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Not knowing the city to well was disastrous.
It took Lex about an hour to finally solve the puzzle of where Heather lives. He rallied down the Stroke Kent road for minutes before getting to her house. Lex stood in front of a ridge duplex with the garden so green and the flowers so emotionally lovely. It was the first time he would visit a human, so he didn't know what to do
N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

. He could feel that his presence had began to raise a lot of suspicion among her neighbours. Especially his pale face, and his grouchy look... That was something of scare.
Lex didn't want to cause any unnecessary alarm, everyone had think he was at school.. So being picked up by a cop would be very dangerous. Even though Lex knew he won't be caught, he just didn't want to create an ugly scene.  So he walked down to her doorstep. Different thoughts had began to run on his mind, he didn't know what she might think of him, or whether she would be happy to see him, or was he good at comforting. Lex seriously didn't know what her actions and reactions would be. 
So he thought of the whole thing again. It was his fault, he had caused it right from the beginning. Lex suddenly blame himself for recording the video... He hadn't blame himself before..

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. He doesn't blame his actions... He doesn't regret his deeds... But after meeting her, he had changed. She was his weakness, and he knew it but he wasn't going to leave her. Lex was so determine to learn how to live with her being his weakness.
After about five minutes of deliberation, Lex pressed the alarm fitly installed by the left side of the door. He got no response the first time, so he decided to try it the second and hopefully the last time. So he pressed the alarm again- he waited for some seconds for a reply. So when he got none, he turned to leave... Lex could hear a heartbeat pounding from the building; he wasn't sure whose but Lex knew someone was in the house. 
So as he was about to drift away from the compound, he heard a sweet voice calling him from behind. Lex couldn't hide the happiness that ran deep down his heart- instantly, Lex heart fluttered.
"Alexander, is that you?" The voice asked again.
Lex took a minute to hide his excitement before finally turning to meet her eye. 
"Hello Heather" he said, beaming her a smile.
It took Lex a minute to finally figure out how she felt. He studied her reactions instantly- her lips were wet, she kept licking it; her fingers were clung together, like a princess looking for her romeo; her heartbeat was racing, as if she was over the moon. Lex instantly settled in, for he knew she was excited to see him.
"... How did you know where i live?" She asked breaking the silent.
"I got your home address from Fergus, even though the address was so straightforward- your house was so difficult to locate"
"That's because its your first time here" Heather said, and Lex nodded. "It won't be so difficult next time"
Lex smiled for he knew she had just given him a free ticket to her house. 
"Heather!" A voice called from the building next to theirs "you know that dude?"
"Yes... He is my classmate"
"Oh.. I thought he was a junkie- I was about to call the cops"
"Please don't, I know him"
"Alright, Heather... Be more careful. The city is now dangerous" her neighbour said "hey dude, what's your name?"
"Alright boy- don't go about loitering in peoples neighborhood"
"Thanks for the look out, Pa Eddie" Heather said
The city hasn't fallen into the Jericho state but the number of mysterious cases has increased drastically over the last seven month. Humans being killed mysteriously without a murder weapon being found, aside from the marks made by teeth gnashing on the victims body. Mostly the cause of death has always been from a bite mark. The humans most times believe the victim were killed by some cougar or mountain lion- but the truth was yet to be unfold.
"Lets go in.. My mom has gone to work and my dad is on a business trip" she said leading the way into the house.
Suddenly, there was a barrier- it was preventing Lex from entering inside the building. The force was too strong that it was repelling Lex from entering into the house. 
"What's wrong?" Heather turned back, only to see Lex still at the doorstep. "There is no one home" she added.
Lex tried again but the force repelled him once more. He didn't know what to tell Heather; he didn't know what reason to give her; he had thought of bailing on her but he knew that would be all- for it would take a lot of explanations to get things right again.
"Why are you not coming in?" She asked, after noticing Lex was still at the doorstep "...you are free to come in"
Instantly, a barrier got lifted. The force of repulsion got replaced by a sudden force of attraction that pulled Lex towards the inner chamber of the house. Lex tried his luck one more time, but this time there was no force repelling him from entering the building. So he stretch forth his left arm; which entered without any barrier stopping it- so he placed his right leg and march pass the gate of uncertainty. 
What just happened was something Lex couldn't figure out- so he thought of asking Michael when he gets back to the penthouse. 
"Why didn't you want to enter?" Heather was so curious.
Lex immediately thought of what to say for he still hasn't gotten a theory to what just happened. 
"I didn't want to trespass-" he manage to say, but was stopped halfway by a boisterous laughter from Heather. Lex wondered what was funny, because he didn't find what he said so funny.
"You call entering into the house trespassing... But you were standing by the doorway- our property,  that is also trespassing" she said, and Lex immediately felt ashamed.
"Anyways, it's a good thing you are here- I seriously needed someone to talk to" she said with a smile but Lex could feel that something was wrong. She might need someone to talk to, someone to lean on.. But he wasn't sure if he was the person.
"How you feeling?" He manage to ask
"To be sincere, am not okay- I just can't believe Suzy could do that to me. Have known her since we were a kid"
Friends! Betrayal! Backstabbing!
Lex hadn't had much friends, but Adam and Cole had been with him since he could even remember. Betraying one another would be so disastrous- for he had never thought of betraying them both. They had always watch his back- stand beside him- comfort him in his weakest state... They know everything about him. So leaving them wasn't an option that had pop into his mind before.
"That's why am here" he said assuring her "I know you might be in need of a shoulder to lean on- just know that am here for you always and I will never betray you"
Heather was short of words, Lex had always been so nice to her. She doesn't even know what to believe anymore. Rory had been so nice to her at first- but all of a sudden, he changed when he became the team captain. His popularity increased massively amidst the students and he became a monster that she doesn't even know anymore. Even though he had helped increase her popularity and make her the Queen among the remaining girls in the school; she still wasn't happy. Her whole relationship became a charade just to keep their stance and popularity among the students... They were both not the Romeo and Juliet the students thinks they were.
"Thanks" that was the only word she could think of as she trys to change the topic. "Why don't you come see my room" she said, leading the way up the stairs.
The stairs lead to a spacious corridor with pictures fitly arranged on the wall.

