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"Lex! what have you done?"
The unusual tempo in the voice was beyond the usual... Guess it was a fear. An uneasing feeling that trample upon the solidity of the mind. This wasn't what both of them wished for; it was suppose to be a nice date... With the two love bird professing their newly found love. 
Their love story had ended even before it started. The foundation in which they ought to build an everlasting love story had end up looking so feeble
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. With flames erupting from both sides. The foundation had been a thin layer concrete with a mansion ascending on it.
Drowning like the titanic was their story, turning into dust was the love. There hasn't been a happy beginning in their case. The whole love story had ended in tears.
"It happened so fast... I couldn't control myself... I was lost for a minute... The incident was just so blur-"
"Lex, you have killed her"
Lex took her lifeless body into his arms. He shaked it so vigorously- this was going to be a nightmare he couldn't think of having. Her death would scatter him... Their pretty little date under the moon light had turn into the vessel of darkness. The darkness that had overcome him...
"No! She can't be dead!" Lex screamed "Nooooooooooo!!!"

Fergus woke up instantly. This was the second time he had dreamt about Lex..

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. Not just a regular dream, it was a revelation of what is to come. So he had to warn Lex. It wasn't as if they were in talking terms or was he ready to be friend with any of them, but he had no choice.. He had their secret buried deep down somewhere in his heart. A secret he must carry to the grave!
Their relationship was like the fire demon and the mighty mermaid. Nothing good was to come out of it, except for watching each other backs. So he got up from bed and prepare for school.


It was a new week, a fresh Monday morning... With remnants of the weekend being chewed in the students mouth. It was truly a disastrous weekend, seeing the downfall of the Hottest guy in school and his Queen Bee.
Rules were broken, disciplinary act was in the air... Three parties were involved but only two faced the consequence. Envelope of ignominy had began to fly down Bay Horth Highschool. Guess that was the price for the weekend trending video.
A SUV pulled over at the parking lot, with the usual white family alighting from the vehicle with no knowledge of what had happen. They had no license to a cell phone for they lived most of their lives like a criminal in the attic.
"At last- am out" Ingrid said, breathing some breathe of relief
"I must confess, this weekend looks longer than usual... You can't just imagine how I wish for this day to come" Derrick said, supporting Ingrid
"So you both are tired of the penthouse? The same penthouse you spent most of your life" Adam retorted
"Guess, that is the reason... The body needs change" Derrick protested
"Well, maybe.. But don't forget, the penthouse is home and there is no place like home"
"Do any of you notice any change?" Lex said, calling their attention to something bigger than them wishing they were out of the penthouse.
"What?" Cole asked
"The atmosphere is kind of different from the usual- can't you sense it"
"The only thing I smell is lemonade juice and fries... And it's coming from there" Derrick pointed to a detached building at the west wing of the school.
"D*ck head" Adam said, as they enter through the hallway.
It was one of the unusual Monday mornings, it was like dipping a spud into a cappuccino. The uneasiness in the atmosphere can't be left unnoticed with some strange faces walking through the hallway.
"Something is wrong, I can feel it" Lex said
"They look like some disciplinary"
"Hopefully not from here" Cole said
They walked down the hall to their lockers before settling in to their class, but the uneasiness was so unsettling. The student was in a great disrupt and the peace in the school was lingering. The buzzing from the speaker in the hallway alerted the students. It was some kind of an emergency and it needs to be address instantly.
"Hel... He... Hello" the signal was static and it sent a huge interference that the ear needs to adjust to.
"This is Principal John McCarthy..." The voice came from the speaker with a lot of adjustment. "You all might have watch the video that trend all through the weekend" 
Lex wonder what video could have trend all through the weekend that could have caused a lot of disrupt in the school. He just couldn't figure it out, so he was so eager to know what happened.
".... The good image of the school that we have built for years just got tarnished over the weekend..." The principal continue
It was like the whole school knew what was happening... They had put just him and his brothers in the dark but Lex was so determine to know what was happening.
"...the school have taken the right step... The students involved will definitely face the consequence. So you can all relax and return to class.. Work commence instantly"
The students began to rush to their respective classes at the sound of the buzzer. Lex instantly sighted Fergus running to class, so he drifted towards him in a seconds. He was quick and unnoticed, so he tapped Fergus by the shoulder.
"... Lex!" Fergus said, trembling.
Fear had began to gush through him and he found it so difficult to face Lex.
"Don't be scared... I won't hurt you" Lex said, assuring him. "I just needed some information from you"
Fergus wonder what kind of information Lex could need. Well, he also had something to tell him. He had to warn him about the dream he had before it was too late.
"What video went viral..."
Fergus instantly brought out his phone and played the video that has been causing a lot of commotion in the school. Lex was so shocked when he saw the video.
"What the f*ck!" He exclaimed 
It was the same video he recorded- The same video he deleted- how come the video went viral? A lot of unanswered question had began to run through Lex mind. He still didn't understand what happened- the human world seems so difficult for him to adjust to... He had questions but he wasn't sure of who had the right answers to those questions.
"How come? I deleted the video? How come it went viral?" Lex asked
"I uploaded it online"
Lex gave him a hard stare... He wondered how he did it.
"... But I deleted the video" Lex said
"Yes, you did but I found it"
"When you gave me back my phone, I ransacked it to know what you did with it. So in the process, I saw the video that you deleted. I was shocked to see Rory and Suzy making out. Then I created an anonymous account and sent it to school website... Guess it went viral from there"
Lex relaxed a little, but his mind was still troubled.

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. He just didn't know what to say... His was so short of words.
"But why did you upload it?" 
"I have an unfinish business with Rory.... Right from junior school he had been picking on I and David, because of him my only friend got transferred from the school. Have been looking for a payback for years but when I saw this opportunity, I was so determine to grab it"
So it was a revenge! It never ends well. It keeps dangling in the heart of the recipient till he unleash the devil in him. Lex wasn't ready to get tangled in a revenge web, so he forego the issue but there is only one thing on his mind.... Heather!
"Have you seen Heather today?" Lex asked, instantly.
Fergus shaked his head. Suddenly, the crazy little nightmare popped into his head. He wasn't sure who the girl was, but he knew Lex was involved.
"Do you like her?" He asked but Lex wasn't in the mood to answer any question.
"Do you know where she lives?" Lex asked, trying to dodge the question.
Instantly, lex asked for her home address and didn't even bother listening to what Fergus had to say. Fergus scribe her address into a paper and handed it over to Lex.
"I have something to tell you" Fergus said, but before he could blink... Lex was gone.

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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