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So it's true! No secret was hidden forever. No deed was done and forgotten! No evil won't come backfiring. Austin and Michael had thought their secret was buried and secured- they had thought their plans had been so successful.... But hell No! Things had began to change, their hidden secret has began to erupt questions, their buried secret has began resurface into the air.

The secret they had kept from everyone including the recipient. The secret only known to them- The destiny of Lex seems to erupt like a volcanic mountain . It can't be stopped; it magma disrupt the world of the supernatural.

hereby bringing so many unanswered questions.

This secret wasn't just about his paternity; it also involve the death of his mother.

Her secret meeting; How she was betrayed by someone she loved; How she died amidst the spirit of the ghoul.

Kol had his suspicion.

He wasn't sure what Lex was- but he was certain Lex was far from being an ordinary vampire.

Different thoughts had started eating his mind this past week.

Since the incident of Lex saving the small girl, a lot of things have been eating Kol up. He just couldn't ignore it; Lex speed- his strength- his agility..... Everything! He had thought of requesting for Lex file from Michael but had dropped the idea because he wants to be so certain.

It wasn't the usual Saturday at the Penthouse- the vampires were training

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. Kol was so determine to build an army of Vampires.

He paired the vampires into two and they were to spare each other until the weakest surrender.

Kol paired Lex with an older vampire.

He was ready to monitor his abilities.

Lex hasn't expected been paired with a vampire that has lived for hundred years.

It was really a tough task which he wasn't sure he could overcome.

He wasn't sure if he had the strength of a hundred years vamp or the experience he had gathered in the cost of living that long. But something was certain; Lex was ready to give it a try!

"This is really unusual" Kol began "I know such hasn't happen before.... This ain't your usual training anymore" He paused for awhile and looked at Lex who was apparently puzzled at the task ahead of him. "....consider this as a competition- and the winner will be allowed to feed on human blood-"

Human Blood? Feed on Human Blood? Austin couldn't believe his ears- he wasn't in support of the idea.

The way Kol make a decision without asking for his opinion annoys him.

Now! The vampires he had trained would feed on human blood? That is absurd!!! He had trained most of the vampires and had restricted them from feeding in human blood.

Austin knew the effect of human blood on a vampire. He knew the moment they start feeding on human blood, it will be so difficult for them to stop.

Read " My Messiah :Love in Damascus " by the same author ( olasupo isaac )

. Human blood wasn't only tasty- it also transition a vampire and they will be at their peak.... All their abilities will be tripled! "Grandpa! Human blood ain't a prize to give to a vamp"

Austin whispered into Kol ear Kol turned drastically- his eyes were in rage and Austin feared.

"Am sorry grandpa.... Its not like am questioning your decision"

Austin said, succumbing.

"A vampire is meant to be at their prime.... So they will be an irresistible force- a force that can't be conquered...."

Austin was short of words- he suddenly began to curse himself. It was all his fault; Gerard had put Kol away for years but in just a night, he shivered and woke the sleeping lion. Now his decision has backfired- he had fell down the pecking order. He was the king of the vampires- the ruler of the city... But now, he was just a figure that hides behind his ancient grandfather. With no say in the citadel- even his decision count for nothing- he was just a messenger..... That deliver Kol message to the rest of the supernatural.

".... As I was saying!!! The winner will be allowed to feed on human blood-"

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