Hotel Palava - Episode 44

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Lilian's POV

I held up a tray containing three glasses of wine then I walked around serving drinks. Mummy Deji was with Deji, "Good morning Ma, good evening" I paused looking at Deji, "Sir" I continued.
"Good evening to you dear," Mummy Deji answered. "Why does her face looks familiar?" She asked and Deji shrugged, "I don't know" he answered and my heart sank.
"The face is looking like the one face I saw at the hotel . Have you ever worked in a hotel?" She asked and I nodded. 
"Yes Ma'am"
"Now I remember where I've seen her, remember that day we came Lagos and we..." 
I walked away immediately. I couldn't bear to listen to anymore rejection again. I went inside and I cried. 
I saw Joan coming towards my direction. "I'm leaving" i announced, "So fast?" "I can't stay any longer" I sniffled.
"Are you crying?" She asked, "I have to go, I'm not feeling too well."
"Please can you help a bit? I know you were not supposed to be serving in this party but please just help out. We need you" she begged and I nodded.
I resumed serving drinks

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. Deji walked up to me then he plunged his hands into his pocket. He looked so frustrated. 
"Can we talk?"
"As you can see I'm really busy"
"I'm sorry about what I said in front of my mom. I didn't mean to"
"I'm used to it" I snapped. 
"Please Lilian"
"You don't care about me Deji, you're ashame of me and I totally get it. I don't mean anything to you, just leave me and stop hurting me.
"Deji yo!" Two guys yelled and they shook Deji's hand. "The baddest" they added and I attempted walking away"
"Lilian" He called out and I rolled my eyes. "We're not done" "You're with your friends"
"Who be this one?" One the guys asked, "Maybe na one of him catch" the other answered hailing Deji, "Baddest!"
"Make una park well abeg" Deji snapped, "I no know say Deji don dey follow dey colombi low class na. I know say Deji fit fuck anything but this one?" I heard the first guy retort and I felt like pouring a glass of champagne on his face.
"You dey mad?" Deji asked, "You well so?" He added. 
"Even if I colombi am na your business? Stanley, why don't you just mind your business? I was busy and you guys just came here to start saying rubbish" He snapped and i stood there shocked that he even had the balls to support me.
"Rubbish Deji? Na your guys you dey talk to oh. Wait..." The first guy paused then he laughed.
 "Are you dating her?"
They asked and I looked at Deji. I dared him to answer the question. "Even if I am it's no one's business" he answered and I dropped the tray walking away.
Deji followed me.
"Hey dear!" He yelled and I continued walking to the backyard. "Lilian" he held my hands and I pushed it away.
"Just ear me out okay?" 
"I'm sorry about my friends they we're acting obnoxious"
"Mmmmn" i hummed and he nodded. "They were being rude and you don't deserve such treatments"
"Seriously?" I asked sarcastically. 
"I remember very much the first person that treated me exactly that way" I answered and he scoffed.
 "Was that how i reacted?" He asked and I rolled my eyes. "It was worse than that Deji! Their insults doesn't a thing from me but you Deji, you were my boyfriend"
"And I'm sorry... I was too worried about what people think"
"You clearly didn't love me. Oh wait let me use the smallest expression, 'like'. You never liked me"
"Lilian you're wrong, I cared about you then. I was going to get serious with you, I was just ashamed"
"What's done is done, let's just go our ways. I'm done crying for you" "We can't go our separate ways Lilian, we can't go because I've come to realize I can't be happy without you. I've tried but I can't, you're the only woman who understands me, the only woman who isn't out for the money, the only woman who actually listens, who gives me good advise. You were an amazing girlfriend and I know you can be more, there's no one I want to be with other than you"
"And you're not scared what your parents or friends might think?"
"I don't know what I'm scared of anymore" he answered. "But I know what I want. I want us back together"
"I thought you wanted my forgiveness" i asked and he pulled me closer. "I want that with you too, I'm sorry for being a dick. I don't know how I'm going to tell my parents this, but i will and I pray for strength"
"I'm pregnant" I chipped in. 
The shock on his face was glaring.
"We're having a baby and I wanted to take care of him or her alone..... I thought you should know" "I'm scared" he answered and I folded my hands in anger.
"It's not that I'm having a double mind, It's just... You know how much I suck with babies" "I'll make you better" I answered and he smiled then he kissed me on the lips and I reciprocated.
Suddenly we heard gun shots fired in the air.


