DEMON'S FATE ( BOOK 2) - Episode 13

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Ariel immediately landed on the field with her father 

Raguel eye's connected with the demon, he could tell there was something different about him,

he does not have the same aura like other demons 

He glance over to the woman standing behind the demon who he presume was the demon's mother because of the slight resemblance between the two.

The demon's mother does not have the scent of a demon at all, Raguel said to himself, looking intensely at the demon's mother 


Hey, Ariel said quietly to Grey,

but Grey did not respond to her, but instead he asked a question 

Who is he? Grey asked pointing at Raguel 

He is my father, Ariel answered quietly

Of course he is Grey muttered to himself

What was I even thinking, he said to himself

I can now see the resemblance between them, immediately she called him father

Grey mentally slap himself, for being stupid not to notice that

What is he doing here? Grey asked

He does not see any reason why her father should be here,

he does not trust any Angel to be around him, well apart from Ariel he said to himself 

Not after the story his uncle told him about Angels, he is always alert whenever an Angel is around him

He knows about us, Ariel said responding to Grey's question, he wanted to meet you Ariel added 

Meet me? Grey asked looking at Ariel's father 
Why will he want to meet a demon, Grey asked himself 

What if he has found a way to break the bond,

Grey said to himself panicking a little bit 

Ariel quickly notice that there was something wrong with the demon

Are you okay? She asked with concern 
Grey took a deep breath before he answered 
I'm fine he said not meeting Ariel's gaze


Anna who has been watching everything from behind her son, left her son's back and stood by his sides 

Hi, she said to Raguel, after looking at him cautiously to know that the Angel was no threat to her and her son 

My name is Anna, and this is my son Grey she said with a smile,

which Raguel returned that action only made Anna feel relaxed 

I'm Raguel, and this is my daughter Ariel, Raguel said pointing at Ariel 

Ariel and Grey were in their own little world, they wrere both staring at each other in silent, Raguel could feel their bond radiating with love 

If only they could accept it, he said to himself

Anna followed Raguels gaze to their children and her smile widen, because she could definitely feel what Raguel feels 

Raguel motioned for Anna to follow him, they both took a little step away from their children 

I practically forced my son to leave the demon zone, Anna said quietly,

she just feels she had to explain herself to the Angel 

I wanted him to be with his soulmate, and he wouldn't leave me in the demon zone, so I decided to follow him, she added 

Raguel nodded his head in understanding, he knows it would be very hard to leave a loved one behind 

He doesn't know if it was the right time to bring up why Anna and her son, Grey are different or not but he quickly decided against it

There will be plenty of time to ask that question, Raguel said to himself 

They are both finding it hard to accept the bond, Raguel said softly, which made Anna to nod her head in agreement 

Do you have any where to go? Raguel asked 

"No" Anna answered quietly

She did not even think about where they will stay 

Would you like to live with us, Raguel asked, it will really be good for the two of them to being in the same place, he added 

If thats not too much trouble for you, then yes I and my son will live with you and your family Anna said 

No it's not, Raguel said reassuring Anna with a smile 


They both walked backed to their children who did not even seem to notice their presence because there were both staring at each other "longing" 

Raguel cleared his throat to get his throat to get their attention

Grey quickly averted his eye's from Ariel and connected his gaze with her father 

Well your mother and I have decided that you two can come live with us, Raguel said looking at Anna who nod her head at her son

When did you guys have that discussion? Grey asked 

You two were too busy to notice that we both step out for a while, Anna said with a smile 

Grey cursed softly, 

What if this Angel had hurt my mother, Grey said to himself, I was so distracted he added 

Grey frowned a little when he remember the Angels word 

Are you serious about we living with them, mom? Grey asked shaking his head 

Their house will be filled with"Angels" Grey said, I can't believe you agree to that

Son it will be fine, Anna said 

I don't know mom, I'm not comfortable with this idea Grey said as he crossed his hands 

I assure you that you and your mom, will be safe in our house, Raguel said to Grey

See son, it will be alright, Anna said reassuring her son 

Okay, Grey said 

Ariel almost smiled at Grey's answer but she quickly faked a cough to hide her smile when Grey glanced at her 

Alright then, "let's go" Raguel said as he flashed his wings, Ariel did the same,

while Grey pulled his mother close and wrapped his hand around her, together they all left 


They all landed Outside the house, Raguel quickly contacted Michael through the "Angels whisper" he informed him about what was going on before they entered the house 

Immediately they step inside the house, the atmosphere changed, all the Angels in the house were altered because they could sense a demon 

Samael wasted no time in pulling maria behind him, and also pull his daughter to his side 

Raguel what's going in here? Raphael asked wary of a demon presence in the house 

I will explain everything that is going on and I promise this demon is not a threat to anybody, Raguel said 

Elena looked at her husband and her daughter, she saw her daughter was looking very tense 

You better have a good explanation for this Elena said crossing her hand and looking at her husband

Raguel ushered both Grey and his mother in properly and offered them a seat 

Grey hold onto his mothers hands, he was still not comfortable in a house full of Angels, in case anything were to happen he could easily vanished with his mother 


Raguel took a deep breath and glance at his daughter who was fidgeting

Ariel has found her soulmate and Grey here is her soulmate, Raguel said pointing at Grey

He is a demon, Elena said stating the obvious

I know that, but he is Ariel's soulmate,Raguel answer quietly

The entire house suddenly felt quiet, everybody was in shocked, Elena opened her mouth to say something but could not form any words from her mouth 

She shook her head, she did not even know what to say,

she immediately stood up, flashed her wings and left the living room

Ariel was so shocked when her mother left, she wanted to go after her but her father stopped her 

I will go talk to your mother, Raguel said 

Ariel nodded her head

Are you sure you don't want me to come along? Ariel asked 


With that Raguel left 

When he got to their bedroom he saw his wife seated on the bed in tears 

"Why" she asked sensing her husband's presence in the room 

We don't get to choose who we are bonded to, Raguel said as he moved closer to his wife, he wrapped his hands around her 

I knew something was up when you two left the house Elena said 

I'm sorry I couldn't tell you then, Raguel said

i understand, Elena said quietly and held onto her husband tightly

Do you remember what the the "Messenger Angels" said to us about Ariel and her soulmate before she was born, Raguel asked 

Elena nodded her head in response because she remember the words of the "Messenger Angels" very well 


"The child in your womb is no ordinary child, the bond your child is going to connect will be stronger than yours, your child and your child's soulmate are very special and they will be of help in the future"

Those were the exactly words of the messenger Angels

Do you think our daughter is angry with the way I left, Elena asked quietly

Come on let's go talk to them, Raguel said as he pulled Elena up with him, they both then made their way to the living room 


Ariel immediately looked up, when her parents entered the living room 

Elena made her way to her daughter and wrapped her hands around her 

I'm sorry for the way I left, Elena whispered to her daughter and I promise I'm not angry she added 

Ariel smiled and hug her mother tightly

So they are staying with us? Elena asked looking at her husband who nod at her 

Are you sharing a room with my daughter? Elena asked looking at Grey

"No" both Grey and Ariel said in unison 

The Angels in the room all chuckle 

I will stay with mom, Grey said 

Okay, Elena said as she stood up, I will show you to your room then 

Grey stood up with his mother, he glance at Ariel one last time before he followed Elena out of the living room

Elena showed them their room and left afterwards

Anna glanced around the room " this is our life now" she said quietly

Grey stood near the window as he recollected the Angels name 

"Ariel"  he whispered softly, as his lips curve into a beautiful smile 

. .

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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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