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 Right now, my cheeks hurt from smiling too much and quite frankly, my feet hurts more in my ridiculously high heels shoes. But, it is my wedding reception and this small discomfort pales in comparison to the joy in my heart. I mean I've having the fairy tale wedding I've always dreamed of.
"Frances!" My mother drags my poor father beside her and pull me into a big hug. I pat her back but retain eye contact with my father
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. He rolls his eyes in exasperation at my mother. Don't let that fool you. He loves her to the Moon and back.
"This reception is nothing short of breath taking, darling." Mother pulls away from me to slap my shoulder good-naturedly. I notice her glazed over eyes and the faint blush on her cheeks. My eyes goes to my father and he nods, like he knows what I'm thinking. Yup, mother has had too much to drink already! Nothing new there.
"Hug her Tega!" My mother push my father towards me. I smile sweetly at my father who looks a little overwhelmed with his wife. They've been married thirty years but no one can get used to the bubbly energy of my mother.
"Just smile." I whisper into daddy's ear as I hug him.
"I know. I know." He chuckles deeply and I feel comfort

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. He's no longer mad at me. Father wasn't really a fan of this marriage from the start. He thinks I'm too young and I need to finish school but with my mother's and my persistent badgering, he gave his blessings. Senator Mokuro was a hard man to the world but to his wife and only daughter, he can only try to be hard. We always win.
"You be happy, girl." My father says after a few seconds before he pulls away from me. I miss him immensely even though I was looking right at him. It just hit me that I won't be seeing my parents as much now that I am married.
"Daddy!" I sob and pull him to myself again. I'm barely to his shoulders even with my heels and I feel so safe in his arms.
"Say the word and I can quickly arrange for your annulment sweetie." He says jokingly but I know he would do just that if I ask. I chuckle lightly as he pat my back soothingly. I try not to cry. I don't want to smear my make up, afterall. It took hours to look this perfect. And looking perfect is what I do best.
"Come on. Let go of my baby, now. She still has to cut the cake with her husband. Come on." Mother rudely interrupts my moment with father. Dad pulls away again.
"You should go cut that cake, honey." His calloused finger brush the corner of my eye before mom drags him into the enormous crowd.
"Francesca! There you are! Come on, the cake!" I hear the familiar voice of my bestie call from behind me. I take a steadying breath then put on a dazzling smile.
"Frances." Her small hand touch my shoulder from behind and I turn around to face her.
"There's the bride. I thought you ran away. I was already thinking about how to explain to your husband over there and all the other dignitaries including the governor, about your disappearance. Phew!" Trust Amy to be dramatic. I roll my eyes at her.
"Why does everyone think I want to run away from my own wedding? I mean I love Francis!" I start making my way back to my husband who's shaking hands with the minister of finance and his wife. Amy doesn't reply me as she walks steadily beside me. Of course. She's not one for opposition. She's the sweet one. Unlike ---
"Frances! Of course. I told you she wasn't going to run. She still thinks getting married at 21 is a good idea." Speak of the devil and she appears. I present a sweet smile to Claudia who takes my hand and pull me towards my husband. She's the no nonsense one.
"There's a little mascara smeared on your eye lid." Francis says as soon as I get to his side. The minister was already gone but that didn't stop the blush of embarrassment that creeps up my neck at his words. I turn to Amy.
"How do I look?" I whisper.
"Perfect. As always." She says sweetly.
"Yeah. There's a little bit of mascara. There. I got it. Now you look perfect." Claudia dab my eye lightly with a wipe then gives me the thumbs up. I smile appreciatively​ at her. She's meticulous and slightly OCDic for lack of a better word like. I turn back to Francis who gives me a warm smile before turning back to the wedding planner. It takes about ten minutes for the cake cutting.
"Now, it's time for the bride to show us just how she's going to feed her husband from today." The MC says from the podium. The cake designer comes up and cut two slices off the cake. I stand with the applause of the audience and walk to the cake stand where I carefully place one slice unto the small plate. I stand upright and look out into the crowd. Everyone's eyes were on me but I could still feel Francis' eyes from behind me. I turn back to him and he's all smiles. I'm reminded of why I'm marrying him. Yes, he was my dream guy. Rich, good looking, hot, did I say rich? Of course I did. He was everything I have ever dreamt of! I couldn't let him slip away from me, hence the rushed marriage. I just believe that there's never the right age to get married. You see your dream guy, you grab him. It didn't hurt that Francis was the son of the minister of industry, trade and investment. 
  With my ever ready smile, I take majestic steps to him. His eyes doesn't stray from me until I get to his side and I go down on one knee. I could hear my friends cheering from the side as I break off a piece of the cake and slip it into Francis' open mouth. He chew slowly before pulling me up by my shoulders and kissing me. I'm breathlessly holding on to him till he pulls away.
"I love you." I whisper and he smiles.
"You're so beautiful." He places a quick peck on my forehead. The DJ takes over the ceremony after this and Francis excuse himself to take care of something. I gladly wave him off to get back to my friends.
"So?" I drawl to Claudia. She thinks Francis isn't the best for me. But after that show he just put up for everyone, no one should doubt our love for each other.
"That was just, so romantic!" Amy admits and I smile smugly.
"You're so lucky. Don't you think so, Claudia?" Amy turn to Claudia who shrugs.
"He did okay. I guess. But don't forget who he is okay? He's a serial play boy! That could just be acting." She says.
"You just won't give him the benefit of the doubt!" I protest.
"Yes Claudia. Be nice for once." Amy puts in.
"I'm being nice! I just love you so much, friend. His exploits are all over the tabloids!" Claudia is still persistent on her stand.
"That was right before he met Frances. He looks like a changed man. Any man can change if he meets the right woman." Amy says in my defense and I nod.
"Right. I'm sorry for being so hard okay? I'm really happy for you though.

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. You look so happy. Just keep being happy and I'm okay with that." Claudia breaks into a huge smile.
"That-a-girl! Group hug!" Amy pulls all three of us into a hug. No matter how cheesy she is, she's the glue in our friendship.
"I can't believe I'll be alone in our hostel room from next semester." Amy sniff lightly as we pull apart. Amy has been my roommate for the past year in the University and now that I've decided to quit school she's relunctant to find another room outside campus.
"Claudia can live with you. I can still pay my part of the rent." I suggest.
"I don't think Claudia will accept that." Amy frowns. While Amy and I come from wealthy homes, Claudia's family were not that fortunate. We don't judge her with that of course but she doesn't like to take any help we give. I notice she's quiet on this so I ask her directly.
"What do you think Claudia?" She looks at both of us soberly before sitting up on her seat.
"Guys, there's something I need to tell you." She says slowly.
"Are you pregnant?!" I ask with mock terror. Amy slap my arm playfully at my joke and we both giggle.
"I'm leaving the country." It's like the whole hall goes silent at her quiet announcement.
"What?" Amy finds the voice to ask first.
"I got the scholarship. I'm leaving for Italy on Monday."


So we've met our lead characters.
Do we already have favorites?
What do you think about getting married at such a young age?
I'll love to hear your thoughts on this in the comment section.
PS it's so good to be back.
Who missed me, even just a little. #winks

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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