Deji's POV

We rushed to the scene only to hear that Adesuwa was almost gunned down. Lilian grew worried, I shared a bit in her worry.
My biggest concern was how i will let Mom in about dating Lilian. K trust that mom would take i lightly, Dad would flip!
I drove mom to my house, I didn't want her staying at the hotel any longer. We stopped at the hotel first to get her stuffs.
She didn't stop talking about the Thanksgiving and the gunnshot.
"On a whole Christmas day. A day to celebrate the love of Jesus Christ and love as a whole. God is slow if I was God, I would have just let him shoot himself" she commented walking in and I chuckled pulling her luggage in.
"So how was the party for you?" She asked, "It was just ... there" "I didn't see you for a while, where were you?"
"I was taking a stroll" I answered. 
"So nothing special happened, it was just there. Is that one reply?" She asked and I shrugged. 
"It was great"
"Why was it great?" "I said that because you wanted a real reply, there you have it"
"Are you being sincere?" She asked and I nodded and I took her to her room. The room was dusty, it hasn't cleaned since I left.
 "It's... a bit dirty but"
"You call this a bit?" She asked and I chuckled. 
"Mom" I called out while she was about to close the door. "The party was great, not because of anything but because.... because" I hesitated.
"For the first time in my life I got to make a decision in my life, or second time in my life, the first time was when I decided to get my own job."
"What decision did you make?"
"Remember the girl I spoke to you about? The one I needed to apologize to, Mom I'm currently dating her" I blurted out and Mom gave me a 'seriously' look. 
"She's um... She...not rich, she works as a maid in May hotel. Remember the girl in the room that day you guys came to Lagos? Yes she was my girlfriend as at that time but I was really foolish not to realize that I love her. Mom I don't care if you and Dad would not accept, I'm getting married to her; she's having my baby" I ranted and mom gave me the serious look then she laughed.
"It's about time!" She answered and I creased my brow in thought. I was confused. 
"What's going on?" I asked and she continued laughing.
"I wish I recorded that so Lilian could hear"
"How do you know her name?" I asked and she closed her mouth still laughing.
"Remember I said I was coming here to solve someone's problem. I didn't think you would have the balls"
"I.... I'm confused. I would have asked if you had this all planned out, but how would you have?"
"I overheard your call that day and I heard just the name I wanted. I asked Henry and an employee named Michelle at hotel. I got an address and that was it. I talked to Lilian and I found out she was pregnant. I knew I had to do something"
"I never knew you were that cool" I teased and she laughed hitting the back of my head. 
"You're ready Deji"
"How about Dad, he would flip"
"Your dad isn't really sick" she confessed and I raised my brow in shock. "That was the same look i gave when i found out. Ireti Babalola gave him the idea to pretend as though he's sick and he took it"
"Henry's mom?" I asked and she laughed.
"Yes, I wasn't surprised. That was why I was angry at your father." 
It finally made sense why I caught them arguing.
"Your father would have no option but to accept Lilian, trust me on this one. I just wanted to find out if you were ready to take up this responsibility"


Adesuwa's POV
Mr. Babalola called me to his office and I quickly reported there. I didn't know why he called me. I walked in filled with suspense.
"You have the job" He announced. I was surprised since I never had any discussion with him about needing a job, neither did I submit my resume.
 "What job Sir?" I asked.
"I saw the resume you submitted"
"I didn't submit any"
"Someone must have done that for you."
"I'm lost here" "I went through it and I thought you should have the position"
"What position?"
"Personelle manager, the last one was fired recently"
"I'll have to think about it" I replied and he nodded in understanding.

