Love ~ Hate Relationship - Episode 22

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"What the hell mum? What are you doing here?" I ask, pushing Sybil behind me, away from her line of sight.

My mother knows not to come here, not when I have clients over.

"So this was the reason you planned a trip for me? So you can bring this demon into my house?"

"I would appreciate it mother if you stop talking to my employer in that way, I will kick you out of this house if you don't stop this nonsense immediately" Her eyes flies to mine.

"Stellan" She says.

"You know not to be here, you know this part of the house is restricted" I say.

"Is that the reason you brought her... Over?"

"Her.. . Is my employer, you just made things hard for your son by hitting her mama, what the hell? Why are you even back?" I ask.

Her eyes heat up, glaring at the woman behind me.

"I heard that you were going around town, cavorting with her"

"Is that the reason you are back? And in the cottage?"

"Yes, I have to put her in her place, after.. After what she did to you" She says and I Feel the hand Sybil has on my back clench.

"Mother, that's enough please you have to go back to my house in the city, it's not safe for you here" I say.

"I'm not leaving, not if she's staying here" Jesus, women.

"Don't make me do this this the hard way, you are making life hard for your precious son"

"When my precious son is being an idiot it's up to me rail him back"

OK, that's enough.

"Rick will go with you to the city, take care of you till you get there"

"Rick won't be going anywhere, you are going to abandon that hellhound and come with me."

"No, I won't, not if you want me to have a job" I say, nodding at Rico to get her bags that's still lying around the sitting room.

It's obvious she just came in.

"You are not booting me out of my own house Stellan" She says.

"It's not booting, think of It as me securing my job, okay?" I say, leading her by her arm out of the room.

She doesn't come willingly, not before throwing a murderous look at Sybil who looks as stoic as ever.

Poor thing.

"I don't support this Stellan"

"I know, but it's a job mama" I say.

"we both know that's a lie, you can lie to your self but never to me" She says on a grumble, I walk her down to her car, which she glares at.

Rick deposits her bags into the trunk of the car, holding out his hand for her car keys, she gives it to him with a glare, he winks.

"I will see you in a month" I say to her.

"Take the trash out of my house, you hear me?"

"Stop that" I say finally.

"Stop what? Fighting for you? You that is my son?"

"I'm an adult, I can do so myself, and I don't appreciate you 'fighting for me', not in front of my employees and client".

She hisses before entering the car.

"Sometimes I wonder if you are actually my son" She says before the car zooms off.

I rake a hand through my hair before turning to look at the house. 

This is a mess, all this. 

It's only been a minute that I decided to explore where I stand with Sybil and now she is taking slaps from my mother?


I step into the house to see her absent in the sitting room, I follow the little sounds I can hear to see her in the kitchen.

She lifts her head with a slight grin, I can see her eyes are red rimmed and regret slams through me.

"Have you been crying?" I Ask.

"Uh,... Get over yourself, I'm made of stronger stuff" She says and I know she's full of shit.

I open the fridge, grabbing the ice tray, finding the first aid kit and grabbing the ice pack inside. 

I pour the ice into it before holding it up to her rapidly reddening face

"Your mother has a mean right hook" She says comically, I don't laugh or anything, I just hold the ice pack up. 

"I'm sorry you had to go through that, if I had known..

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. And you are just... The hospital and everything" I say, unable to form the words. 

"It's fine, I deserve it" 

"No, you don't what happened was a long time ago, nobody deserves to be hit" I say. 

"You don't mean that" She says. 

"Why would you say that?" I ask 

"You can't be that kind, I hurt you Stellan, I know I hurt, I knew it was going to hurt and I still did it and it wasn't right, you don't have to forgive me so soon , you can...." 

"Shut your mouth Sybil, just.. Shut up, what you did was wrong, it hurt and for a while I lost faith in humanity but I worked past it, if you did something like that you must have had a reason" I say. 


"You don't have to tell me anything" I say. 

She gently lifts my hand off her face, her head lifts, kissing my lips. 

"I don't deserve you" She whispers and I have nothing to say to that. 

I kiss her back, my hand tangling in her hair, she holds me as my hands move into her shirt. 

"Please tell me to stop" I say. 

"Don't stop Stellan" She whispers. 

"Shit" I growl. 

It was hard and fast. 

We didn't have time to take off our clothes and she didn't complain. 

She climaxes first and I follow as her cry echoes in my ear. 

"Love you barbarian boy" She whispers and I kiss her neck. 




Thank you for reading. 

This is one of two. 

Another in the evening, I hope so.

Thank you again and Leave comments. 

. .

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  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Love sucks sometimes, how can he love her so easily again? Nice one bebe
  • Abena Asima picture
    Abena Asima
    Well that slap was long overdue
  • Destiny Benson picture
    Destiny Benson
    So she still loved him and was pretending before mitchew
  • Amma picture
    I would have second thoughts about his love for me if I were to be in Sybil's shoes
  • picture
  • Oke Olabisi picture
    Oke Olabisi
    this thing called love hmmmmm thanks bebe
  • namuyanja racheal picture
    namuyanja racheal
    I agree with u Benedicta
  • namuyanja racheal picture
    namuyanja racheal
    Why Amma shouldn't be the one with second thoughts about her love for him
  • Angela David picture
  • Adeyemo Funmilola Olaniyan picture
    Adeyemo Funmilola Olaniyan
    Please update we miss this story
  • Sheila Smallz picture
    Sheila Smallz
    Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Hope you are good? Still patiently waiting for more episodes
  • Victoria picture
    One reason I don't read stories in progress is because I don't handle suppense well. Please for the sake of those like us please continue this story na Nice work though
  • Shiru picture
    Finally, signed up to thank you Bebe for your creativity .. Hope you're fine though.. Been eagerly waiting for this update , please come back am way too curious..
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