Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 38

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Ciara's POV
Without explaining himself, he grabbed my hand and walked me out of the club...

"Till when will you break my heart?" He asked...

"Jordan, you can't drag her out like that....We were only  having fun..."Jaxon opened his big mouth...

"Shut up, this is between my wife and I..." He opened the passenger door for me, helped me get inside and buckled my seatbelt...

He jogged to the other side, slide into his seat, buckled the seatbelt the we drove off...

I wanted to say alot on his face but chose to remain quiet...He was driving in a supersonic speed and I was afraid for our lives...

When we arrived at the house, he grabbed my hand again and walked me upstairs ignoring the questions from his mother and grandmother..

"Ciara, what's wrong with you????" He pinned me at the door the moment we got into our room..

"Why do you hurt me like this????" He asked...

How could I tell him it wasn't intentionally...

"You are a married woman and there you are clubbing and been cosy with him..."

He slammed the door and I flinched...

"I was never an angry soul, an arrogant man but once love has gone it takes hold faster than you could ever imagine..." He moved back and turned the other direction...

I wanted to say something, sooth his soul but all I could do is remain silent...

"I gave her everything but she still left. My dad meant the world to me and he was snatched from me.

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. I am not strong, I also need love and support once in a while.

Read " My only addiction " by the same author ( Fideh Mwangi )

. I know I should be the foundation for this family but I am still human...I get hurt..." He continued...

"How can I do it when I keep losing everything I love???"

Was I a bad person??? My heart was heavy with guilt and sob....I am selfish, instead of trying to find out what made him turn out the way he was I was busy condemning him..

What right did I have??? I am also a broken being. My dad disowned me, my sister hates me and I can't be with the man I love...

If the kind of pain I feel is what he also feels then all I can do is be there for him...

"Jordan???" I twisted him around to face me and his face was wet with untold tears... Seeing him like that sent my brain into shut down mode...

"Am so sorry...."
"Don't pity me Ciara..." He looked down...

"I am not pitying you. I know how it feel having the whole world against you..I know how the world comes crumbling down when you lose people you love. You have been mean to me but you are still human..."

"Do you care for a drink right now???" He chuckled...
"Yeah, whisky..."

"Let me call Caro to bring us some...."

We sat on the floor by the bed sipping our whisky all in silent...

"I know it was wrong for me to drag you out of there like that but I can't help be mad..." He confessed..

"Maybe it's time I get used to the term being a married woman..."

"Am I a horrible person????"

I turned to him and looked deep into his eyes, "You are not..."

"But I have been mean to you." Tears fell faster as the fall rain...

I cupped his face, wiped tears from his eyes with my thumbs and hugged him...

"Yes but life moves on...all I can do is try being a good wife to you..."

I stood him up trying to get him to bed but his hands reached my hips and gripped them tightly, pulling my body closer to his until he was satisfied....

"Every time I see you with Jaxon I get scared that you will also leave and the world will mock me again...My blood boils everytime you say you love him and I get jealous everytime your face glows when you see him...You never smile around me, I never make you happy. I know when you love someone you should let them go but am scared..."

How selfish can I be??? How heartless can I be??? I always wanted to make him feel awful by rubbing in how I loved his brother and instead of making things better, I sent someone right into misery...

He was my husband and as his wife my role was to make him be a better man...I therefore take an oath to help Jordan heal and let go of all the bitterness and pain he is feeling...

He placed his forehead on mine and gently closed his eyes, "What can I do to make you happy???"

I was silent and speechless...One month ago I would have shouted that he gives me a divorce but after seeing the pain harboured inside him all i want is for him to be a better person...

"I know you feel disgusted by me, the way I am holding you and so I will just leave..."

He turned around and begun walking to the door and I was just there feeling like I had been held captive with imaginary chains...

I should reach out for him. I should be there for him when he needs him the most..

He placed his hand on the door knob and that was it...
"Don't go, I want you here beside me...."

He didn't reply...

"I know I have been cruel and selfish but I don't want you going through any other pain...I don't want you living with this pain inside of you and that's why I am ready to do everything for this marriage to work..I will stay away from Jaxon, Jordan..." I ran to him and hugged him so tight from behind...

