Lydia's heart - Episode 23

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lol, Vicky get many fansooooo

*Oya lets meet part of Kammy proper... .


Lydia scratched her hair looking at the clothes in her wardrobe; all her clothes none fits her description of going on a date, they are either too much designed or simple for work.

She stood up and start scanning them one by one, alas she settled on a top and a long skirt; she has to appear moderate not like a desperate lady.

Her eyes danced to the clock and she increased her pace; she wouldn’t want her daughter to meet her and where will she tell her she was going. 

She quickly applied her lip gloss and was brushing her hair when she heard the door creek.

Her shoulder dropped in resignation; maybe she would cancel this date or tell her she was going back to their office. She waited for a while counting the seconds hoping she will sleep.

She sat impatiently but on seeing the time 2:55, she couldnt wait any longer and decides to take the bull by the horn. 

Going to dates late was not her thing and she is not going to start now just cause of her daughter.

She took a last glance at the mirror, convinced that she looks her best; picked her purse and tip toed across the sitting room.


She stopped and glanced at the dinning

“Oh shit, why didn’t she think of it; she must be eating”

“I saw your car and guessed you are back, probably sleeping in your room but why the hell are you dressed like this even tip toeing in your own house”

Lydia searched her head but nothing came up 

“uuhhhmmm, Sweetie I have somewhere to go and I will be back before you know it”

Lydia(n) smiled and looked at the clock “don’t worry mom; its by 4:00 and the time is just 3:15”

Lydia gasped 

“I heard you guys on the phone last night and you sounded very happy” 

She seized her mother up “rules no one, ladies never go early for a date” 

She brought out her middle and index finger 

“rule no two; don’t dress like you are going for a meeting, come on I can fix you up”

She pushed the shocked Lydia back into her room and sat her down in front of the mirror

“lets see what we can do with your hair” 

She loosed the band holding the hair; Lydia tried holding the hair back but she slapped her hand off “Mummy, allow me to show this man that my momma is still hot” 

She blew her a kiss 

“who the hell is this” Lydia asked grinning at her daughter 

“a girl that is always proud of her momma” 

Out if emotion,  a line of tears tricked down Lydia's eyes 

“ah ah ah, don’t ruin the make up I tried so hard to put on you; a single drop of your tears will cost you 10,000” 

Lydia stiffened “10,000”

“yes, my foundation cost 5,000, powder 5,500; eye shadow, mascara, primer, to cut it short are all expensive so no tears” 

Lydia covered her mouth and nod severally “my baby is all grown up” 

“well I can allow you call me baby for today” 

She sprayed her last primer “and I am done; you can check yourself out: 

“ah ah ah, don’t dare clean any of the make up”

Lydia smiled broadly still covering her lips not to cry; she couldn’t believe she is till beautiful” 

“and the dress you are wearing cost 20,000; so when you are doing the do don’t tear them apart”


Lydia (n) shined her eyes and spread out her hands 

“its 4:30 already, you can go now” 

Lydia flew out immediately on seeing that she is 30 mins late but came back and pecked her daughter 

“love you so much mom”

“love you too baby girl”

Lydia(n) brushed back the lone tear on her face; she know how lonely her mother has been and having a man in her life is a good news, not that jerk that got her pregnant; time has passed when she has always wanted to meet him but now she was never prepared to accept him as her father. 

“Man its 4:00 already and she is not here yet; do you think she will bounce on me” Kammy worried face stare at his one hour dress up just to look good for her 

Dr . Chris looked up from his phone “Man you gat to ease up besides why will she bounce on you”  

He hesitated and sat down “I texted her about my two children, I couldn’t bring myself telling her face to face” 

He turned and faced the window to avoid Chris seeing the worry on his face; the last time he had this kind of worry was whenever his wife comes back late from work and now this lady is making him go down the memory lane

He turned when he felt Chris hand on his shoulder “I shouldn’t have told her right” 

“Nah you did the right thing by telling her the truth; its better coming out clean in the early stage than later” 

Lol, they both have kids

*Who remembers Dr

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. Chris????*

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