Adam And Eve - Episode 1

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Eve stared as her father's corpse in the coffin was being lowered,her whole body trembled in fear for the unknown as she thought of jumping into the six feet though she knew she had no guts to do that.
Her father wasn't her most favorite person , neither her mother who was just few feets away with tears in her eyes, her parents were just those that brought her into this world in the heated moment of wanting a son.
Rumours had it that her father died from the virus ,covid-19,infact ,the world assume so, but Family knew about the cancer he's been battling with for a long time,even right then as she stared she wondered on how a healthy Chief Judge with standards could just either away.
     She heave a sigh and look around to locate her sisters...
"Barr Janet,first daughter,the one who had opened the marriage doors and had brought forth the first grandson ,making the family proud, ABUJA".
"Barr Nsy, second daughter ,a proud wife ,mother and daughter,one of which their parents were proud of to show off,LAGOS".
"Barr Juliet,third and most beautiful according to their parents,also has a beautiful family and an academic record that sets the family on fire,ABUJA."
"Barr Blessing, fourth daughter, lawyer with substance that has never been beaten in court, she's like the family champ, married and living happily in SENEGAL, the pride of the parents."
" Barr Bella, beautiful and successful, married and blessed with pretty kids, makes their parents proud with her  high I.Q as she had and was retained in CAMBRIDGE".
And then there is the last daughter
"Me!Eve whispered and inhaled deeply
"Everlyn Johnson, the only one without the title,"barrister",the only one still using her father's surname,the jobless one who unfortunately still lives with her parents,a normal IQ ,normal facials,a thick body she hated with so much passion....
Rumour has it that the scan in the hospital had indicated a boy but turned out to be HER,killing whatever hope their family had held on,she was never showered much attention like her siblings, and became worse when she had said no to law or anything pertaining to law,on that day she learnt the meaning of outcast.
     "It's time!
A voice brought Eve out of her thoughts and she rolled her eyes at the owner of it,who happens to be her first sister and family lawyer.
   "Can't it wait ,are you guys that eager to leave? Eve asked but got ignored,Janet Yusuf was never find of her,Eve knew that from when she could understand the meaning of family and that was quite not Long,at 20yrs. She Scoffs at her sisters attitude but followed her inside the house.

      Her dad's study was crowded,Eve rolled her eyes at the many in-laws that expected her to bow or rolled on the ground or even greet them...
    **Let them wait,their moustache will rolled on the ground first***
The only one she liked was the French man,not only was he fascinating,he always asked about her,the rest were like "f*ck off b*tches" to top it all was the fact that all her sisters except the fourth one hated her for a reason she couldn't place her brain on.
  "Janet , please make it quick ,my head is aching!Eve's mother said in a tired voice ,Eve shrugged,at least she could relate on that,the burial had not only eaten finances,it had drained her emotions too,as she had to face too many glares and killer looks from her siblings and mother,at a point she felt like her dead father was glaring too.
Janet started reading the piece of sh*t ....sorry the will.
"I,Ediong Johnson,on the 22nd of January,2019,has decided that after I might have pass on to the other world.......
Eve zoned out ,already,she knew her fate,she wasn't going to be recognized in anywhere,another reason she asked herself why she was still in the stuffy room,her dad's only possessions,she was sure about were firms, he was only rich with the empire of law firms he had and his daughters who became lawyers like him.
"So in other words  a school drop out like me is worthless....
"OH MY GOD!The exclamation and hush whispers got to Eve,she quickly got out of her trance but still get the reason for the sudden tension in the room,her sisters faces had shocks,and fear and pity on which naturally meant something bad had just been read on the will,then she heard Janet's shaky voice
"To my last daughter, Everlyn,you have never always been my daughter,you disobeyed me,decieve or thought you could decieved me,you went out of what I intended for you which of cause makes you a moron with my surname....
  Eve gasp,taking a greater interest in the rug on the floor,she couldn't look at their faces, after hearing her dad's insult on his will
....while ,I left something for you to change that mistake,a re being given to William Black as a wife material...
Eve's face morphine into shock,she frown and look uncomfortably at the faces understanding their emotions at once ,she was being sold ,like goods ,tears that she had been holding back came around,they slipped out of her eyes to comfort her cheek,kept rolling out untill she couldn't bear it anymore
She scream running out of the room ,followed by her mother ,then her sisters.In a matter of seconds her life was about taking a drastic turn ,not like it wasn't already drastic ,just with a crucial twist,at that moment Eve wanted to stay insane, feel crazy or just die and go and confront her father.
To her,it would have been better if the man had left out her name!!!

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Hi ,it's almost a year and I'm guilty ,I know I'm sorry for abandoning this platform!!

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