Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 52

Chapter 52

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Ciara's POV
As I approached her apartment, tension begun caving in. Alice and I were two sides of the coin.

How was she going to react when she sees me??? Is she going to be happy or disgusted???Till when should I wait for her to be there for me as a big sister like she should???

I rang the bell the third time before she finally opened the door..

"I thought you wouldn't come..." She rolled her eyes and paved way for me to get in...

"Why shouldn't I come to see my mother???"I sneered and followed the sweet aroma upto the kitchen...

There she was my African goddess preparing my favourite,  Chapatis...On the counter laid a cabbage, some onions,tomatoes, carrots that seemed were being chopped as the beef meat boiled vigorously on the cooking gas...

"How is the best mother in the whole world doing???"I wrapped my arms around her waist from behind and rested my head on her back...
Instantly I feel at ease, all the pain and sorrows inside me suddenly went away. My heart felt lighter.
That's what we call the power of a mother's touch...

She took hold of my hands and turned around,"How is the married girl doing????"

"Oooooh Mama!!!" I tried fighting my tears but the moment she hugged me I broke down...

"I am sorry mama for been a bad daughter, I wish you were there as I got married..To have you and dad's blessings..."

"Why are you crying???You should be happy to see me..." She pulled me back and wiped my tears away with her thumbs,"You look so beautiful and classy . How does it feel married to a billionaire????" She wiggled her eyebrows..

I wish I could tell her it was hell on earth..I wish I could open up of how I got married, why I got married but the last thing I wanted was my mother angry at Jordan...

Yes at first he was a mean man but off late I don't know why I don't want anything bad happening to him...

"He makes sure am happy and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me...I love him so much...."

I know it was a lie but in my mind it felt like i meant it

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. What was Jordan Marcias doing to me???

"That explains why you got married so fast!!!"She pinched my cheek lightly and I just laughed...

"Mama, why are you making her think she did a good thing????Dad was disappointed at her..." Alice thundered..

"Alice be gentle on her. She is your small sister, she made a mistake. All you have to do is guide her, the mess already happened..."Our mother replied softly...

"You see, you always taking her side...Mama, she did a mistake???We should all be giving her silent treatment but no, you can't see your baby hurt...." She yelled, slamming the counter which was situated at the middle of the kitchen...

I was done with her always acting up like a victim...What was her problem????We begun war of words to see who could hurt the other more...

It was like hungry dogs fighting over dominance....

"I bet you married the Jordan Marcias because of his money. Does mum know you had an affair with your husband's brother????"
Alice was crossing the lines and I didn't like it....

"Enough, Do you know the hell I have been through???The torture, sadness with no one there apart from Max and Jane..."I snapped, tears trickling my cheeks...

"Dad disowned me, I got married to the most arrogant successful CEO in the country, scandals surrounding me, my name in every one's tongue..Do you think I wanted this????" I asked while I shook her so hard,"Why do you hate me so much????"

"I don't hate you. You just out of character. I will always call a spade a spade not a big spoon..."She dropped my hands off her shoulders,"And stop acting like a baby, we all go through shit. Its not about you..." She snarled and walked out of the kitchen...

"Its okay baby,"My mother rubbed my back soothingly,"What is she talking about???"

"People tried to ruin my marriage mama, they begun spreading rumours about me and my brother in law having an affair but it isn't true..I love Jordan so much and the only thing I ask is for my sister to be there when I needed a shoulder to lean on..." The more I talked the more I sobbed...

"Don't cry anymore, your mama is here...Don't mind your sister, she is your dad's daughter..."

Although I was sad that statement made me laugh so hard...

"I will go for a walk around the estate Mama to feel slightly better..." I said weakly and she just nodded...

"I hope you are not coming back.." Alice said behind me as I reached for the door knob.

I wanted to turn around, grab her by the hair and teach her a lesson but I chose to ignore...

When I opened the door,  I stood frozen with wide eyes...
It was Jordan looking all cold and angry...

I could help but throw myself at him for a comforting hug. I really needed a tight hug right now....

"Where is he????"He grabbed my arms and pulled me back...

"Where is you????" I asked surprisingly...
"The man you came to see..." He said almost in a loud voice...

"What are you talking about????"

"I know you want to distract me so that he can escape but I will get him..." He threatened and pushed me aside..

