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The next morning Ariel woke up with a beautiful smile,

for the first time in a long while, she did not feel tired,

she did not have to drag her body from her bed, she stood up feeling very energetic,

she immediately ventured into in bathroom
and looked at her reflection in the mirror,

" He's just a door away",

she whispered to herself with a smile, before she shook her head and averted her eyes from the mirror with a smile, she turn on the shower and have her bath 

Few minutes later, she came out of the bathroom looking dried,

she went straight to her drawer to look for a something to wear,

she spent minutes looking for something to wear, before she finally settled for one.

After that, she left  her room and head downstairs,

she saw Anna with her mother and grandmother, she looked around for Grey and her smile instantly dropped when she did not see him in the living room,

she took a step further into the living room and sat on the couch 


Elena who has been watching her daughter the moment she entered the living room, approached her when she her daughter's mood has deflated upon seeing a smile on her face before 

Ariel was so distracted,  her mind is always shifting to Grey she did not even notice when her mother sat next to her until she spoke 

Where you looking for someone? Elena asked 

She noticed her daughter was looking around when she entered the living room

The sound of of her mother  pulled her out of what she was thinking 

W-what? Ariel asked looking at her mother

Are you looking for Grey? Elena asked 

What, no, Ariel said quickly and averted her eyes from her mother,

Ariel just feels as if her mother could read her mind, she refused to look at her mother's direction 

Elena smiled at her daughter's reaction 

Oh, I thought you were looking for him, Elena added 

You thought wrong mom, I wasn't,  Ariel mumbled 

I think breakfast is served, Elena said looking at her daughter,

come on let's go have breakfast Elena added as she pulled her daughter along with her,

Ariel glanced at the stairs one last time, hoping Grey would come down, but he did not,

she sighed and followed her mother to the dinning table


I better go get Grey, Anna said with a smile as she attempt to move but Elena held her back 

I want to show you something, Elena said 

Really? Anna asked 

I will just hurry upstairs and get Grey quickly, I will be back soon, Anna added 

But Elena was not willingly to let her go, Anna look at Elena, 

Elena silently communicated with Anna, making Anna understand the reason why Elena keeps stopping her for going to call her son 

Ariel go call Grey, Elena said, 

Ariel who was oblivious to what was happening nodding her head and left for Grey's room

Both Elena and Anna watched Ariel leave

They need to interact with each other more, Elena said referring to both Ariel and Grey

Yes you are right, Anna said agreeing with Elena 

Ariel stood outside the door to Greys room, it was slightly opened and she could tell he was not in the bedroom,

she was about to knock when she heard the door to the bathroom opened and a shirtless Grey walked in 

Ariel's mouth hang open at the sight of Grey's body, she tried to will herself not to look, but her eyes refuse to listen to her brain

When Grey turned his back, Ariel frowned when she noticed something 

"The scars" on his back 

Grey suddenly felt eyes on him, and he immediately turn to see Ariel standing outside the door

He suddenly felt self conscious about his scars, he knows for sure Ariel has seen them, he wasted no time in slipping in a shirt 

What are you doing here? Grey asked, 

He was not angry with Ariel for sneaking up on him,

he just crossed his hands and waited for her to respond to his question 

Ariel on the other hand was so dumfounded about Grey scars 

What happened to your back? Ariel asked 

Don't ask me that and just tell me what you are doing here, Grey snapped at her

Ariel immediately shut her mouth as she stare at Grey,

Grey actually felt bad for snapping at her, and he opened his mouth to apologize,

but before he could get the word out, Raguel walked in in them 


Hey you two, Raguel said, making Ariel to avert her eyes from Grey and looked at her father 

Dad, Ariel said 

I was asked to check on you two, since its been a while since You two have been here, Raguel said, shifting his gaze between  Ariel and Grey

We were about coming downstairs, Grey mumbled as he walked pass them and head downstairs,

Ariel followed quickly leaving her father standing alone in the room 

Raguel chuckled softly as he head downstairs too 


Grey was seated in the dinning table when Ariel came downstairs and sat next to him, because that was only seat available 

For some reason, Grey was very aware that their legs seem to be brushing each other occasionally,

and that action send a wave of pleasure through his body 

He took the risk and glance at Ariel, but he found out Ariel was already watching him,

a surge of excitement went through him at the thought of Ariel looking at him 

Ariel can you pass me that plate, Maria said 

Maria's voice made both Grey and Ariel aware that they were people in the room with them 

Ariel tore her eyes away from Grey and pass her mother the plate, she raised her glass to her lips to hide her smile.

After, breakfast Ariel washed the dishes and went to the living room to join the rest of her family 

Grey was seated in the arm chair, and his gaze was connected to the show on the television,

immediately Ariel entered the living room, Grey's eyes shifted from the screen and landed at Ariel, he watched her seat next to her father 

Grey averted his eyes from Ariel and continue to watch the show, when the credit showed in the screen, Grey stood up and left for his room

Anna was worried about her son, so she immediately followed him up to the room,

when she got there she saw her son seated on the edge of the bed with his eyes closed 


Son, are you alright? Anna asked making Grey to snap his eyes open 

I'm fine mom, Grey answered and closed his eyes 

Anna moved Closer to her son and sat next to him

Grey, you know you can talk to me, Anna said as she placed her hand in his shoulder 

I know mom, Grey murmured

But I'm fine, Grey insisted 

Anna sigh softly, not liking her son's response 

Grey noticed his mother's face, he mentally slap himself, he hate seeing his mother sad 

I'm just confused thats all, Grey finally said 

Anna looked up to her son when she heard him speak 

is it about Ariel? Anna asked carefully

Grey only nodded his head 

Anna smiled softly at her son, 

you like her don't you? Anna asked 

Grey turned to look at his mother with blank expression, his face gave nothing away 

Anna laughed softly, because she knows her son definitely likes Ariel 

It will be very easy for you if you admit you like Ariel,

Anna said as she placed a kiss on her son's cheek before she left the room 


Grey closed his eyes for a brief second before he sensed a presence in his room 

Mom, it's enough now, I don't want to talk about it,

Grey said without opening his eyes but the room was still quiet,

he expected his mothers voice but Ariel spoke instead 

Grey.... Ariel called making Grey snapped his eyes open when he heard the sound of Ariel's voice,

he straighten himself on the bed and waited for Ariel to speak 

Um, your mom said you wanted to talk to me, Ariel said 

Grey cursed softly, of she would tell Ariel that, Grey said to himself 

Grey shook his head and stood up, I did not tell my mom that, he said softly 

Oh, Ariel said slightly disappointed, I will go then, she said as she made an attempt to leave but Grey immediately held her back, 

Ariel glanced at Grey's hand on her, that was when Grey aware that he still had his hand on her, he quickly pulled back fast, 

And Ariel immediately missed the contact of Grey's hand,

even though his hand did not actually touched her skin,

she could still feel the a slight sensation burning through her skin 

Grey cleared his throat and sat on the bed, and motioned for Ariel to do the same,

Ariel immediately lowered herself down tothe bed

They both kept stealing glances at each other before Grey spoke 

Is everybody downstairs your  related to you,  Grey asked,

he just think that is the safest question to ask 

"Not really" Ariel said quietly before she began her explanation 


Grey half listened to what she said because he was so distracted,

his eyes occasionally shift to her lips when she was talking 

"I really do like her",

he said to himself, I just hope she feels the same too he said to added

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