Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 31

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Jordan's POV
My mum and I ran into the room and found Ciara trying to get Jaxon into bed...

"Jaxon, what are you doing??? Your album launch is coming soon..."

Her eyes were glassy and I could see fear in them.. She cared about him..

"Ciara go back to sleep dear, I will take care of him..." My mother suggested but Ciara refused..

"No mother," took her hands in hers, "Tomorrow you have to go visit your mother and if you spend time taking care of Jaxon, you will be tired during the journey..."

"But my girl....."
"But nothing, we can't wake Chloe, Mason or Sophie up..I will take care of him..."

"The maids will look after him. You have had a long day my love, you need to rest..." I said in a commanding tone..
"Why should the maids take care of him??? he is family . I said I will take care of him.."She snapped at me..

I was trapped in confusion. Maybe it was love, So she seriously in love with him???Maybe it is a huge crush.

What kind of a mess is this??? How can I be married to a girl who was in love with my brother???

"Mother, can you call Carol and tell her to bring him a basin of water with a wet towel??? I need to clean him up..." Ciara stated and my mother nodded...

"Ciara, you don't have to do this??? He will be okay in the morning...It's not that he is sick..."

I was getting mad. I couldn't control the burning jealousy in my chest...

She was my wife and I preferred her arguing with me than being here taking care of Jaxon.

What if she ever leaves me??? I am never granting her a divorce...

"I said, I will take care of him

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. Did I say it's a burden???"
"So you really want to do this..."
"Wholeheartedly..." She admitted truthfully...

I casted a smile of approval even if I felt it was not needed..

"I will go back to bed honey, dont take long..."

She didn't even look at me, her eyes were stuck at him. Why did it hurt so much???Why did I feel empty and lonely???

"Mother go and sleep, I got this..." She retorted...
"Thank you dear..."

We both left her in there and went to our room.. My heart was threatening to burst out, I needed her beside me..

I wanted to bother and tease her but not to send her in another man's arms..

What's happening to me??? He is my brother, he can never betray me. He said he doesn't love her...

I allowed the darkness I felt swallow me whole...

I sat on the bed and realized something different. I placed my hands on my cheeks and they were wet with tears...I haven't cried in five years, I don't want my ice cold heart to melt. I am arrogant and heartless and will never change.

I was growing weak..What was she doing to me??? I swore never to cry or feel anything and here I was...

Jordan Marcias you have to hate her, don't get a soft spot for her... Women don't deserve love..

One of them broke me, took my love for granted and I have sworn never to love again. I won't break my promise...

I turned my room upside down, threw things on the floor and thought I would feel better but nothing. All that I had was a heavy heart and a messy room...

Please God take this pain away from me, I don't wanna have a soft spot for any girl. They are all traitors...

I punched the wall so hard , blood dripping down the wall but I didn't care...

I needed to get rid of the piercing pain in my heart.
I should try and convince her to come sleep on my bed, she will be happy right???

I won't argue with her, maybe her being beside me would make me feel better...

"Jaxon, my love..What have you done??? Why did you do it???" She sobbed wiping his arms with the wet towel she was holding.
"I wish you saw how worried you mother was. If  we were married, right now I would be in your arms whispering sweet nothing but that is just a dream..."

My muscles were shaking in rage that I felt like slamming the door open and dragging her from there... Had it gotten to this,where I had to eavesdrop??

"I don't know why fate allowed me to marry that cruel man..Why didn't I get the man I love so much??? If I were married to you, I would be the happiest woman in the universe. But now I feel empty and lonely...I love you..." She hugged him and sobbed on his chest.

"I want you to hug me right now, tell me it gets better... Caress my cheek and whisper to me it's all a dream..."She took his hand and placed it on her cheeks," I really miss you.."

Now I was certain, it was not lust but love. Ciara was indeed in love with Jaxon.

I can't lose another girl, what will people say??? They will mock me..

She is my wife and I don't care what I have to do but she will never leave me...

"Ciara," I slammed the door open that she jumped from the bed...
"I thought you were asleep.."
She secretly wiped the tears from her eyes...

"Come," I held her hand, "We need to go and sleep. Jaxon looks okay to me.."

"Did I tell you I want to sleep right now???"

"You are my wife and you need to be always beside me.." I angrily yelled at her...

She dropped my hand from hers," Just go and sleep. I am where I need to be.."

She pushed me aside and sat on the bed...

I wanted to drag her from there but I chose to immerse my rage...I was embarrassed enough with rejection, she saw me as a cruel man and if I dragged her out of here she would hate me more..She will make to bed eventually.

Why did I care if she hated me???

I lied on bed and shoved a pillow over my face...
My bed was already filled with her fruity scent blowing my senses away...

I slowly felt myself emerge from the anger I possessed... She had taken over my thoughts and I loved it..

I felt at peace just think of her and happy laughing at the memories of us arguing..

How do I get rid of this madness I am feeling??? Her images in my mind were like a lullaby that sent me straight to sleep.

When I woke up, I expected her to be anywhere in the room or in the bathroom making it messy but the room was silent...

Like a jealous husband in rage, I ran into Jaxon's bed and found her sleeping beside him...

"You have decided to embarrass me???" I pulled her by her arm..
"Jordan you are hurting me..."

"Hurting you???Move..." I dragged her out of the room to our room and threw her on the bed..

"Did you two have sex??? Did you seduce her???" I grabbed her shoulders and shook them..

"What has gotten into you???"

"I heard what you told him yesterday, I am never ever granting you a divorce. You are only mine..."

Having anger dissipate in me, felt nice...

