Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 39

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Jordan's POV

"Son whoever finds a good woman finds a good thing..."

I didn't know the essence of these words until I met Ciara...

I always wondered what my dad meant when he said whatever he has achieved is thanks to his wife...

Ciara was my inspiration and the love that grew  deep inside me was the reason I want to always work hard and give her the life she deserves..

I know I have trusted the wrong people, believed  their promises, expected more than they could offer but yesterday I saw sincerity in her eyes...

Maybe being brutally honest was a good move to win her sympathy. Yes it sounds desperate but the mere thought of losing her would lead me to depression..

"Mr Marcias you need bed rest...The reason you felt dizzy is because of fatigue.." The doctor retorted..

"But I have an empire to run and CEOs don't become successful lying in bed..." I said angrily..

"So how will you run the business if you are dead??? Why are you so stubborn???" I could see my wife was losing her patience with me..

"Yes, the company wouldn't go bankrupt just because you rested for two days or so..." The doctor added.

What do they know about running an empire??? One deals with clothes and the other just forcing busy people to rest. 

"Doctor, let me walk you out...He is very stubborn..."

They both left and there I was alone talking to the pillows...

"What kind of a wife is she??? Instead of being here beside me she is busy walking the doctor out . Doesn't he know this house like his own???"

"How is my favourite grandson??? Here is some chicken soup to make you feel better..."
Granny sat beside me and Caro stood beside her with a bowl of soup on a tray...

"Granny, my wife could have come with the soup on her way here???"

"She said that I feed you

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. She has alot of work in the studio..."

I could feel flames of jealousy surrounding me.

Read " My only addiction " by the same author ( Fideh Mwangi )

. When was I going to be her priority??? She said she will always be by my side, where is she now???..

"I am not hungry..."I faced the other direction...

"My grandson, you need the energy..."

"Granny don't you know it's bad luck to feed from your Granny's hands when you have a wife..." I lied...

I would do anything to see her beside me every hour, every second and every moment..

"I have never heard of that..."

"My friend's granny fed him and now he has no children..I don't want not to have children..." I faked a sob. 

"Ciara should then feed you, don't feel bad.." Granny soothed me
"Caro go get her..." She ordered ...

When Ciara walked inside the room she looked pissed. I know she didn't want to be there but I wanted her to be there and that's all that mattered...

"Granny, you sent for me???" She asked in a bored tone..

"It seems your husband wants to feed from your hand..." Granny sold me out..

"Granny, I don't want her to feed me. I was just telling you about the bad luck that you were supposed to use???"

"I don't understand what you are saying." And she left leaving me there looking like a fool.

"So you have decided to be a baby in a man's body???" She reprimanded..

Did she just insult me??? I thought we were good but now she is back with her attitude..

"If you don't want to feed me fine. I will die of hunger..." I slid into the duvet and covered myself..

Why was I acting like a teenager in love??? Why couldn't I stop thinking about her???Why did I need her in my life so bad???

"Fine..You can die...."

I heard her walking towards the door, she didn't care...

"My head!!!!My head!!!" I begun crying out, tossing and tossing...

"Jordan, what's wrong??? Are you okay???" She came running back

"I am hungry..." I stuttered, "And you don't want to feed me..."

"Okay fine I will feed you.. "

Just when she was about to feed me the first scope of soup, Jaxon walked in...

"Sorry, I thought you were in the studio..."

"It's okay, would you mind feeding him???? I need to go and finish up with the last outfit..."

I could see the glow in her eyes when she saw him...

"Anything for you...Go and wind up but don't tire yourself or you will be the next to lie on this bed..."

Ciara laughed at his statement as they both looked deep inside each other's eyes...

For a moment there was silent between them as Jaxon's hands were on Ciara's who was holding the bowl...I felt like the third wheel...

"Hope you don't have a hangover???" He asked.
"No, I feel sleepy thou..."

"Guys, this sick dude here needs the soup..He is hungry..." I yelled snapping them from their little fantasy

"Sorry bro, we just talking business..."

Who was he fooling???He was openly flirting with my wife...

"I will get going.."
Ciara left the room and there was a weird silence between Jaxon and I.

It was like we wanted to tell each other something but didn't know how to put it...

"Jordan I need.."
"Jaxon I need..."

We spoke up at the same time...

"Go first??" He insisted and I didn't mind...

"Jaxon, I don't like how close you are with Ciara...I have fallen so hard for her and I don't want anything messing that up. You said you don't love her and so please don't raise her hopes up. Do this for me, brother to brother..."

Hearing my confession, I could see that his mood had changed...He looked angry...

