Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 35

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Jordan's POV
I have never felt so happy and light...

For the first time in a very long time, I actually felt the beautiful rays of the sun on my face...I appreciated the morning fresh air and the sight of dew.

Did I have a beautiful smile or was she pulling my leg???
But she looked like she meant it...

I walked into the company and people were shockingly looking at me. Did I have something on my face???

"Sir, you are smiling . What's the good news???" My PA tried been all friendly...

"Are we friends??? Are you my sister????"

She shook her head in disapproval.

"So focus on what I pay you to do..." I looked at her with a straight face," And tell the financial manager I want to see him and know why the housing project is not in progress.."

"Yes sir..."

When I walked into my office, I found myself smiling thinking about her.
Did she really want to kiss me???
Is she forgetting about my brother??? Is she falling for me???

I took out a mirror from the bottom drawer and looked at myself smiling, indeed I looked amazing...

No Jordan don't allow yourself to be carried away with emotions.. Don't let the ice deep in your heart melt

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. What if she is not different from her and leaves you all broken again..

During the meeting with the financial manager, I tried so hard not to smile...I was happy but didn't want to share it with the whole world...

"Sir, are you okay????" He asked since I was lost in thoughts again..

"I want that project to be in motion as soon as possible or else I will have you fired. Now get out..."

Ciara, what are you doing to me????
I got out my phone, tapped on my Instagram app, searched for her and there our morning post was with one million likes in two hours...

Getting my husband ready. Isn't he a gem????

Some comments were hilarious, others sweet and very few mean.

I kissed the photo on the screen and begun talking to it, "We do look good together..."
"You are so beautiful my wife..."

I followed her and liked all her posts on her page..For a moment I didn't care of what she would think of me... I just wanted to live in the moment...

Why was I behaving like a teenager in love??? Why couldn't I control myself???

I should focus on working now. I placed my phone inside the drawer ready to work when. Sebastian barged in...

"Bro, did you just follow Ciara on Instagram??? You just follow like your siblings and me..." He punched my arm..
"And what with the glow????"

"Stop it Sebastian..." I tried hiding my smile but couldn't...

"Are you smiling????"
"I am not, just showing my teeth..."

"Who are you fooling??? What did she tell you this time???"

"She said I look good when I smile and since then I can't control it...I just feel on top of the world..."

"Dude, you are falling in love????"

"I am not sure she will ever love me. I have been so mean to her. Called her a thief, forced her to marry me, made her and her father fight..."

"Wait but he disowned her when he found out she did fashion designing instead of a traumatic course he had chosen for her..."

"Now yesterday, they had a heated argument about not following the right procedures when she got married..I wish you saw the tears in her eyes, the pain inside her broke me. When I held her, she didn't push me away like the normal Ciara would...Am I that horrible????"

"You have nice hair...Do you feel better???"

"No, I want the truth...."

"Okay Bro, you were so rude and mean to her. It will take more than words to win her over...Did she like the car???"

"She never even drove it, it's still at home.."

"Ciara is a girl who has a b-tch attitude, that's what makes her Ciara. She is good when she needs to and b-tchy when she has too..."

"Tell me about it, brother." I shook my head remembering how weirdly she was acting in the morning..
"But I know just what to do to make her smile again. I prefer us arguing over petty things than seeing her in pain."

"You are falling hard for my Ciara and I hope soon she does too and forget about that fool David..."

I wish he knew she was in love with Jaxon and not that fool...Her love life is as complicated as her...

I drove to her old place to pick her up and the first thing I received was an attitude from a certain dude who slammed the door on my face..

Indeed birds of the same feather flock together.

"Jordan, what are you doing here????" Ciara beamed after she opened the door..

"Can't I pick my wife since she refused to use her car???"
"But I didn't ask you too..."

"Stop arguing, I need to take you somewhere....."

"Fine, Let me get my purse...." She slammed the door on my face.

In the car there was a weird silence...I didn't know if I should turn the radio on or start a conversation..

"Your friend was so rude. He slammed the door on my face..."

"He just doesn't like you after what you did to his girlfriend and me..." She was straightforward.

"But you are not mad right??? You said you will be a good wife from now on...."

"Yeah and that's why I came with you..Because I have to live with this harsh reality...So where are we going???"

"It's a surprise...You don't want to turn on the radio??? You love music."
"You said your car isn't a club..."

Why was she in a bad mood, I thought we were good.

"We are here....." I stated unbuckling my seatbelt after we got to Panari gardens' parking lot..

"What are we doing here???" She asked..

