Adam And Eve - Episode 3

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  "The man is dead!
A smile worth a trillion curled up on William's face, excitement made his chin ache,not like he was happy that his only friend and client just got buried,the news was a depressing one ,he was excited because he was about to do to his son what his father did to him.
His tall handsome son appeared out of nowhere,but his guess was the kitchen,his gang star  was a complete foodie
   "What dad?
"Sit ! William motion for him to sit and he did without reluctance,not expecting the kind of news he got next
  "A.D,you are getting married!
Adam looked confusingly at the old man he called his father and shook his head,hoping he heard wrong
  ""What was that,dad?
"You heard me,A.D,I'm going to be 80,and you,my only son should have given me a grand child....
".....Dad we talked about this before ,I'm still dating Elizabeth and besides dad ,you are still 4 yrs to clocking 80....
  "You are not marrying Elizabeth! William interrupted coldly making Adam to glare in utter disbelief **what's is this man even saying?**
"Why, what do you mean?he ask aloud
      In a second, William told him the plan,the deal,and the wife
"No f*cking way,dad! Adam shouted after hearing the story,he paced around the father's bedroom in thought,he wanted a way out on this one,he might be the perfect son,gang leader but he was never a fan of marriage,dating Elizabeth was a move he made because of his parent's nags, and now this???
    "Dad,you are asking me to marry a stranger?Adam asked trying the calm approach ,the let's talk sensible way but the way his father glared at him told him the big guy wasn't buying any excuse,he huff in defeat
     "But,she's a total stranger.....
"She isn't a stranger,she's the last daughter of your father's only friend and our client.The old man interrupt infuriated,Adam scoff in annoyance ,the do called daughter to the so call father's only friend had been in a diaper the last time they met,he had been 15 and she was 3,he didn't think he would be able to handle a kid
   "Dad,I'm 12 years older than that girl....
"I don't care ,Adam Black,look at you at thirty-sh*wt ....
    "I'm thirty seven, just thirty seven!Adam yelled in frustration,,he loved being a gang leader,he loved being the only child but he hated when his parents dictated his life.
   "A.D,respect the dead man and respect me,thirty sh*t and still a Playboy,I know you don't intend to marry Elizabeth,not when there's Theresa, then Ifeoma, then Joyce, and the new maid, kemi."
Adam looked away ,his father was right ,he had no intention to marry Elizabeth,not even in his dreams,or when all those girls mentioned are still alive.He sat back on his seat and heaved a sigh,from the corner of his father's smirk.
   "Why is this man so weird?  He thought before  looking at his old man in the face
  "You win dad,but I won't promise to be a husband.
Even as Adam walked out,he noticed the man still had a stupid smirk on his face, somehow he felt defeated even after having the last word .
"Why do I feel like my dad is up to something? He asked himself, striding towards his office
    ***His office!!!!***
One of his possessions,he was proud of,with it's glass walls and all giving him the view of the city, workers greeted him as he passed and he tried to nod in acknowledgement,the blacks may be a gang but they were dealers of legal business too....just mostly illegal ones .
He sat behind his desk and boot on his Mac book,leaving his worries and thoughts of a wife aside.

Eve sat with her PIC(partner in crime),Sammy,she just finished narrating her ordeal to him and the guy has nothing to say to make her feel good
"So yo are going to be a second wife to an old man? He asked instead making Eve to roll her eyes
   "Yes dear,I can't believe this is how my life was suppose to be.....we won't last , seriously I won't even stay for 24 hrs".
Sammy chuckled "what if he's old and we'll to do on bed!
Eve hissed,the truth was that ,she had thought about that and all ended up with one conclusion,she still won't stay

"Sam,I ve met him ,spoken to him ,hear him,but my friend we are so unfit,I can't even imagine me sitting with him as husband and wife...ew....

Sammy 's eyes gleamed with amusement but he dare not laugh,he wasn't happy with the marriage decision ,but he sure was having fun at the priceless disgusted face Eve had put on since morning.

....and then I'll kiss his lips,old withering lips...."
She made a gagging sound and gritted her teeth as goosebumps filled her skin,even the thoughts were irritating her.
    "How about his first wife,is she okay with this or she's planning to murder you?Sammy asked ,Eve bit her inner mouth as she shrugged in response,she would prefer ,that the first wife ,not murder her but should not also be okay with her husband marrying a second wife.
She gave Sammy a look and rolled her eyes at him
"Oya laugh,just laugh ,I'm now your  laughing stock right,no problem ,I'll see who will be your PIC when  im dead and gone! She said and the amusement  on Sammy's features disappeared in a blink to be replaced by guilt.
"Let's play Scrabble,it will help me think!Eve announced clearing the tension,she didn't know when William Black would drop by to collect his product(her),and she wanted to have good memories before he came.
"Who knows he might not even come".
The hope from her thoughts made her smile , lessening the tension in the room.

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  • Ndy Ekpo picture
    Ndy Ekpo
    Hello everyone ,I'm back for everyone's comment , please don't just view and pass ,give me a reason to post another episode soon How do you see our William Black and A.d black
  • Dolapo Oloyede picture
    Dolapo Oloyede
    Its even good like that if the age of the man is more than that of their wife , so Adam , go for her
  • Ndy Ekpo picture
    Ndy Ekpo
    @Dolapo,our Adam is not actually scared of the age ,he's scared of marriage ????
  • Lo is picture
    Lo is
    I believe they will make a perfect couple..
  • Ndy Ekpo picture
    Ndy Ekpo
    @ Lo is ,we would find out soon?
  • Ndy Ekpo picture
    Ndy Ekpo
    @ Lo is ,we would find out soon?
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