"Let me go Jordan, you are crazy...."

"I am not and you won't leave this room the whole day until you learn to act like my wife. Jaxon is my brother not your lover.."

I pushed her and she fell on the bed..

"You are a heartless man and I hate you..." She lashed out and I felt a slash on my heart..
"Why do you have to make my life a living hell???" She yelled throwing the pillow at me...

"I owe you..."

I locked the door and went with the key in the bathroom. When I got out of the bathroom she was sleeping like a baby...

Seeing her sleeping so peaceful brewed anger inside me like a storm out at a sea...

I got dressed really quick only to find time to irritate her. She deserved it..

"Wake up!!!!"I shook her...

"What now???"

"I want you to stay away from Jaxon. If you can't respect me atleast respect our relationship..."

"Jordan, how many times should I tell you I love him???Are you deaf???" She replied dryly and stood from the bed...

I was angry but it was nothing but a shield of pain...

"Don't even think of going out of this room..." I held her by the collar.
"Or else what Jordan, you gonna kill me???"

"I am gonna..." I raised my hand ready to slap her but held it on the air..My patience with her was running out..

"Slap me.

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. That's your nature. A cold hearted man. How do you expect me to even like you when you are always bossing me around??Why can't you be like Jaxon: sweet, kind and loving. That why she left you on the altar...You don't deserve anyone in your life. You should be thrown into Mars. You are more of an animal than a human being..." There was disgust in her shout...

I would be lying if I said those words didn't have an impact on me. I could feel a sob choking me.

Did she see me as an animal??? Did I deserve everything happening to me?? I have to make her make me hate her...

"I don't care Mrs Marcias. You will not eat or drink anything today...I shall Lock you up in this room until you learn your lesson.." I pushed her and she stumbled almost falling when I held her...

"Are you okay???" For a moment my heart skipped a beat at a thought of her falling down..

Shit!!!I showed my concern side, Jordan focus on the plan. Be cold nothing more..

"Be careful..."


I carried her off the floor and tucked her in bed.. I could tell she was shocked and the same time confused...

I wanted her to hate me but at the same time I didn't want to lose her.. With her in my arms, I always felt like every ounce of breathe was being taken from me..

"You are a very weird man...."She commented when I got at the door..

"Have some sleep...." I bolted out of the room and locked it..

"Why are you locking her up???"Jaxon asked and I almost strangled him.
"She is my wife..."

"Let her out..." He tried to take the key from me but I pushed him back that he staggered.
"I owe her..."

There has begun been a rift between the Marcias brothers...What will happen???

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    joan kk
    I love raccus and Fideh you are great in this story,thanks .
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    Fideh Mwangi
    @Joan anytime honey
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    Okorie Glory
    This Story Is Bursting My Head.Pls Next
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    philzzz vicky
    fideh are a darling pls can you upload at least 4episode today.i love you
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    Haha, I just hope Jaxon can fight for his love, you are good Fideh
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    Adeoti Akindele
    Walaha don start, who will fight for her, Jaxon really love her, Jordan is caught up in his past, cant wait for next episode Fideh
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    Rufai onyinioza simbiyat
    fideh pls adjust to your time people are wasting they're data checking if it has been upload and putting us in suspense without uploading is not fair at all pls upload more for us na beg we dey beg you oo As for Jordan keep try Darling she will soon fall in love with u I understand we you don't believe in love again is because of your past I don't like joxan neither do I hate him
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    Thomas Camp
  • Zoey Whyte picture
    Zoey Whyte
    I hope Ciara does not fall in love with Jordan
  • Zoey Whyte picture
    Zoey Whyte
    Good job
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    Gift Maduakor
    chai upload maybe 4 episodes today na*crying* nice nice
  • Ukbaby picture
    Wow... So intense.... I felt like I was Ciara
  • Ruth Onyemauwa picture
    Ruth Onyemauwa
    Abeg jaxon needs to get her back 4m jordan who is using her as an instrument
  • Vivian Chime picture
    Vivian Chime
    Very intense indeed.... Nice one dear
  • Fideh Mwangi picture
    Fideh Mwangi
    I will upload two episodes tonight kindly check after midnight.
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    Tumininu Odunlami
    Pls next episode Fideh,this suspense too much abeg.
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    Young Royalty
    Pls Next,I De Beg You!Suspense Wan Kill Me!You Tooo Much.
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    Young Royalty
    Abeg one More Episode, God Will Bless You,My Mind De On Fire For Dis Your Story,shuuu nxt pls
  • Tumininu Odunlami picture
    Tumininu Odunlami
    Waitin for d next episode
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    Clara please control your mind ,Jordan is not worth loving by you.
  • Rufai onyinioza simbiyat picture
    Rufai onyinioza simbiyat
    I know she won't post anythi
  • Rufai onyinioza simbiyat picture
    Rufai onyinioza simbiyat
    I know she won't post anything midnight @fideh is not fair oo you're breaking my heart please
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    Wamathwe Muthuma
    Fideh Mwangi we will be here at midnight waiting for the two episodes. I have faith in you that you will post my dear. Well done this is a good book to follow. We are honoured and Nairobi is rocking
  • Adeleke Rukayat picture
    Adeleke Rukayat
    Finally I have to comment ... I really want ciara to love Jordan what he is going through is too much for him... Please make ciara love him...
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    Tumininu Odunlami
    Update pls Fideh
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    Uwem Udoh
    This should have happened b4 Jordan married her...she should have told Jaxon. I blame Ciara... Nice story dear...
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    Am just enjoying this story
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