Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 43

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Jordan's POV
Love can always make you do stupid things..I had to sleep in a small room that was the size of my bathroom just to be with her. I don't care if I had to sleep on the streets just to be beside her..

I was in love with her and she was in love with a another who loved another...

I was broken to see her in pain but that's life and the only constant thing is change...

I was from an important business meeting but believe me when I say the only thing on my mind in there was Ciara....I remembered how she cried on my arms, how she shared her pain with me...I know it wasn't much but it was progress..

Tonight I was gonna take her a bonquet of  roses to show her how much she meant to me...I heard girls love flowers and chocolates..But what kind of chocolate does she like???

I would do anything to bring back her smile even if it means searching for it in the Amazon forest.

I reached out for my phone ready to call her when I received a link from Emma...

What I saw almost gave me a heart attack....

Is Jaxon sleeping with his brother's wife????

That was the topic of the blog..In the blog, there was a picture of Jaxon and Ciara looking cossy.. My hands were trembling in rage as I read through the blog...I was going to kill them for making a fool out of me...

Jaxon knew that I had being mocked once but he didn't care..Today he proved to be more of a snake than a brother...

Once again I was betrayed with those close to me...Once again I have lost in the battle of love...

I was fool not to see what was infront of me...The answer was there all along.

How he cared for her??? How he was willing to leave everything behind for her yesterday???

He is in love with her

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. But why did he not tell me??? Why did he lie to me??

I drove at a rocket speed from the office to the mansion...

"Where is your so called son???" I yelled at my mother the moment I got to the house...

"Which son????" She asked looking all confused...

"The one going after my wife..." I thundered slapping away the cup of tea she was holding that she flinched.  

"Do you mean Jaxon???" She stammered...

"Yes...Where is he???" I snarled more than I spoke...

"He is with Ciara in your room..."

Hearing that, I lost my sanity...He was a monster with a motive to steal my happiness...

"Jaxon????" I called out running upstairs and boom there he was beside my wife in my room..

Heaven help me because I am going to kill somebody..

"Jaxon??? Ciara????"

I begun charging towards him and when he saw the anger in my eyes he pushed Ciara behind him..

That was it...He was no longer my brother..
Nobody should ever mess with the matters of the heart but he did. 

"Jordan, we can talk about this..." He pleaded but I didn't care..

The next thing I saw was him lying on the floor with a mouth full of blood...Never  did I think I would ever lay a hand on my brother but I did...

"Jordan, leave him alone...." Ciara cried trying to push me back but I only staggered...

Was she not remorseful??? Why does she always have to choose him???

I could feel tears burning behind my eyes...The more she tried to push me back the more I got mad...

She was also a traitor...

"Why did you do it???" I grabbed her by the arms and shook her...

"Because I love him...I love Jaxon..You separated us Jordan..."

We were disrupted by the sound of a breaking cup...It was mother she was standing there all shocked, granny and Sophie behind her..

"Ciara is what you are saying true??? "Our mother stammered...

"Jordan, will you tell your family the truth or should I????" She asked arrogantly...

"Mum, this is between the three of us. Its none of your business.." I retorted...

"Why don't you want them to know how evil their son is???" Jaxon struggled to stand up and wiped  the blood from his mouth with the back of his hand...

"My son are you okay???" Our mother cried out running to his favourite son..
She tried to touch the side of his lips but he moved his head away...

"Why did your brother fight you???" She asked, tears balancing in her eyes..

"Because I am fighting for what is mine...Ciara was mine first but he forced her to marry him...He took her from me...He threatened to take away their land if she didn't marry him..." Jaxon explained in fury and turned to Ciara, "Ciara I love you...I sacrificed my love since I thought my brother deserved it. But now I regret it. He deserves nothing good in this world..."

They were right when they said never trust even your own shadow...Who would have thought that my brother would ever despise me so much???

"What's going on???" Our mother couldn't put her finger into it..

"Let's run away, pack your clothes and we will get out of here..." He tried to convince my wife only to receive a hot slap from me...

"Don't you have shame??? How dare you tell my wife to run away with you????" I raged and held him by the collar and he held me too...

I pushed him to the wall and pinned him there..Our mother tried to calm us down but all in vain...

We loved the same woman and that was it...

"Jaxon, don't you even dare think of coming close to my wife..." I threatened...

"Leave him alone...." Ciara begun biting me and slapping me so hard...

The pain I felt meant nothing compared to my  bleeding heart ...I thought she was the one but I was wrong...She never belonged to me to begin with...

I freed one of my hand and pushed her so hard that she fell and hit her head...

I saw Jaxon stared at her as she groaned on the floor before turning into this cold animal I have never seen before..
"That was a wrong move Jordan..."

A sudden gush of pain jolted through my body...He brought a fist to my face, snapping my nose into a grotesquerie..

"Stop beating up your brother!!!" My mother cried out but Jaxon didn't care...

