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The competition started in glamour. Adam has proceed to the next stage and he will face a new opponent. Cole was also on his prime- he defeated his opponent within seconds.... 

Everyone was done with the first stage except Lex. His challenge seems so difficult than he had expected. His every move were countered by the hundred years vamp. He wasn't even given breathing space to study his opponent moves.

So Lex was doing it the old way- just brawling without a specific strategy . He had planned on wearing out the century vampire but it just seems impossible. The hundred years vampire has a lot of endurance than he could imagine.

Lex clutch the century vampire arms fitly to his for some minutes. He then pushed the vampire away. The two of them separated like a magnet with the same pole joined together. The magnetic force repelled them both- thereby making them stand miles away from each other.

Other vampires had began to gather around them. Their fight has gotten more attention than expected. Kol smirked from afar as he studied Lex movements. He already knew Lex won't be able to defeat a vampire of that caliber- a century vampire ain't an easy opponent. They have the skills; experience; strength; pace......Everything!

So a vampire of the new age defeating a century vampire would thereby increase their suspicion.

Lex took his time to study the vampire who was apparently making the first attack. The century vampire charged towards Lex...

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. Instantly Lex swerved.

Frustration had began to grow in the century vampire... It was so obvious that Lex could see it. Lex knew the reason for his frustration- the century vampire was brawling a far younger vampire; a vampire he should have dominated within minutes was now toiling with him for an hour. 

Lex was ready to capitalize on his frustration. He was ready to play mind games with him. Lex discovered he was faster than the century vampire... And that has given him an advantage to do what he planned.

Instantly Lex jerked forward feinting a false movement that sway the century vampire the wrong way. Lex made a sharp turning that confused the century vampire.

The sudden movement and reflex of Lex were superior to all. He grabbed the century vampire in the throat from behind.... And that was the end of it all. A reckless movement from the century vampire will see his throat cut out with blood gushing like a mountain fall... But instead of a rash movement, the century vampire lived to fight another day.

Kol was astonished. He was so surprise Lex dominated an hundred years vampire- a vampire of the third order. 

".....since everyone are done with the first round, let the next stage proceed...."

The next stage shouldn't be so difficult for Lex. He was paired with Cole, his nerd best friend. Cole was so shocked to be facing Lex- for he knew it was a lose-lose for him.

"Handle me with Bro" Cole was ready to give up even without a fight

"I should be telling you that-" Lex said, smirking.

"-dumbass... Toiling with me again"  Cole said, smiling.

He knew Lex has it all. Everything he ever wish for- the pace, strength- war strategy- enhanced hearing- superb olfactory- Everything!!! Oops, except for one thing- Cole has the brain!

"Quit the talk and let the action begin-"  Cole added, charging toward Lex.

Cole has always been Lex easiest opponent. He knows where to grab him and make him shiver- he know Cole soft point- his Achilles heels!

Cole charged forward without a particular strategy. He knew he couldn't match Lex in terms of strength and everything... So he was ready to be done with the whole thing.

Done and Dusted! Lex overcame within a seconds. Cole has never been an opponent that gives him a tough time. His second challenge all seems like a bonus.

Time rolls!!!
His third challenge also came with ease- the fourth wasn't all that difficult- the fifth gave him a hard time but he overcame it after restless battle.

Now he was at the last stage- the grand finale!
Lex knew it was going to be a difficult battle. He now face yet another Best friend- Adam. Lex knew Adam wasn't an easy opponent- coupled with the blood of the Olsen flowing in him; that gave him a superb advantage.

This wasn't longer a battle of feeding on human blood; this has become a battle of supremacy. Even though Lex held the highest win in their duel, he also wasn't sure what the outcome of this will be. 

Adam also knows the way of battle- even though he could be sly at times.

"Are you ready?" Adam said, smiling.

That smile was a trick! Lex understood the technique Adam wanted to use. It was the same technique Michael taught them both some years back. The trick technique that let you feed on your opponent fear while hiding your own fear behind the smile.... The technique of Nnluvka!

Lex knew it all; So he was ready for Adam- he wants it in full. He knew he wasn't so cheap for Adam to smile for.... 

"I was born ready" Lex replied, growling.

If two iron clashes; definitely one must bend for the other... But in their case, No iron was ready to bend for the other. It was an endless battle without jurisdiction- they were wrestling without law. Fighting without any law upholding them. 

The boys wrestle like they won't live to see another day. They weren't ready to surrender for each other. The battle was like their usual duel- but this time around with a prize to pay... But this wasn't about the prize anymore.

The boys brawl for more than an hour. Rolling and crawling on the floor- Lex knew it was going to be tough but he hadn't expected it to be this long. He could see that Adam wasn't ready to give up- neither was he.

Adam grabbed him at the shoulder, he tries to toss him over like a mere coin but Lex! Oh Lex stood his stance about the ground level. Fighting with any gravitational and momentum force- he wasn't ready to be thrown away like a garbage. So he also grab Adam at the shoulder- this is now a battle of strength. 

The slackest will be tossed away with the strongest still standing firm above his head. Adam knew his strength were incomparable to Lex- he knew he doesn't have what it takes to compete with Lex strength... But he wasn't ready to give up.

He turned his head briskly to confirm an endorsement for his father. He saw Austin who was monitoring the duel closely and recording his son awkward moves. 

The expression written on Austin face wasn't readable....
Adam tries to understand what it meant but he wasn't sure: was it disappointment? Or was he proud of me?
He just couldn't place it!

Suddenly Lex found an opportunity out of Adam troubled mind. So he tried to toss him away..... But hell No! Adam as gained composure. He realize tossing Lex away would be a mission impossible.... So he decided to improvise.

Adam pushed all his last strength into his arm and feet. That was a method his father had taught him.

"When your opponent is stronger than the strategy you are using- you must learn to improvise" Austin had said

Truly! Lex was stronger than him, so  flipping him over won't be possible. He had to improvise, Yes he must improvise!

Adam sighted a water tank behind Lex. He smiled and gave Lex a wink

"Am sorry bro" he added, but Lex fail to understand what he was apologizing for.

Swiftly, he engaged in his plan with further thought. He move sharply in his highest speed- carrying Lex along. Lex try to fight it but just couldn't! Adam dragged Lex towards the water tank- they collide massively with the tank and broke through the walls of the metallic water tank.

Water gushed out like a fountain!
Kol smiled for he thought that was the end. Adam stood up slowly- he was so tired. The impact with the water tank had broken one of his arm. He groan and screamed as his fracture arm began to heal itself.

Adam to turned to look at Lex who was probably still unconscious. He smiled and shouted in victory! It was a tough battle but he overcame. The remaining screamed and hailed Adam for being successful.

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. Austin couldn't hide his joy... For he was so proud of his son.

That was the momentum sound that ended their celebration. It was Lex- now fully recovered from whatsoever impact the collision had on him. He moved sharply and unnoticed as he grabbed Adam neck from behind.

The vampires mouth were gape. They diPLAowxpect to see Lex standing so soon. With his body fully recover and his fractured bones healed.

"Surrender bro" Lex said, groaning in pain.

Adam paused for awhile. A battle he thought had been won was just only the beginning. He tries to loosen Lex grip but he just couldn't- the more he fight it, the more Lex claws penetrate through his skin.

After minutes of standing in the same position. Adam was already out of options- he just didn't know what else he could do anymore. So he surrendered!

Kol just couldn't hide his disbelief- Lex really is something. Something different from a usual vampire- something stronger and probably deadly! He won't stop until he knows what Lex is.

"Guess we already have our winner" Kol said, with disgust.

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