"Don't be scared, I will never leave you...I will be here for better for worse..."

I felt him place his hands on mine,"But you don't love me???"

"All I can do is be there for you..."

"So you will never leave????"

"I promise...."

He turned around, his eyes all teary...His hands travelled down my arms making their way to my waist  as I wrapped my hands around his neck...

"Thank you..." He whispered..

"For what???"

"The watch, I am wearing it..."

True love is never easy...Maybe Jaxon and I weren't meant to be together...I should embrace my reality and see where it takes me...

"Jordan, I will try being a good wife...We can first start by being friends..."

"It's fine by me Mrs Marcias..." He pulled his face closer to mine squashing whatever little space was between us..

When he was about to kiss me I pulled back...
"We should get some rest, we are so drunk and I can feel our room spinning..."

As we were about to get into bed, Jaxon and Mason slammed the door open...

He swallowed the rest of his words when he saw Jordan holding my hand...

Sorry my beloved but it's time I stand with what was made my own...Maybe in the other life, you will be mine..

"Were you saying something???" Jordan asked after he noticed the blank look on Jaxon's face...

"No, I guess I forgot where my room is..." He lied.

Mason had tucked his lips in not to laugh making the situation humourous.

"Goodnight lovebirds..." Mason shut the door..

"So with you sleep on the right or the left side of the bed??"Jordan asked...

"I prefer the right...."
"Please I hope you bought a white night dress."

"I don't know for how long I can wear it. I love red..." I teased and he just smiled...

We got into bed, both of us facing opposite directions. I didn't feel weird at all but minutes later I felt Jordan so close to me, his hand wrapped around my waist.

It felt safe and soothing as my body shivered from his touch...

When we woke up, I was lying in his chest...

I slowly stood up from the bed but he pulled me back to his chest...

"Where do you think you are going????"

He was acting weird...

"You know how I want to kiss you so bad.Yesterday morning we were interrupted. I want to show you that I am not scared of you.." He begun lifting my night dress up that I shivered...

"Jordan, you are still drunk..."

"No baby, I want to make love to you..." He begun trailing kisses down my collarbone and by now my night dress was above my waist..

When he reached for my undies and wanted to pull them down, I sold myself out...

"Sorry, I was just teasing you to make you suffer..."

"I knew it..." He jumped from the bed and begun dancing, "So will you ever tease me again???"

I shook my head in disapproval.. We lost guys, he beat me into it...

"But you are the one making the bed..." I tried doing a break dance move..

He was almost saying something when he staggered and almost fell...

"Are you okay???" I ran to him, helping him get back to bed..
"I just have a splitting headache...."
"Lying down, I will get something for you to eat..."
"You want to kill me..."
"Why should I kill you???"
"Because you like me..." He winked...
"I can't even stand you Mr Marcias..."

When I was about to walk away, he held my hand...
"Ciara, I am so...oooo...." He was unable to say the word sorry..
"I am"

"Do you mean to say you are sorry????" I asked and he smiled...
"You are not forgiven until you say it to me..."

"Then I won't..." He pulled me that I fell on his chest, our lips rubbing each other as we got lost into each other's eyes...

"Stay here with me my wife..."

Any comment about the new found chemistry????

Sorry my loves, I was away for a while because I wasn't feeling well but am back...

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    I hope Jaxon move on too! Ciara with time u will fall in love with ur husband, but what is Chloe's problem sef. Fideh trust u are good now! Kudos
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    Pls Do Not Fall Sick.Be Strong,So We Will Get More Updates!Next Pls And I Love Their Chemistry Keep It Up But Pls Do Not Forget Jaxon.
  • Young Royalty picture
    Young Royalty
    Pls Do Not Fall Sick.Be Strong,So We Will Get More Updates!Next Pls And I Love Their Chemistry Keep It Up But Pls Do Not Forget Jaxon.
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  • Nana Esaaba picture
    Nana Esaaba
    Thumbs up . Happy u're fine now
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    I think Jordan and Ciara are meant for each other, I'm in love with the turnout of events, anyway dear sorry don't fall sick OK, speedy recovery
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    It seems Jordan is playing his game very well that he doesn't want Jaxon to have any more chances love with Ciara again
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