"He is not my brother...He is a selfish arrogant man..."

I didn't want to fight back...I wanted to feel that pain, the pain I needed to remind me of my mistake...

I vowed to never love again and see what that did to me...I was back to being fragile and heartbroken...
Being happy is poisonous, Ciara made me happy and that has made me a dead man once more.....

Suddenly Mason and Sebastian entered into the room and pulled Jaxon from me..

"What the hell!!!"

"Leave me alone Mason, I need to teach him a lesson..He is ungrateful..." Jaxon barked trying to fight off Mason's grip...

Ciara was beside granny and Sophie who were more of her support...Well Chloe was at the door sipping coffee and she watched the drama unraffle...

"Jaxon, he is your brother..." Mason tried to talk sense to him...

"I love Ciara and because of greed I let her go but no he can't appreciate that.  Does he know how much it hurts to see him share the same room with her???"

"But I didn't tell her to be there when  the minister and I were talking...She brought this on herself and let me make this clear, I am never ever divorcing her..." I sneered....

Jaxon tried to pounce on me again but he was held back...

"You didn't want to listen when she told you she was in love with someone else. You just wanted the deal to push through... Every day I hate you more Jordan and I vowed never to forgive you..."

Am I so unlucky that my own brother hates me??? In one day I lost my brother and my woman...

"I think it is better if Ciara leaves the house..." Our mother suggested...

"No, she stays..." We both said in unison...

"But if she leaves, I leave too...Whenever she goes, I go..." Jaxon clarified. 

"My wife is not going anywhere..." I ranted angrily, feeling depressed by the mere thought of not having Ciara beside me...

I was angry at myself for not making her love me and I was mad at both of them for making a fool out of me...

"Ciara, pack your clothes...We are leaving this house right now..." Jaxon ordered staring deep into my eyes..The nerve of this small boy...

I can't believe the guy who I changed his diapers was now going against me...

"I am not leaving Jaxon...I am never stepping foot out of this house..." Ciara emphasized word after word...

A/N Do you think Ciara should leave????

. .

