L E X.... The witches are the protector, the vampires won't stay in the shadow, the lycans are forever cursed, and the humans want their city back. These became a war among the 4 fractions, only one specie can stop the war........... An Hybrid. Born by a vampire mother and a werewolf father, a teenage hybrid would have to evolve around the world of the human and the supernaturals. He faces a lot a disastrous challenges, many of whom cost him is loved ones. He embarks on a journey to save himself from extinction.

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    • LEX - Introduction

    • At the waxing moon, during the twenty five years of the witches rule. They decide to Channel the powers of their ancestors and bind the other supernatural creatures from ...
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    • LEX - Episode 1

    • It was so late in the night, the boys had sneaked out their way from the penthouse. They do so every night, they leave the Olsen penthouse and tries to mingle with the hu...
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    • LEX - Episode 2

    • "You shouldn't have come here" the voice was thick and hoarse Adam was lying helplessly on the floor, his mouth were full of blood. The werewolves...
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    • LEX - Episode 3

    • "Broski cu ve lobroto-" the witches echoed. They were trying to channel their ancestors, breaking the bond Elaine had done. Lisa, the leader...
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    • LEX - Episode 4

    • The next morning was so intense in the penthouse. Austin was in a rage, his whole eye was already in blood lust. Michael try calming him down but he won't l...
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    • LEX - Episode 5

    • It's been weeks now and the boys haven't been woken from their slumber. Austin isn't moved by the absence of his son, he had better things on his table at the...
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    • LEX - Episode 6

    • Lisa stood still in the middle of the cemetery, she could feel the cool breeze that calmed her nervous mind- she could feel the powers of her ancestors flying in the whole place- t...
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    • LEX - Episode 7

    • "You shouldn't be calling me during the day" a female voice call out as she approached an average height man. "You don't have to be scare...
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    • LEX - Episode 8

    • The moon was so full and red, the blood moon happens just once in every century. There as been a myth about the dead rising up, bones coming together and all supernatural...
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    • LEX - Episode 9

    • The moon was still full in the sky when Austin pulled over in front of an old building located somewhere around the outskirt of the city. It was Kol first house, the hous...
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    • LEX - Episode 10

    • The witches did there magic as usually and the unbind all form of magic surrounding the basement. Seven coffin laid helplessly with dust covering them. One of them were Kol's....
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    • LEX - Episode 11

    • Austin manage to stand on his feet. He looked at the Lisa who was crying in pain. She had become so sweaty- she knew death was already at her door. He...
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    • LEX - Episode 12

    • She walked through the dark like a lost puppy- minding her steps to keep a low profile. She look left and right like a thief who is afraid of getting hurt. She ...
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    • LEX - Episode 13

    • He was running down the forest like a mad dog who as missed his way home. He ran like he was in a marathon- fear had gripped his eye and he knew death was knocking its wa...
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    • LEX - Episode 14

    • The mood was a sad one- the witches were mourning. Its been a week since the death of Lisa and the witches that died with her. Lisa was the seventeenth leader of the coven that had...
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    • LEX - Episode 15

    • The ritual was suppose to be a simple one. The witches will stand in between the triad- a magical line will be drawn on the ground. The triad signifies something unique to the witc...
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    • LEX - Episode 16

    • That question "why" took Amy as a surprise. She had let loose her guard- she hadn't thought of the mind reading games. She had thought it would be a quest- a puzzle o...
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