I went back to Henry's office. He was with Mrs. Haruna, "Just the two persons I wanted to meet." I said and Mrs. Haruna looked at Henry. 
"What's going on?" Henry asked, "Remember your Dad asked me to come over" I hinted off.
"He offered me a job, I don't remember submitting any resume. It must have been either you Mrs. Haruna or you Henry"
"I didn't do anything" Mrs. Haruna replied. "I only thought it would be a nice idea, Adesuwa you deserve more than just being a secretary" she added and I turned over to Henry.
"I guess I found the culprit".
"I'll leave you two" she added leaving the office and Henry stood up. "I can explain"
"Why would you...."I stalled and he smiled.
"Cause you deserve more than being a secretary by the door, there aren't much worthy jobs at the hotel so I dug your resume up from the hotel files."
"It was a difficult choice to make, I'll miss seeing you when I come out of the office but I knew I was doing it for the best, for your future" he answered placing his hands on my cheek and i smiled.
"Thanks" I muttered and he kissed me. 
"You're welcome"
I resumed the job the following week.

After my wedding invite was printed, I personally went to the hotel to invite my friends. The wedding has definitely been announced. I knew a few persons that would want personal invitations.
Mrs Haruna smiled on seeing the invite. "Are you sure it's advisable to walk around giving this to the employees? You have enemies oh"
"I don't want anyone to say they didn't come because i didn't invite them"  I answered and she laughed.
While I walked around the hall, i met Michelle with a laundry basket in her hands. "Michelle, how far?" I said to her and she hissed.
"So you can still remember my name" she snapped and I rolled my eyes. "What's it with this attitude?"
"I told you already, you guys left me. You just acted as though I didn't exist"
"Do you know what I've been going through? I've been going through hell, trying to make my better. The last time you said I didn't come to see you, I being just dey look you as you take dey talk. I worked as a secretary, my ass was always on that chair for more than ten hours. I was sick, did you even care to visit? No! You heard i was engaged, did you even come to congratulate me, No! Who should be angry between the both of us? You can't just start getting angry and you feel like you're the only one that can get angry. Me sef sabi vex!" I hissed leaving and she followed me. 
"So person no fit play with you again?" She asked and I turned back angrily and she smiled and I was forced to chuckle.
"No just dish that shit again for me"
"But you sef no try oh, at least you for call person. I being dey jealous say as una levels wan con change, una con wan throway me."
"Why would I?" I asked and she hugged me.
"Na the work wey you supposed dey do be that?" I heard Mummy B ask from behind and Michelle hissed. 
"Give am one word" Michelle whispered to me and I shook my head. "I'm not here for war, i came peacefully"
"Go back to your duties" She demanded.
"Good afternoon" I greeted and she hissed.
I brought out the card from my bag then I stretched it at. "I'm inviting you to my wedding" I smiled and she hissed again.
"Abeg carry your nonsense card commot for my front, husband snatcher! Asewo as you be, you steal person husband you one con give me card. You have mind oh." She paused.
"I'm inviting you to my wedding" she mimicked me and I scoffed. "Your wedding or a wedding you stole from that fine lady, Jummy"
"You no even happy say person they give you invite" Michelle snapped. "Why I go happy? I no come the wedding even if them they share one million" 
"Abeg no come, we no wan see your ugly face before"
"Michelle na me you dey talk to oh"
"You'll see the manager!" She snapped leaving and Michelle laughed.
"Abeg leave her, you don't need people like her on your wedding day. Abeg make we talk aso-ebi, what's the dress code?" She asked and I laughed.

I woke up feeling uneasy, like something bad was going to happen. The girls threw a spinster party for me the previous night including Tosin and newly married Ivie. 
She said she couldn't miss it for anything.
Henry had left the house the previous day. He was at Deji's house making his own preparation.
Lilian, Joan and Mitchell walked in afterwards they were already dressed up in their uniform.
 "It's your wedding day!!" They screamed, "The princess has had her beauty sleep" Lilian yelled and I smiled.
"What's the time?" I asked, "It some minutes before seven"
"It's late"
"The bribe always come in late" Lilian answered and Joan laughed.
"Seriously? Why didn't you guys wake me up?"
"We wanted you to rest and you've had you rest. Take your bathe, the make up artiste is here so..." Mitchell replied clapping her hands. 
She was excited.
"Today is your wedding day, it has to be special and then at the end of the night, you'll give Henry the surprise" Lilian said and I smiled. 
"He's going to be excited about it"

After the preparation, it was almost nine and I was dressed in my wedding dress when I saw a text from Segun on my phone. 
"Can you please come to the house, it's important.