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  • Godiya Wisdom picture
    Godiya Wisdom
    Hmmm! The Truth is out! I think Caira should not leave
  • Racheal Rakel Namz picture
    Racheal Rakel Namz
    Looks like am the only one on this platform who wishes Jaxon and Ciara to end up together,I really hate arrogant men# thanks dear Fideh
  • Eunice Iyanu picture
    Eunice Iyanu
    Hmmmm I'm patiently waiting for however way this will be resolved and end. Ride on Fideh
  • Ita Effiong Gracelyn19 picture
    Ita Effiong Gracelyn19
    ah really wish ciara will end up wit jordan pls he has bin hurt 1ce
  • Momoh Blessing Ojoh picture
    Momoh Blessing Ojoh
    Too late to fight for your love jaxon, ciara don't leave ur husband wit time you wil learn to love him
  • Sochima Nwogwugwu picture
    Sochima Nwogwugwu
    Hi dear,it’s been a while hope you are doing well. Ciara should stick with Jordan. Jaxon already lost the right.
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    This is real trouble btw two brothers o who will let go for who is d question, I dont even know who to support but true love will prevail sha. Fideh thanks but pls dont kill us with suspense again biko
  • Thomas Camp picture
    Thomas Camp
    Ciara should stay with her husband
  • Bubbles picture
    Jesus the heat is on........ I feel so sorry for Jordan
  • Betty Orah picture
  • cecilia louis picture
    cecilia louis
    oh no pls I'm begging u Fideh let Ciara end up with Jordan I really feel hiz pain n it would b worse if it happens again
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    Me I don't knw who to support cos Jordan has been hurt b4 but Jaxon too had experienced same so well true love prevail,Jordan should have been showing her love since he brot this on himself n why threatened to marry you its not right. Jordan caused himself pain for business n money. Urrrrgh
  • Uwem Udoh picture
    Uwem Udoh
    Too late should have done all these b4 now...shes married now, i suggest she stays,she'll learn to love Jordan.
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    This is what Jaxon should have done from the beginning but why now? Its rather too late Jaxon. Nice writeup
  • Moreen Nyaga picture
    Moreen Nyaga
    I am confused on who to chose
  • Tumininu Odunlami picture
    Tumininu Odunlami
    Fideh thanks for d update. This matter is serious o.
  • Mavis Siaw picture
    Mavis Siaw
    Y fighting for her now when you were the one who denies the love u have for her when ur brother asked you.mtcheeeew
  • Pristin picture
    This link caused too much trouble...i guess someone wanted to see the Marcias brother fight...but Jaxon...why fight for her now? ur time was long time ago to make her urs but instead you let go of her and took in another girl whom u introduced to the whole world as urs... aii this is so fucked up... big tym
  • Loveth Dennis picture
    Loveth Dennis
    Hmn this sure is a disaster I pray ciara choose rightly
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    More episodes tonight
  • Abigail Edos picture
    Abigail Edos
    If I was Ciara.. I would stick to my husband because I can't be with a man who can't fight for and defend me. Jaxon knew from the onset that Ciara was being blackmailed/threatened into marrying Jordan but he did nothing and even made it all easier for Jordan by calling him up at the party to propose when he knew that was what Jordan wants to do and also denying being in love with her. Jaxon could have prevented all these but he chosed to be selfish. Jordan is a better man than he.
  • Emelda Agunda picture
    Emelda Agunda
    Waaaaaah am speechless. Fideh more please.
  • Sarah Akomatsri picture
    Sarah Akomatsri
    Hmmmm, pls continue
  • Ukbaby picture
    Ciara should choose Jordan.... Jason is already too late
  • Olarinre Mobolaji picture
    Olarinre Mobolaji
    Please next episode o but I hope Ciara ends up with Jordan Biko the guy deserves love, joxan is a coward biko
  • Angel picture
    Pls stop hurting my Jardon, arrogant or not I like him like that he has been through a lot already and doesn't deserve this harsh treatment at all
  • Ruth Onyemauwa picture
    Ruth Onyemauwa
    Jaxon is a nice guy he sacrifice his happiness for his brother because of his past pain,whereby jordan is selfish he never consider others feeling,he deserve to suffer beside who threatens a woman that doesn't love him to marry him??the woman will never love him geniuely until Jordan expired.marriage is not by force,to him ciara is his wife but to ciara he is not her husband rather he is a greedy&and selfish man who wanrs to furstrate her life. Plss nothing like natural love abeg
  • Jennifer Aboagyewaa picture
    Jennifer Aboagyewaa
    I agree. With Abigail. If Jaxon couldn't man up to declare his love for Clara before why make things more complicated. Clara is the one with the trump card she should think through this mess and choose the right man once and for all. W
  • Fatu M picture
    Fatu M
    I think Ciara should stay with Jordan. Jaxon isn't worthy of her and he decided to let her go from the beginning why fight now? I want Jordan to suffer but in the end he deserves Ciara; lol, the story is actually about Ciara and Jordan according to the intro. Nice one dear, more ink to the pen
  • Naisco picture
    Ok, i have been a silent reader cuz i thought that the story was complited b4 i started reading nt until i got to episode 41, so my take on this is pls @fideh let jexon and ciara end up together for the sake of their happiness, jordan has also been hurt befor which made him this cold, he treatend ciara's happiness and family which make's it mission impossible for him, so pls i want jexon and ciara together.
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    What a mess.....I've always been on Jaxon's side, but truth be told he failed her, i mean he could've curbed the current situation coz he knew his brother's motive for marrying Ciara,instead of fighting for her then, what did he do......??? Good job dear!
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Was just stating facts, I'm still on his side though!
  • Nana Esaaba picture
    Nana Esaaba
  • Ngozi Awagu picture
    Ngozi Awagu
    E don set oooooo. No leave, no transfer Ciara
  • Ngozi Awagu picture
    Ngozi Awagu
    E don set oooooo. No leave, no transfer Ciara
  • Ogochukwu Ejike picture
    Ogochukwu Ejike
    Jordan did wrong by forcing Ciara to marry him but Jaxon did worst by not fighting for their love Cos he knew about the blackmail. Let him stay away from Ciara . If he had stood to defend their love Jordan might have moved on. Good job fideh ???
  • Sarah Akomatsri picture
    Sarah Akomatsri
    Interesting, next episode pls
  • ugochimtunyerem chukwu picture
    ugochimtunyerem chukwu
    Ciara should better find a way to love Jordan back cos he has grown to love her and ready to fight for her love. Thanks Fideh, more inspiration to you cos the suspense is killing....
  • Shirley Demi picture
    Shirley Demi
    Well attitude meets arrogance.. Jordan and ciara will end up together
  • Shirley Demi picture
    Shirley Demi
    He held a glass of whisky, she held a glass of wine, he was mad at the worl . She don't care,he acted all mighty she acted all bitchy,he held her by the wrists she gave him a kick on the ball,he lit a cigarette,sbr sat legs on the table just looking at him,so what happens when arrogance meet attitude?what will happen when jordan Marcia's and ciara kinamni fall in love.. Fideh good job
  • Naisco picture
    If any of u have ever been in real love and nt faking it, u would knw that ciara can never love jordan the she love's jaxon, moreover they stay in the same house, there love can never die. kom and kil me am in my howz.
  • Amina Onaghise picture
    Amina Onaghise
    war war strong war. I think Jaxon is to b blame cos he knew from the on set and decided to let it b, and I knew Jordan was going to fall hard for Ciara, hmm, what's next??? more updates Pls Fidel
  • Zainab Mohammed picture
    Zainab Mohammed
    Yah! Let her leave till the storm is over.
  • Magzilyn picture
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