The God And His Bride - Episode 8

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I blink my eyes slowly when I see no signs of a TV crew coming out and shouting 'You've been pranked!'. 

"Doctor? Are you alright? Are you sick?" I ask and he rises from my seat, coming around the desk and planting himself two feet away from me. 

I take steps back, he is getting into my space and I don't know yet how I feel about it. 

"I'm perfectly fine doctor" He says, taking just one step close. 

I take one step back. 

"If you are sure about that, then could you please default from saying things like you did earlier? We've come to a conclusion didn't we? We are to stay professional" I say and he narrows his eyes. 

"Professional?" He asks and I nod, feeling like I shouldn't be agreeing to whatever I am agreeing to. 

He nods, looking into my eyes taking a step back. 

"Very well then, since you want to stay professional during office hours then that's fine " He says and I nod, effectively relieved that I've dodged that bomb. 

It's not as if i don't want to date Jeter, it's just that, I feel like we have our differences, we have a little bit of history, wouldn't it be down right awkward if I date him? 

He begins to turn away and I stop him by calling his name. 

"Aren't you going to ask?" I say, wanting to get it out of the way. 

"You should tell me about it when we go on a date" He says

"What?" I ask. 

He throws me a wink before exiting the room, I heave a breath before changing into my gown. 

I have rounds to make, I can't be thinking about Jeter. 


When I get done for the day I make my way to the parking lot, I have to get in my car and drive home. 

I need to get home, I'm so tired,I had two minor surgery today and it took its toll on me. 

I massage my neck as I walk towards my red sports car. 

I come to a halt when I see Jeter Willis standing by my car, for all the world looking like he does it every day. 

"Doctor" I say by way of greeting. 

"Calm down Marx, this is after working hours, you can call me Jeter, you did so before" 

"I would prefer to call you by whatever I want DOCTOR" I say and he chuckles. 

"Put out your hands" He says and I look at him suspiciously 

"Just put out your hands Star" He says and I do so slowly. 

He takes my car keys from my hands and he walks around the car, going to the passengers door to open it. 

I look at him from across the roof of the car and he smirks. 

"What are you doing?" 

"Driving you, we are going on a date" He says and I feel my eyebrows raise. 

"Not in the mood for this doctor , give me back my keys, I have a shift in the morning" I say.

"Trust me, I won't make you stay out late" He says. 

"I'm not going anywhere with you" I say. 

"That's fine then, I'm sure it will be perfectly okay for us to spend the night in the parking lot." He says, settling his body on the car and affecting a look of nonchalance. 

"Jeter.." I start. 

"Ha, I made you say my name, I'm sure I can get a date out of you" He says. 

"Why are you doing this?" I ask.

"I'm not doing anything, I'm just putting into fruition the thoughts I've had for a while now" He says softly and I feel my defence crumble. 

"Fine.. Just one date and you've got an hour to convince me" I say and he fistbumps the air. 

"Yes!" He says and I find my lips twitching at his antics. 

I walk around the car and settle into the passenger seat. 

He closes the door before walking around and entering the car. 

He starts it and then turns to me

"Nice car" He says. 

"Thank you" I say, he chuckles, shaking his head and I find myself smiling too. 


I find myself laughing as I get ready for bed, Jeter Willis, behind all his seriousness, behind all his professionalism he's still a cute guy. 

He had taken me to a burger place, ordering fries and burgers with milkshakes. 

I raise my brow at his choice of food. 

"It's okay Doctor, I'm sure it's totally fine for you to eat junk once in a while" He says and I shake my head at how perfectly he got my thoughts. 

When we finish ordering and I'm elbow deep in burger grease he speaks.

"I'm sorry I came out kind of asshole-ish the other time, I was really....

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. My ego took a bruise when you said you did not remember me, I'm not used to situations like that, I mean have you seen my face?" He says with lots of pride and I shake my head, throwing a fry at him. 

" I'm sorry too "

" Oh, it's fine, I can forgive for sure.. Just date me"

"So you won't forgive me if I don't date you" 

"I will, but dating me will make it a short trip, a detour to my heart" He says, as if doing me a great favour. 

"Well, I don't want to date you" I say sipping my milk shake. 

He stops eating his fries to affect a wounded look. 

"Are you crying" I asked, appalled standing up to touch the skin beneath his eyes. 

"Oh my God, don't cry, I will date you, please don't cry" I say and he bursts out laughing. 

"It's OK Star, my minor in college was theater arts" He says, sipping his drink. 

Oh my God, I've been pranked into dating a mad man. 

"You are not right in the head" I say, throwing a paper napkin at him. 

"You keep throwing stuff at me, when will you admit that it made a loud crash when you fell for me" He says and I find my self almost growling. 

"Jesus, your ego is too big for your, how do you carry it?doesn't your back hurt?" 

"Not to worry doctor, I've you seen the muscles in my back?" I close my eyes for a second as I pray for patience.. 

"You are incorrigible"  I say and he winks. 

Going on a date with Jeter was eye opening, also for the fact that he drove me home and took a cab back home, when I looked at the time it had been exactly one hour. 

I find myself smiling as I close my eyes to go to sleep. 

Not once did I wish I would see my dream guy. 



Hola, it's an amazing weekend. 

I made cakes for my niece and nephew, they are having their birthday on Monday, we made double because they are twins. 

I had fun doing it. 

What did you do today? 

And if you like this part, consider leaving comments and rating, thank you! 

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  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Amazing dear, Happy birthday to your adorable kids in advance, as for the cake, I'm waiting for mine. Lol, Star in love oh haha
  • Kadosh Wa Wambua picture
    Kadosh Wa Wambua
    Ooooo, I wish you had sent one my way it was my birthday yesterday sob sob am gonna find me a nice sport n have me a lonesome pity party crying ! I like the doctor 's moves. Star didn't wish for her dream guy coz he was sitting right opposite her ????
  • topmaike007 picture
    Finally I catch up with you
  • topmaike007 picture
    Nice story.... next episode pls
  • Destiny Benson picture
    Destiny Benson
    Nice episode dear keep it up
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Her defense walls are finally crumbling down....nice move Jetter
  • Lo is picture
    Lo is
    If what I'm thinking is that Star is 4 d God n falling in love with another human... her natural fate...Jeter is in serious trouble. Ohhhh Goddddddd
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