Read " Dysfunctional " by the same author ( Essien Eno )

. It's a matter of life and death. I'm on the verge of suicide" 
I showed it to Lilian and she hissed.
"Don't go, he might be trying to trap you"
"What if he's about committing suicide, it will be on my conscience forever. What if I can stop him?" I asked and Lilian disagreed.
"Let him commit the sucide then! He deserves it. The church wedding will begin"
"Please let me just see him, I'll come back and meet you guys."
"Let us go with you at once"
"I won't want to stress you guy. You said it yourself, the bride always comes in late." I reasoned and she nodded. 
"Don't take long oh"

I had the driver drive me over to Segun's house. I walked in, there was no one by the door. The security was not at his duty post. I went into the house and from afar, I found Segun on the floor. 
Humanly I thought he had committed suicide then I walked closer and i saw blood on the floor from his head.
"Jesus!" I screamed snapping my fingers. 
I picked up my phone to make a call when I saw some policemen walk in. "Hands up in the air where we can see it" they demanded and I raised my hands up.
A man walked behind me cuffing my hands. "You're under arrest"
"I didn't do it" I cried,  "I swear to God, I didn't do it" 
"You have the right to remain silent, anything you say would be used against you in the court of law" he added and it dawned on me. 
This was all a set up!

Final episode will be posted tomorrow.
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  • temilade picture
    That serves you right, your friends told you not to go
  • temilade picture
    That serves you right, your friends told you not to go
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Too much kindness on your side Adesuwa, this will serve you right not to trust people too much
  • Johnny Tall picture
    Johnny Tall
    ade whats wrong with you and this segun guy whats wrong with him
  • Ademola Monday picture
    Ademola Monday
    what a set up
  • Angela David picture
  • Ujuaku Nwobi picture
    Ujuaku Nwobi
    Which kind of stupid gal is this? It’s your wedding day & you went to see your ex. I don’t pity her. Please post the final episodes
  • Destiny Benson picture
    Destiny Benson
    Good for you Adesuwa, how can you leave your wedding to go and see a bastard,I can't wait to read the last episode
  • Amma picture
    I didn't expect this from you Adesuwa...on your wedding day?? come on!!
  • Busola Bolaji picture
    Busola Bolaji
    This adesuwa is very stubborn,her friend tell her not to go but she refuses ,I pray she come out of this
  • Essien Eno picture
    Essien Eno
    Haba@ Temilade... Lol . Adesuwa has a big heart
  • Essien Eno picture
    Essien Eno
    You're right Benedicta... Too much trust is bad
  • Essien Eno picture
    Essien Eno
    It's care oh@ Johnny
  • Essien Eno picture
    Essien Eno
    Thanks@ Ademola
  • Essien Eno picture
    Essien Eno
    Thanks @Angela
  • Essien Eno picture
    Essien Eno
    I will @Uju
  • Essien Eno picture
    Essien Eno
    Thanks Destiny
  • Essien Eno picture
    Essien Eno
    Thanks for the comments Amma
  • Essien Eno picture
    Essien Eno
    Thanks Busola
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    She's so gullible that' guy is a con artist,he's tricked her many times yet she believes him....that's the same guy who raped her,nd tried to ruin her relationship with Henry for crying out loud....she's a nincompoop!
  • Peesam picture
    Foolishness at its peak.. If he commit suicide nko... What's your own
  • Modupe Gbolagun-Bello picture
    Modupe Gbolagun-Bello
    Adesuwa u sef u fall my hand o. Fly wey no dey hear word go follow dead body enter grave.
  • Oke Olabisi picture
    Oke Olabisi
    aah at least Ade shd have listen to lian now
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