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. It was like a family tree- different pictures of her ancestors down to father was hanged on the wall with the names written beneath each picture frames. It was something beautiful that Lex never had. He never knew his father nor did he know his mother except for the picture of her holding unto him when he was a baby. Lex wished he had memories of any of his families... Even Michael- Lex suddenly realize they never shared any pictures together.
"What you have here is lovely" he said, softly.
"Thanks" was the only reply she gave as she opened a door after the pictures. "This is my room" she added.
Lex stood at the corridor looking into her neatly arranged room. The room which was painted pink with dolls littering the room a fashionable style.
"It's beautiful" Lex said
But Lex wasn't ready to let the complimentary end just like that. So he gave her a shocker.
"...but you are more beautiful" his voice was as soft as it could possible be.
Heather couldn't hide the blush that had began to sprung up on her face- she hadn't expected it cause no one except him had told her that in a very long time.
"I know this might not be the right time to be all romantic- but I would jump to every opportunity I get to tell you how I feel about you and how your beauty mesmerize me"
Heather felt a numbness in her feet- with the little time she had spend with him, she felt so free and her heart flutters when she see him. It was just something she found so difficult to admit but it was the truth.
"I just need you to give me a chance, and i-"  
She stopped him with a kiss.
"You have gotten your opportunity" she said, and gave him a deep kiss which took Lex about a minute to figure out if he wasn't dreaming. When he came back to his senses, he discovered this was far from a dream. They were actually kissing-  It was Lex first kiss, so he decided to follow her steps and trend carefully as she led him to paradise.

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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