestina Oranye
    Yes dear, but please re read, i changed the content; thanks @ Queen
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Funny Lydia to av ran out. I thought she even heard the guys main discussion gan... Nice episode dearie
  • Mhissy Bones picture
    Mhissy Bones
    Nice and thanks dear.but Lydia is funny oooo
  • Celestina Oranye picture
    Celestina Oranye
    Lol, she should hv stayed to hear the real gist @ Confy
  • Celestina Oranye picture
    Celestina Oranye
    Lol, very funny @ Missy
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