"We are here to wash dishes and sing Hallelujah..." How can she ask such a silly question??? What do people do in a restaurant??

She rolled her eyes and got out of the car..

Panari gardens was the most exquisite place to eat and truly the finest restaurant in town...The windows surrounding  the tables presented an open feeling that you were eating outside..

The comforting smiles the waiters had on their faces , the relaxing Italian music was what was needed to ease the tension inside...

I held her hand and walked her to our reserved table...It wasn't a place you could get a table on an impulse, you book a table prior one week but I pulled some strings...

When she saw her father right there infront of her, she almost fell on my arms..

"Jordan, what did you do???" She turned ready to run from there but I held her, "We are here let's face it. Am with you..."

"He doesn't want to see me..." She sobbed but I dragged her to the table...

"Hello Mr Kimani???" I greeted him, taking a seat like a boss as my wife trembled opposite me..

"What is she doing here??? I thought we were talking business..." He sneered... Now I see where Ciara got her attitude from..

"I am her husband and she is my business.. Yesterday you caused her alot of pain and thats why I have had you flown here..."

"What will you have????" The waiter interrupted us and got a piece of my father in-law's rage..

"Can't you see people are talking??? Where are your manners young man??? Do you want me to beat you???" He slammed the table and attracted attention from other people...

Jordan, what family did you get involved with???
I signalled the waiter to go away and come back later...

"Do you know that traditions are supposed to be followed in our Family Kims???" He yelled at Ciara and she trembled..
"But you didn't care, you will never change. I said you are dead to me and I don't want to see you again. You are a disgrace..."

Her eyes were welled up with tears as the old man continued to rant insults. If dad was around, he would have helped out of this mess.. She was like a scared little girl, the angry rude Ciara was nowhere close to that...

"Mr Kimani...."
He lifted his hand and stopped me from talking, "You products of wazungu and Africans think you can come bring those western culture to us and take our daughters away. You should be ashamed. As the Kikuyus there is something we call ruracio which is dowry payment but you went ahead and did your own thing.

Read " Bloody Fog " by the same author ( Fideh Mwangi )

. She took away my honour the moment she forgot her roots..." He stood up wanting to slap her but I held him back...

I think instead of resolving a conflict, I made it worse. I wasn't going to hear the end of it at home..

"I will have you driven back to the village but tonight you can stay at our home..."

"No, I will go to my obedient daughter. She will know what to do..." He took his hat and walked away..

He was truly an African man...A baggy pair of trousers tucked inside his socks, a pair of safari boots, a brown jacket and a hat. Not forgetting the protruding belly...

That man was as bitter as his daughter..

"Don't....." She ran out of there crying....

I had my friend arrange on how I could meet Mr Kimani and have him solve his issues with his daughter but I ended up adding the oil to the fire.

I got back to the office worked for a while and went home. I felt my insides grow warm in unpleasant way when Ciara was nowhere near the dining table..

"Where is my wife???" I asked...
"She is in the fashion studio, she has said she is not hungry..." Mum retorted, "Did something happen???"

"She has never eaten with us. She is okay or is she maintaining her figure???" Granny teased and I just smiled...
"And Jaxon???"
"He is in his music studio. He is also not hungry.." Chloe replied..


"Yes???"She came running...

"Take some food to my wife and brother..."
"And also Mason he is in his art studio..." Chloe added...

I could feel a negative energy around the house...

"Are you not also eating???" Granny asked..
"I am not hungry..."

How could I eat when my wife was mad at me??.. I went to our room, had a bath and pretended to be reading waiting for Ciara..

When she walked into the room at one in the morning, I pretended to be asleep. Since when does Jordan Marcias play silly games???

She changed into a beautiful lingerie red dress and slept on the couch...

Her sleeping on the couch was a bad sign that I was going to receive silent treatment. Maybe I should apologise..

No, she is very mad....

The duvet was slightly below her waist as she slept peacefully, setting me on fire.

The feeling you crave to have a woman in your arms but you can't because she is out of reach, I wouldn't wish that on any man...

I could feel little Jordan being hard and misbehaving. But what was I to do???He loved red...

I took my phone from the table lamp and begun going through her posts on Instagram once more...

I wanted to comment on each and every post but didn't want to look desperate...She is so beautiful..

When I got up to go to the washroom, I found half of her body hanging on the air..One hand and foot on the floor..It's like she was going to fall the next minute..

How does one sleep like she is in a Kung Fu class..

Should I put her on the bed??? What if she get more mad in the morning???
I can handle it but not a swollen forehead...

I gently took her in my arms and placed her on the bed trying so hard my eyes not to dance around her body which was inviting me in..