"So what did you want to say???"
He didn't reply, he was lost in thoughts...

"Jaxon???" I shook him by the shoulders...

"What did you want to say??"

"It doesn't matter..Just get well..." He said angrily but calmly between his teeth..

The look in his face was enough to tell me he wasn't pleased with the news...

"So will you help me win Ciara over???"

"As always, you happiness comes first..."

It felt boring just lying in bed like a beggar...

I wish Ciara was beside me to keep me company but no she rather please Jaxon than be with me..

What did my brother have that I didn't???

Just as I was thinking about her, she walked in humming and went straight to the closet..

She spent few minutes inside there and walked out of  ready to leave me again...

"Don't I mean anything to you???" I asked in a whisper stopping her in her steps..

She turned around, "What are you talking about??? I promised I will be a good wife and try to make this marriage work but I didn't mean always be there..."

"But I am freezing and this duvet is not helping..." I lied.

"Then let me add you another one..."

She really didn't want to spend time with me....

"All I need is you to sleep beside me for a while and then you can leave..."I pleaded

"You can leave if you want to..." I turned the other side...

"I don't know if you hit your head somewhere because since morning you are acting weird..."

I felt her get inside the duvet and slept so close beside me...
I took her hand and wrapped her arm around my waist...

When I turned around after hours and hours of sleeping there she was still beside me...

I begun c*ressing her face admiring her beauty when my temptation became unbearable and just as I was almost kissing her she jumped out of bed..

"I knew it, you wanted to r*pe me..." She hissed...

"Who would rape you???"

"You wanted to kiss me as I was asleep..."

"No I just wanted to take something off your face..."

"You wanted to know how lips would feel on your lips..."

Why did I have to be so careless, now she is going to tease me till eternity..

"I don't want to kiss you, you are not even my type. I like yellow lips.."
She bent a bit as she drew closer and closer that I could feel shivers all over my body...

She brought her lips close to mine and i was ready for a kiss until I felt a slap on the upside of my head...

"You are a fool to think I can kiss you..."

I was now ashamed to even be in love with her...

"Why slap me and I am sick???" I cried out .

"Sick people are in hospital beds not in bed trying to steal a kiss from sleeping beauties..."

Without her noticing, I grabbed her hand and pulled her back to bed...

"You will stay here with me till tomorrow." I whispered..

"But I got work to do..."

I slide my hand down her waist and unzip her pair of jeans...

"It won't hurt to miss a day. So behave or I will do something that will force you to be stuck here with me till tomorrow. I am a beast Missy.." I winked...

"I would love to see you try...I also feel thirsty deep inside..." She took my hand and placed on on her tummy inside her T-shirt..

Now I was the one scared, I was just pulling a stunt like in the morning..

"So do I take my bra off or will you rip it out???"She looked deep inside my eyes, rubbing my lips...

"I think I need some rest and so just go back to work am good..."

Damn, I almost lost control and ripped that bra out.. Till when will she tempt me...

"Good choice..." She winked and grabbed the Minnie me so hard before leaving and left me feeling all zigzagging...

Now I understand why men love bitches...They always put you in your place...

What do you think Jaxon will do to keep Ciara away from him??? Let's find out... 

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    Nice one dear... Kindly upload more today as my birthday gift... I would love that
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    Pamela cube
    He'll throw a tantrum and say he doesn't like the last 2 outfits so Ciara has to start from scratch,that'll keep her busy and away from Jordan,for a lil while!
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    Happy birthday Vivian
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    Yeah me too @Vivian
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    Thank you, am so loving the story
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    This is really beautiful but I still prefer Ciara & Jaxon being together. Happy birthday Vivian, enjoy your day
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    SkyBae CeeJay
    Jaxon fight for Ciara u can't suffer while pleasing another man, brother or not fight for what u want
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    Poor Jaxon... I feel for you man...i think u should fight for can u think about Jordan's happiness before yours?? unless u guys weren't meant for each other...anyway keep those episodes coming Fideh
  • Shirley Demi picture
    Shirley Demi
    Jaxon should face reality and move on there is no way ciara can leave Jordan and marry him,ppl hate facing reality fideh try and bring a girl jaxon will love
  • Shirley Demi picture
    Shirley Demi
    Well fideh you introduction speaks it will:ciara kimani is a celebrity designer who is known for her bad attitude and good works,she always thikns she knows it all but soon to be proved wrong by Jordan Marci's the CEO to a multi billionaire company who thinks arrogance is the answer...fideh you know your story more better than us
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    Ebiringa Juliet
    Next please
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