Lydia's heart - Episode 26

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“Okay girls give me the gist” she r*pped, banged the door and sat down on the couch

Lydia peeped from upstairs and start walking down, she hoped Cindy will see reasons with her and support her

“Wait, you are home early; I thought you will sleep over” Cindy shouts as she saw Lydia, she paused and took her in “I love the gown doh, babe you have a killer shape”

Lydia ignored the first comment but blushed at the second one

“thank you, my girl dressed me” 

“Really, that means she is cool with you going on a date”

“Yrp, totally in support”

“and yet you ran away crying like a chicken” Ritsy blurts out and Nelly starts laughing

“I thought you hate this guy” Lydia points out

“I like him already; he is sincere”

“do you girls care telling me what actually happened; I am missing out” Cindy shouts  pissed off that she is the only one not getting the gist

“oya Lydia narrate your story”

Lydia sat down and narrates her story; Cindy bursts into laugh as she finished

“Mtcheewww. I thought you will be different” sad Lydia says

No baby girl, you should have stood your ground and know what they were really discussing, maybe trash out the differences”

“besides you don’t expect a man of his age to be that single; thank your stars its not baby mama but a dead wife, cheer up baby girl, what you have to worry your pretty little head now  is why he has not called to know why you vanished into thin air” Cindy raps up holding her breathe not to laugh at the funny expression on Lydia’s face

“Cindy the adviser” Ritsy hails

“well somebody already loves the guy” Cindy state and rolled her eyes

She looked around 

“where are your kids, I thought they were on holidays and your husband”

Ritsy smiled and left for the kitchen “their holidays ended way back last week madam time keeper and my husband went out with Nelly’s husband” 

“oh, is that so; add fruit juice to the food” Cindy shouts at the retreating Ritsy, she knows that anytime they gather and Ritsy enters the kitchen, then something light is coming.

Ritsy gives her middle finger and disappeared 

“Geezz, did Ritsy just do that now” Lydia says smiling

“yes, I have an idea” Nelly says snapping out of her thinking mood

“Sweet Jesus, quiet young lady; you just gave me heart attack” Cindy exclaims faking heart attack

“Oh come on don’t start, let’s hear her out” laughing Lydia says and they faced Nelly 

“your daughters pre graduation party comes up next weekend right” 

Lydia nods

“invite him, lets know how he will react to it then we will take it from there” 

“you think that’s the right thing to do” Ritsy snaps from the kitchen 

“yea, since she already told him about her child; inviting him will show if he is ready to love mother and child or just the mother” 

“yeah right”


“yea” the three concurs and sets on the food placed before them

Kammy paced up and down thinking, he stopped abruptly 

“oh man, I don’t know if she heard anything from the way she ran out” he picked up his car key “I have to go after her”

Chris stopped him “man chill, forget about her; how do you think she will react if she finds out you are part of the dangerous deal”

Kammy slumped down weak “I am just so confused right now; but that was many years back and I was desperate”

Chris lights his cigarette and puffs out smoke 

“Good riddance to bad rubbish, forget about her; just allow me to get you a clean babe, that lady is very old”

“exactly what I need, an old lady that sees life in mature way not all those sluts you move with”

“better with a slut that will drill me very well and leave rather than stay with a time bomb”

Kammy faced him thoughtfully “but she never recognized you, are you sure she was the one”

Chris dropped the remaining cigarette in the ash tray beside him 

“that was many years ago, don’t tell me I have not become more handsome but surprisingly the old lady still keeps her shape”

He made to light another cigarette but Kammy slaps his hand “for a doctor you smoke too much”

“easy man, its to keep body and soul together”

He passed a phone to Kammy “check your phone, I think you have message”

Kammy collected the phone and read the message; he jumped up immediately “she just invited me to her house, her daughter’s pre graduation” 

Chris looked at him wide eyed “you are not going man, will you be able to stand the sight of a girl you separated from her twin and a woman you denied the warmth of her child”

Kammy’s face darkened and he grabbed Chris 

“don’t you dare bring up that topic ever again”

Chris shrinked in fear at the man towing over him 

“easy bro, I won’t say a thing” 

Kammy release him, adjust his cloth and pats his shoulder “better, I hate nosy people around me; if you need evidence ask my dead wife”

He smiled down at him 

“this is our little secret yea”

“yea” Chris replied and gulped down the invincible log in his throat 

Kammy grabs one of the Cigarette “thanks for the stick” and he puffs smoke to his face

Oyaoooooo, your comments 

Are the girls right in their conclusion and what do you think of this Kammy of a guy?

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