The moment I got into bed, she wrapped her hand around me and placed her head on my chest..

Do I hold her tight too??? Or let her do her thing???
She won't find out, I will wake up very early in the morning and go to work.....

I held her tight and fell asleep.

If this how we are gonna sleep, let me take advantage of the situation...

What's your view about Ciara's dad???

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  • Hellen Opeyemi picture
    Hellen Opeyemi
    Ciara father is too mean, at least he should hear from her first before jumping to conclusions..
  • Maame Konadu Fredua picture
    Maame Konadu Fredua
    Do something abt her dad girl
  • Zoey Whyte picture
    Zoey Whyte
    Thank you...Am so in love with the story
  • Grace Njoroge picture
    Grace Njoroge
    Upload more of the episodes kindly..... Love every bit of the unfolding story
  • Bernice Gold picture
    Bernice Gold
    The man is mad, if I have a father like him I'll disown him first. You can't go hard on a child forever na haha its too much. She definitely has a reason to be bitchy
  • Tina Etoko picture
    Tina Etoko
    How I feel that resolving the daughter -dad conflict is the key to their happiness, #well done fideh
  • SkyBae CeeJay picture
    SkyBae CeeJay
    I wish to spank the hell outta Jarden for he made thing more complicated, Mr Kim u could have at least gave ur daughter a chance to explain herself but u didn't. As for Jaxon, u have to man up n fight for yr own happiness even if it means tearing it family apart, stop fooling urself Bcz u love Ciara.
  • Ukbaby picture
    Thanks for posting on Time
  • Ruth Onyemauwa picture
    Ruth Onyemauwa
    Nice one,,plssss stop toiling with jaxons feelings plsss...jordan is a gold digger dont let him get away with it
  • Thomas Camp picture
    Thomas Camp
    He is too mean
  • Ruth Onyemauwa picture
    Ruth Onyemauwa
    Jaxon is selfless even willing to sacrifice his happiness for his brother while Jordan is very selfish he only think about himself he neva consider others feeling plss fidel let him suffer and learn in a hard way,but dont let him live happy ever after with Ciara
  • Rufai onyinioza simbiyat picture
    Rufai onyinioza simbiyat
    jordan was only trying to give ciara happiness by settling both father and daughter conflict I don't think Jordan have fault in this@fideh love hope am right and Jordan keep fight for your love Ciara will love you soon
  • Rufai onyinioza simbiyat picture
    Rufai onyinioza simbiyat
    @ruth if you start this story from the start you can see Jordan was hurt because of his past and he is trying to love again and amen all d bad did he does to ciara all he was doing is to settle the issue between father and daughter but the man is too stubborn to forgive her daughter remember this story base on ATTITUDE AND ARROGANCE which implies on Jordan and ciarai hope u get me
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    Jordan is a manipulator, even if him and Clara end happily together make him pay a little for all the pain he coursed her.
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Man I'm beginning to hate the following statement "TO BE CONTINUED".......thumbs up Fideh you never disappoint!
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    Thanks my loves, I will post two episodes in the morning. I am so tired from work I can't even edit...kisses and love you so much
  • Jilac Nimako-Mensah picture
    Jilac Nimako-Mensah
    I agree with Pamela Cube’s comment
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Lol welcome to the club Jilac
  • Ogochukwu Ejike picture
    Ogochukwu Ejike
    Am beginning to love this story,thumbs up fideh.
  • Harbysawlar Bello picture
    Harbysawlar Bello
    Please more episodes...i can't wait, thumbs up to the writter???
  • Young Royalty picture
    Young Royalty
    Her Dad Is A Crazy Ass Hole That Needs To Be Thought A Lesson!Upload Quickly And More Drama And Action.lovely story.
  • Young Royalty picture
    Young Royalty
    And Girl Pls Don't Use {To Be Countinued} It Makes my Heart Beat So Much.
  • Fatu M picture
    Fatu M
    Please help settle her relationship with her dad. He's a typical African father. Why would someone be so crude on ur own blood. I don't like her dad menh
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    I really wish Ciara & Joxon to come together again, I don't like this Jordan for anything, he is really getting me angry. Kudos to you dearie
  • francisca uche picture
    francisca uche
    this is Africa. procedures should be followed wen getting married. yes ciara is not her dads favorite. for me, Ciara and Jordan make a good couple
  • Michael winful picture
    Michael winful
    Good story
  • Michael winful picture
    Michael winful
    Good story
  • Fatty picture
    Too hard on her
  • Magzilyn picture
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