Sweet heavens, what do I do???My mama will finally realize he is not the man I made her believe he was....

"Calm down!!!!" I tried to hold his arm but he drew it away like it was on fire...

"Where are you jerk ass????Come show yourself???Don't you know she is a married woman???"He begun shouting like a mad woman in a market place...

"Who has the guts to shout in my house????" My mother asked walking from the kitchen...
If only the floor would open and swallow me alive....
Alice instead of helping me, she was there smiling evilly...
She enjoyed seeing me get embarrassed...

"Madam, I respect those older than me. But where is your son???" Jordan asked walking towards my mother who looked all confused..

"Young man, I only have two daughters and they are standing behind you..."My mother replied,"And you are???"

"He is Jordan Marcias, your daughter's husband..."Alice laughed...

By now, my right hand had covered my mouth. I was so embarrassed, how was I going to face my mother now???Think fast Ciara...

Jordan's POV
Ciara had been acting weird...It was like she was avoiding him...I wanted to hate her, feeling disgusted by the mere sight of her but no I couldn't...

The more I tried to hate her, the more I fell for her.

Read " My only addiction " by the same author ( Fideh Mwangi )

. I wanted her always beside me.

At the terrace, I almost lost my grip and told her how much she means to me. That the kiss we shared was the most sweetest thing that had ever happened to me...

I want to shout on top of my voice how much I have grown to love her but I can't. She loves another and all I can do is admire from afar...

I can never be sweet to her..

When I got home everyone was in the dining table apart from her...

"Where is Ciara???"Granny asked...

"I thought she was home with you guys..."

"No son, your wife hasn't been here since morning...Maybe she is alluring another rich man..." Mum commented and her statement angered me..

"Mum, I am requesting you respect my wife if you still want to have me as your son..." I warned...
"No but..." I cut her off,"She is my wife and deserves respect from everyone in this family. Is that clear???Let me go and pick her up from her friend's place, I remember she said that. It must have slipped my mind..."

I alone had the right to talk Ill about my wife, I alone had the right to look down on her nobody else...

I was restless. I hope she is okay, has she eaten???Is she happy????Why do you care Jordan, that girl has nine lives like a cat..

The first place I went to look for her was at her old place...

"Is Ciara here???"I asked Jane the moment she opened the door.

"No, she left hours ago and went....."
"She went to see her new boyfriend, you know the one who didn't force marriage on her..."Her crazy boyfriend butted in...

"Max???" I saw him, squeeze her hand not to say anything...

"What boyfriend????" I still couldn't believe what I heard...

"Yes, she is there right now...Do you want the address???Thieme estate, Suari..House number 15...So it's upto to you to either go get your wife or divorce her..." He added

When I was about to ask his name, he slammed the door on my face as usual..

Should I go or not??? A part of me wanted to to go and confirm the allegations and another part of me didn't care.. Was mother right???Was Ciara just there for the money???But how I am the one who forced her to marry me not the other way round...

My Ciara is a good girl. She would never cheat on me...But why would her friend lie while he hates me so much????How sure am I he is not lying??

Where there is smoke, there is fire..How low can she scope???Did she hate me so much that she had to look for another man???

Is it sex???We have been married for months now. We have never had sex but that is not a reason to cheat on me.

I will go to that house and if I find it's true, I will burn them alive...

I got into the car and drove angrily to Thiema estate...
The more I thought of another man on top of her, the more I got mad.
Nobody messes with my woman...

I parked my car slightly far from house 15 incase she was standing at the window...I secretly walked towards the house as if I was in a mission..... At the door I wasn't sure whether to knock or break the door..

Just as I was thinking of it, the door swung open..There was my woman looking all sad...

At the sight of her vulnerability, I forgot that I was mad and wanted to engulf her in my arms..What had happened???Did that man lay his hand on her???

C'mon Jordan, ask her what's wrong???

She threw herself at me, hugging me so tight. For a second, I was tempted to hug her back then I remembered she was there to see her boyfriend...

I pushed her back and got in where I created a scene infront of my sister in-law and my mother in-law..

Jane's crazy boyfriend duped me..He wanted I make a fool out of myself...How could I doubt Ciara???

He was going to pay for this...Ciara is never going to forgive me...

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