Eve - Episode 14

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"Oh my, I fell asleep" Mumiyo yawned watching Eve as she spoke to the two most adorable children she had ever seen. They almost looked to identical except their clothing.  They hopped and played around her singing 'Eve's not evil.

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. Eve's not evil' their voice echoed after each others it almost seemed unworldly. 

"Who are they?" Mumiyo inquired getting up to touch them . "So adorable". She cooed

"Do touch us" they retracted a step back hiding behind Eve.

"They don't like strangers". Short and simple like Eve had always done so it didn't bother Mumiyo. Then an idea came to mind, she walked towards her bag and brought out a biscuit she had made during the night and handed it to the twins. 

"Here, you will like it" 

Carefully the female picked it from her palm examining the cookie without saying a word after all, it was strange to them. Then the brother stretched out his hands snapping the biscuit in two as both looked to Eve for permission and when she gave a slight nod they both took a bite at the same time. 

They liked it too much because they began to lower their guard eating the cookie less concerned. Now they were stuck on Mumiyo as she played with them.

Till a bell was heard

"Dinner" Mumiyo called out as she walked out of Shokè''s room

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. "You have to prepare" panicked she left. Ogun found it as suspicious as Eve did.

Eve had worn one of the darkest shade of blue wrapper adorned by beads well more like she was dressed by the servants while Ogun strolled around the corridor before they were seated on the table. 

Arranged starting from the end of the table was the king next was Eve and at the opposite side was a lady dressed in a black striped orange wrapper, next were two undoubtedly striking brothers chatting away while eating the piece of chicken placed on their plates and sitting next to them was a lady almost the age of Eve's vessel pretty as could be but quietly placed at the end of the table was Mumiyo who looked rather uncomfortable than hungry refusing to meet Eve's eyes.

"How is your food Shokè?" The king asked looking towards Eve with a huge smile painted on his face.

"Great" Eve took another bite to prove it watching the annoyed faces on the people that sat round the table except Mumiyo who seemed to have her own issue.

"You shouldn't talk while eating, it's improper" the lady opposite Eve scoffed.

"Says the person who still speaks with food in her mouth" Eve retorted quick shutting the lady up with nothing to say also leaving the table quiet but with a small smile that tugged the king's lips.

After dinner another bell rang signifying the end of dinner and just as quick Shokè was up on her feet after the king had left the hall only to see the lady beside Mumiyo pour her food on Mumiyo''s head and body. 

"Pig" she spat at her and what followed was her palm but Eve was right beside Mumiyo holding the hand of the girl. 

"And you are?" Eve found herself asking 

The girl laughed and looked to Eve "your beautiful cousin" she flipped her hair "be joking about not knowing who, Bimbo, is" she twirled in all grace she could muster and it dawned on Eve that this girl was self loving and dispacable. The type she truly hated.

Bimbo pulled her hands back rubbing at her wrist. "Why did you stop me?" She eyed Mumiyo with pure hate. 

"What did she do?"

"What's wrong with you Shokè? Or have you forgotten" 

Mumiyo hid her face in embarrassment. 

"Forgotten, what kind of abomination she is to this kingdom?"

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