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The next day, Grey was seated on his bed, wide awake,

he was thinking of a way to sneak out with his mother 

He already has a plan, on how they will sneak out, he just hopes it's successful

He stood up from his bed and left the room, it was still early in the morning so his mother was still sleeping in her bedroom,

he opened the door and existed the house, and shut the door behind him quietly, in other not to wake his mother

He walked down the corridor of the demon zone, it was very quiet,

he looked around as he wrapped his hands around himself, as he continue walking 

 I don't even know if I will miss this place when I'm gone, Grey said to himself


After an hour of walking, he decided to go home,

when making his way home he saw something or rather someone which made him stop to double look what he saw

He saw bother josh cuddling and kissing Erna 
Grey shook his head at them,

they both deserve each other he said to himself as he continue his journey home 


When he got home he saw his mother was up and she was seated in the living room 

Where did you go?  Anna questioned her son

I just went for a walk, Grey answered

I will go take a bath now, we need to get ready to leave, Grey said making his mother nod her head 

I will make us breakfast, she said as she left for the kitchen

Grey walked to his room and went straight for the bathroom,

he strip off his clothes and stare at his reflection in the mirror,

he looked at the fresh scar on his body, he sigh as he shook his head, and averted his eye's from the mirror

He turn on the shower and step inside, he suddenly felt calm as the water touched his skin


Few minutes later, he came out of his room looking fresh,

he went straight to join his mother on the dinning table, as both eat in silence 

Are you ready to go now? Grey asked his mother

Anna nodded her head

" let's go" she added

They both existed the house and walked down a path demon hardly pass through,

it was still early, so they did not see any demon around but suddenly Erna appeared from no where

Hey Grey she said with a smile

Grey stopped as he rolled his eye's, of course she must be here by this time after finishing snoggling my brother

Erna looked at Grey and his mother

Where are you two going? Erna asked

Its none of your business, Grey spat

"Whatever", Erna muttered as she rolled her eyes

Don't you see how much I want you, Erna said as she pout 

Grey looked at her from head to toe

Of course I can see how much you want me by snoggling my brother, Grey snapped at Erna making her flinched

W-what? Erna stuttered

Don't try to deny it, I saw the two of you

But is you I want, I don't want your bother, Erna whined 

I don't care, Grey muttered 

"You two deserve each other" he added

He pushed pass her, pulling his mother along with him and leaving Erna standing looking stunned 


After few minutes of walking, Grey stopped and loosen his grip on his mother,

he glance around to make sure no demon was around,

he took a step forward to check every corner if he would see any demon in sight 

Anna was looking very nervous, she was just hoping they were not caught, because they will be in big trouble

her son suddenly came to stand by her side, he put his hand on her shoulder seeing how his mother is tense up

Anna looked at her son, and Grey nod encouraging at her, 

It's clear mom, he said quietly,

there is no demon in sight, he added as he wasted no time in pulling his mother close,

since she has been stripped off her power there is no way she could vanished without the help of her son

Grey wrapped his hand around her and vanished



Ariel was on her bed and still under her cover, she was so exhausted from the event that happened,

she just did not feel like getting up but she just had to,

she slowly lifted the cover from her body, and drag her body out from the bed

She went straight to her bathroom and turn on the shower immediately, the water suddenly made her wide awake


Few minutes later, she was done, and she left the bathroom and head downstairs to the living room

Her family was seated in the living room chatting 

Hey honey, Elena said to her daughter

Good morning mom, Ariel said as her gaze shifted to her father, who smiled at her, making Ariel to smile

By the look of things, it's seems like dad did not tell them anything, she said to herself, and she was really  grateful that her dad did not tell them.

They all head over to the dinning table to eat their breakfast, the whole family eat in silence,

Ariel then washed the dishes and went to sit down in the living room 

Raguel on the other hand was observing his daughter from where he was seated with his wife,

he looked over at Michael, when their gaze connected he motioned for him to go outside, 

Michael nodded his head, and went outside, Raguel wasted no time in joining Michael outside 

How is Ariel holding up? Michael asked immediately Raguel came outside 

Not good at all, Raguel said shaking his head

You should have seen her yesterday, she was looking so hurt,

I could literally feel the pain she was in, it was so heartbreaking seeing my daughter that way, Raguel added remembering the way his daughter clung onto him as she cried

What do you have in mind to do? Michael asked 

I don't know, Raguel said,

Ariel is not accepting this bond and I'm sure the demon is not too,

I think they need to be brought together so they will learn how to accept their bond 

That will not be easy, Michael said, but I agree with you in bringing them together 

Raguel nodded his head, I will just find a way to see this demon, he said looking at Michael

Okay, Michael said, do you want me to come with you he asked 

No, Raguel said quickly, I don't think Ariel wants anybody to know yet,

but I will just find a way to ask her about the demons whereabouts

Michael nodded his head, as he placed a hand on his friend shoulder, giving it a little squeeze 

They both went back inside, but Raguel went straight to where his daughter was seated


Ariel glance at her father immediately he sat down, she gave him a smile before she averted her gaze

How are you doing? Raguel asked quietly, not wanting to draw attention to them

I'm feeling much better, Ariel said, knowing that her father was asking about the event that happened in her room

Raguel nodded his head as he remain quiet for a minute before he spoke 

You haven't connected your bond? He asked 

"No" Ariel whispered

Ariel instantly felt something, making her father look at her worrying, he just prays its not what happened to her yesterday

Are you okay? Raguel quickly asked 

He is at the field, Ariel said quietly looking at her father

Raguel wasted no time as he stood up pulling his daughter along with him, and went to meet his wife

Hey babe, I and Ariel will be back soon, we just want to stretch our wings, Raguel said placing a kiss on Elena's lips

Do you want me to come with you? Elena asked 

No, Raguel said quickly, like I said we will be back soon,

just relax at home Raguel added

Okay babe, see you soon, Elena said as she kissed her daughter's cheek

Both Ariel and her father exist the door and stood outside for a while, Ariel glanced at her father 

What are you doing? Ariel asked 

I have to meet the demon, Raguel said quietly and he was really glad this opportunity presented itself,

he just wonder how he was going to ask his daughter about the demon's whereabouts

Raguel flashed his wings so did Ariel as they both vanished



Grey landed on the field still holding his mother securely around himself,

he looked around first before he unwrapped his hand from his mother,

he took a step backward leaving a little distance between them.

Where is this place? Anna asked her son

Anna has not being outside the demon zone for a very long time

This is where I met the Angel for the first time, Grey said quietly

Oh, so this is like your special spot, Anna teased her son 

Grey looked at his mother with a little frown 

"What" Anna said, I was just asking she said innocently

Grey shook his head and averted his eyes from his mother,

he heard his mother laugh which made him smile a bit 

Greg suddenly sensed the Angel's presence 

"She is coming" 

Grey said to his mother but she is with another Angel, Grey said worrying,

he wasted no time in pullung his mother behind him as he waited for them to land 

He still don't trust Angels

. .

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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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